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Songs Of My Heart Season 2 Episode 23

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🎻🎻 Songs Of
My Heart πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž
( You’re all I want 🌹)

🎻 Episode 23 🎻

Written By Summer Gold. W πŸ–ŠοΈ

[ Next Morning ]

πŸ€Angel πŸ€

” What are you doing here?? ” Vivian asked the moment I entered her room, I sigh and sat down on the bed. She was also sitting on the bed with the pillow hugging her tightly

” Vivian,, I thought we are sisters now. Just try to accept me as your sister, am not going to leave you no matter what ” I said

” Am sorry ”

” For what?? ” I asked

” For everything I’ve done,,,,, I was just jealous. I really love Teddy a lot and I felt sad when he fell in love with you ” she said and wipe off her tears

” It’s fine,, let’s forget about everything and start a new life as,, sisters ” I said and she nodded

I brought out my hand forward

” Sisters forever?? ” I asked

She smiled and took my hand

” Sisters for ever ” she said and hugged me

I hugged her back and patted her back,,

” Seems we’ve missed alot ” We both unlocked from the hug when we heard the voice, we turn back and gasped

” Guys,,,, you’re here already?? ” I asked wiping my tears

” Yeah,, Vivian, we are so sorry about what happened ” Luca said

” Thanks ” Vivian nodded

” Have this ” Teddy said handing over a cute Teddy Bear to her

” Wow,, that’s awesome ” I said patting her back

” Thank you Teddy ” She said and kissed the bear

” Why does it feel like, you’re kissing Teddy?? I mean, Teddy, not Teddy ” Theo said and we all burst into laughter

” You need to get the beating of your life ” Teddy said

” Don’t you dare ” Nicole said pointing at Teddy

” What is this?? ” Teddy asked pointing at Nicole

” What?? Me?? Thing?? ” Nicole asked

” Honey,, that’s harsh. She’s more than a thing,, a play thing?? ” I asked and we laughed

” You and your boyfriend,, need to be beaten ” Jasmine said

” Well,, I will help in beating Teddy. I’ve always dreamed of that ” Manson spoke up

” What?? What type of friend are you?? ” I asked

” Good friend ” he smirked

” Hello everyone ” Mom entered

” Morning mam ” They all chorused

” Morning mom ” Teddy said pecking her cheek

” Son in_law,,, ” Mom said stroking his hair

” Mom,, you should also do that to my hair ” I said causing us to laugh again

” No,,, ” She stuck her tongue at me and touched Vivian’s hair instead

” Ooma,, that is cheating ” I shouted,, she went up while laughing

” I will just do it instead,, am your second mom ” Vivian said and touched my hair

” In your dreams,, we were Born on the same day and I guess I came out 2 minutes before you ” I said demonstrating with my hand

” That’s funny ” Manson said

I turn to Vivian who was smiling,, I smiled. Am happy that you are happy now,, I promise to always make you love me more.

One Week later

” Angel,, tomorrow is the competition!!! ” Vivian shouted running round the house with a guitar

” Are you planning to use that?? No dancing?? ” I asked raising my brow

” Am gonna dance,, you know it’s going to be in three segments, in the first seg. You have to make use of your favorite musical instrument

” Oh ” I said

” What’s your favorite?? ” she asked

” Keyboard themes ” I replied

” Wow, that’s Teddy’s favorite too ” she smiled

” Which song are you singing?? ” I asked

” I can’t tell you ” she said and ran off

” Please, tell me ” I ran after her

” No, no, no ” we both fell on the bed

” Okay,, I won’t tell you mine also ” I said

” Sis?? ” she called

” What is it?? ”

” I know,, you’re going to win the competition ” she said and I choked

” What?? How can you say something like that?? ”
” I know,,, it’s not only about dancing and singing. Your beauty too ” she said and touched my cheek

” Am sorry ” I said and took my lips in

” You don’t have to be sorry,, how do you think mom will feel if her two daughters come first and second in a competition?? ” she asked and I cheer up

” She will be happy ” I smiled

” So,, let’s do this ” she said

” Fighting!!! ” I shouted

” Fighting!!! ” she also said and we started laughing


” I can’t believe you are leaving already,, am going to stay with mom ” Vivian said and hugged our mother

” Don’t even think of that,, ” I said

” You should leave now,, I don’t want you to go home late ” mom said

” Okay,, bye mom, bye sis ” I said.

” See you in the competition ” Vivian smiled

I nodded and entered the car,, the driver drove out of the compound.

I can’t believe many things happened this one week,, am so happy. Vivian and I have become really close right now,, her name as changed to Vivian Park again.

We are now sisters and I love her so much,, now I know she’s a very good person.

I got down from the car and walked in,, the guards will never listen not to bow for me again.

I got upstairs and met Teddy singing a beautiful song with those cool voice ,, I waited until he finished

” Wow!! That was awesome!! ” I said clapping

” You love it?? ” he asked

” Yeah,, ” I replied and peck his lips

” You remember that if you win this competition, we are singing the ” SONGS OF MY HEART ” together right?? ” he asked and I nodded

” Do you think am going to allow someone else sing that with you?? ” I asked

” I trust you ” he smiled

” Am sorry,, but,, you’re really gonna see some crazy side of me tomorrow, don’t be mad ” I smirked

” I’ve been waiting for the crazy side for too long ” He said and I laughed

” Wow,, can’t believe this. ” I said

” Joanna Uunie will be there to watch me right?? ” I asked

” Yeah,, with her boyfriend ” he said and I gasped

” Omg!! She have a boyfriend already?? Who is he?? ” I asked

” Fred Megan ”

” My favorite actor!! Can’t wait to meet him ” I said dreaming

Teddy cleared his throat causing me to laugh

” I know what you’re thinking,,, you’re the only one I love ” I said

” I know,, no one share whatever is mine with me ” he said

” Same goes with me,,when I see other girls around you,, I may run mad,, so please don’t do anything to hurt me ” I said and hugged him

” Don’t worry,, it’s never gonna happen ” he said and kissed my hair .

πŸ₯ Nicole πŸ₯

I smiled as I stare at his pictures for the tenth time,,, when will You tell me you love me?? I can’t wait any longer, I may do it myself.

My phone beeped and I checked

What??????!!!! Video call,, from Theo!!!!!!

I stood up and checked myself in the mirror,, oh no. I need to put on something!! But what if the call end and he doesn’t call back??

No, I can’t let that happen. I took the phone and used the pillow to cover my chest.

I picked the call

πŸ“² ahn-nyong-ha-se-yo( hello )
I smiled and waved at him through the video

πŸ“² Hi
He replied and smiled

πŸ“² How are you doing??
He asked and I sigh

πŸ“² Nervous, tomorrow’s competition

πŸ“² Why nervous??
He laughed

πŸ“² I don’t know,, just feel like

πŸ“² You are not even competing, I don’t see why you should be nervous. Angel is sure gonna win, am sure

πŸ“² I hope so

I saw him smiling,, what is he smiling at??

πŸ“² Nice Singlet though.
He said and I discovered that I’ve released the pillow from my chest, oh no, I got carried away

I immediately cover up again

πŸ“² You should be careful about what you see!!
I yelled

πŸ“² I never asked for that,,,
He laughed and I couldn’t help but to blush

πŸ“² We should sit close to each other tomorrow,, I don’t want you to miss me too much

πŸ“² Just tell me you’re gonna miss me
I laughed

πŸ“² Okay,, you won 😹😹

We said goodnight to each other and I slept off with a smiley face
To be continued

Apart from me, who noticed that Theo and Teddy are the same? 😹😹😹

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Love you all 🌸🌸🌸

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