February 26, 2021


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Songs Of My Heart Season 2 Episode 12

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🎻 Songs Of
My Heart 🖤🖤
( Beautiful Romance 💜)

Episode 12 🎤

Written By Summer Gold. W 🖊️


Rated 🔞🔞🔞🔞
Continuation from last episode 🍷🍷

🍡 Angel 🍡

He stopped kissing me,, I tried to avoid his gaze. He slowly removed my gown,, damn I wasn’t even putting on anything under it, my pointed br***t facing him.

I bite my bottom lips,, I can’t believe this. He lean closer and took the left br**st into him mouth causing me to gasp,, I moved my hand to his hair stroking it softly as he suck on my br**st. His other hand rubbing the other one,,

” F**k ” I muttered

He bite my n**ple and I moan out,

” Yes ” I said

Oh no, I can’t believe I said that. You’re going crazy Angel,,, Teddy is really awesome.

I was enjoying every bit of it without knowing when his hand moved to my thigh,,, his lips went to my lips again kissing me slowly.

I felt him taking my panties off and I unlock from the kiss, right now am becoming more scared.

He finally took it off,,, I wanted to say something but he kissed me again. I felt him inserted a finger into my p***y,, I gasped.

” Oh lord ” I said silently with my eyes closed

Damn,, I’ve never felt this way before. Its reason awesome,,, I was really enjoying what he was doing until he added another finger.

” Oh no honey!! ” I screamed

He immediately kissed me to prevent the noise,, he keep on finger f**king me but all I felt was pain.

Tears were rolling down my eyes slowly,,, he finally stopped. I breath out, he wipe my tears with his thumb and pecked my cheek. I stood still watching him as he pull off his shirt.

Angel you are so dead,,,,,, he took off his shirt and I couldn’t help but to drool,, damn those abs.

He pull his trouser off, I closed my eyes immediately. I heard him chuckle,,, this is crazy.

He finally came back to me and kissed me again,,,,, he stood between my thighs and I felt his hard c**k on my skin making me shiver.

” Am sorry,,,, it’s gonna hurt ” he whispered into my ear,,, that’s the first statement he uttered since we started this.

I nodded and closed my eyes,, my heart was beating really fast.

He slowly inserted his d**k into me and I flaired up immediately

” Honey no!!!!! Wait please!!! ” I screamed out,,, it’s f**king painful.

I never knew it’s gonna be like this,,,,,, I burst into tears immediately

He removed it and slowly inserted it again,,

” Teddy,, please it’s hurting me ” I cried

He waited for some seconds before he started thrusting more faster,,,,,,

” Baby wait! ”

” Holy ”

” No!! ”

” I swear it’s damn painful!! ”

” Please stop!! ”

I was really tearing up more than I thought,,, he lean closer to me and took my lips. He kissed me but I couldn’t even reciprocate,, I was really in pain

I felt a sharp pain my pu**y,,,,, he removed his d**k and covered his eyes. Some liquid went out and that was when I realised it was blood,,,,

After that he lean closer to me and kissed me,he keep on kissing me and when I thought he’s gonna stop,,

He inserted his d**k and started f**king again. I unlock from the kiss immediately,,,,

I felt like fainting right now and forget the pain,, but I can’t. All I could do was to cry like a baby,,,,

He finally stopped and peck my hair,,,

” I’m sorry baby ” he said

” Go away!! ” I yelled in tears and turn my back on him,,

How can it be as painful as this,, I think my legs is not gonna move.

He used the duvet to cover my body,,,, he still pecked my cheek.

I feel like pushing him away,,

‘ You are now a lady ‘ my subconscious mind said

Lady my foot!!!!

I can’t even move my legs even though he was easy with me,,,, when will the pain stop??

I finally slept off with tears on my face,

TBC :::::::::::

Awwwwn 😉😉😉

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