March 3, 2021


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Songs Of My Heart Season 2 Episode 11

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Short Episode

🎻🎻 Songs Of My Heart 💟💟💟
( Beautiful Romance )

Episode 11 🍸

Written By, SUMMER GOLD. W 🖊️

🍡 Angel 🍡

” Angel what’s wrong?? ” Jasmine asked as I entered the room, I wipe off my tears.

” Talk to us,, why are you in tears?? ” Nicole said

I cleared my throat and explained everything to them ___________

” What were you thinking?? Don’t you trust your boyfriend?? Why did you allow Vivian piss you off so much?? I can’t believe you let Vivian take over your emotions,, Teddy will never do that ” Nicole said

” I saw the picture with my eyes,, he kissed her ”

” She kissed him,, and am sure Teddy will push her away. Why don’t you allow Teddy to explain before you broke down,,” Jasmine snapped

” I was hurt,,,,,, I wasn’t thinking straight,,,, I even yelled at him,,,,,,,, what if he’s mad at me right now?? I should have trusted him,, ” I burst into tears

” You are crying?? You need to teach Vivian a lesson,, Angel can’t you see that she want to destroy your relationship?? You need to be smart Angel ” Erika said

” So what do I do right now??,, and the necklace, I can’t even find it ”

” Am sure Vivian is behind everything,, I will make sure she regret everything ”

” Go to Teddy right now and apologize,,,, you are a lady right? You should know what to do,,,, ”

” I don’t think he’s in his room right now, You can wait ” Vanessa said

💖 Teddy 💖

” I told you to get ride of Vivian, She’s evil. I believe she’s also behind the necklace,,,, ”

” Exactly,,, ” Theo interrupted Luca

” But,,, what does she mean by,, go to Vivian?? Damn,, am confused ” I said and roughed my hair

” Don’t worry,, she will come around. I can see you are going crazy already ” Manson said causing them to laugh

” Guys,, this is not funny. I saw her, she was crying. I really hate seeing her tears ” I said

” So who love seeing her tears?? ” Theo asked

” Crazy friends I’ve got,, am going to my room and none of you guys should show your face,,, ” I said

” Biane!!! ”

” Sorry my foot ” I said and walked away

I don’t even know what to do right now,,, is she really mad at me??

I sat down on the bed and took my laptop,,, I really need to clear my mind right now.
[ 8:00pm🕗🕗]

I stood up from the music room and walked into the bedroom,,, just then the door opened and she came in. She was looking straight into my eyes,,, my eyes went through her whole body.

That was when I realize how much I’ve missed her,,,,,

We keep on starring at each other like it will last forever, she moved closer to me and hugged me.

” Am sorry,,,,, am so sorry. It was all my fault,, I should have be more careful. Am so sorry,,, forgive me. I love you so much ” She said

I pulled her from the hug and smiled

” Why are you smiling?? ” She asked,, I grin and wipe her tears

” I missed you so much,, I thought I was going to die any moment if you didn’t show up ” I said

She slapped my shoulder lightly and hugged me again,,, I held her tightly to myself. I promise, nothing is never going to come between us. I love you so much

🍡 Angel 🍡

I sniff him in,,, like seriously I really missed his touch, I never knew I could stay one day without him. Am just addicted to him,,,,

And trust me Vivian,, this will be the last time you ever hurt me or I show you the stuff am made of.

I pulled away from the hug and kissed him,, I don’t even mind right now. I want him,,,,, even though I am scared. I don’t want to wait any longer, who knows what Vivian could do??

He kissed me back with his hand around my waist,,, the kiss became more intense. I must confess, I really enjoy every bit of it.

He laid me softly on the bed still kissing me,, it’s not like our Normal kiss. This one is full of compassion and lot of love,,,, he stopped and look straight into my eyes.

” Are you ready for this? ” He asked like he pitied me
I replied with a nod,,, he smiled and started kissing me again. My hand around his neck,,, his hand slip into my night gown.

To be continued 😋😋😋

Who is ready for next episode??? 😉😉😉
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