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Melted Hearts Season 2 Episode 18

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Season 2_Episode 18 ♥♥♥♥

Ronnie noticed the unusual silence as they all work together and he felt uncomfortable,, it’s not flowing right. He decided to ask them what is going on,,,

” Can someone tell me what’s happening?? ” he said and dropped the pen with him. They all stopped and faced him,,
” What do you mean ??” Michael asked
” Are you asking?? Don’t you think it’s weird ?? Why are you all quiet and keep on stealing gazes from me??” He asked
They all kept quiet
” Ryan,what’s going on??” He asked
” Did something happen?? Is anyone sick?? ” he asked and immediately he said that Wyaat became more guilty.

He really do care about them but he got so selfish and like Jennie?? Is he ever going to trust him again??

” Ronnie,,,” Ryan called but he interrupted
” Am going to leave if you guys don’t talk right now” he said
” I will explain ” Ryan said
” How will you tell him ??” Michael whispered to Ryan and he kept quiet for a moment
” Ryan,,say something ” Ronnie said
” Can we just go somewhere else?? ” Ryan said

” I don’t get,,why?? Is it that bad ?? ” he asked
” No,,it’s not bad,”
” Then say it here,,,,” Ronnie replied
” Ryan,just tell him ” Romeo said
” It’s about Jennie ” Ryan finally spoke up and Ronnie scoffed
” What has that witch done this time?? ” he asked and they all looked at Wyaat and then back to him.
” The thing is,,,,”
” Don’t say it,,it’s fine ” Wyaat said

” What?? Does it have to do with you also?? Are you guys keeping something from me right now???” Ronnie asked
” No,,it’s not that, ” Wyaat said and roughed his hair getting mad at himself
” Am going to talk since Ryan is not ready ” Romeo said
” Okay” Ronnie said curiously
” Wyaat is in love with Jennie,,that’s it ” He broke the shell

” What??” Ronnie asked to he sure
Ryan nodded
” Did Wyatt tell you that?? Or you guys guessed ” Ronnie asked
They all kept quiet waiting for Wyatt to talk
” Am sorry Ronnie,,,” He spoke without looking up
Ronnie stood up and took his phone
” Ronnie,,”
” Bad time ” He said and walked out of the mansion

” I knew he’s going to get mad ,,,” Michael said
” We need to get him back ,,,we don’t have time to waste on this. We have lots of works to do and these is happening?? Am really disappointed ” Romeo said and also stood up
” Am leaving,, I will be back when you guys clean this mess of yours ” He said and went out

The other three sat down speechless,,,

Ryan sighed and stood up,,,he didn’t say anything, he went upstairs leaving Michael and Wyatt alone.

” hey,,don’t feel bad,,okay?? I understand how you feel ” Michael said
” I just hurt him,” Wyatt said sadly
” Don’t worry,,he will Come around ” Michael said patting his back
” I can stay away from her,,,I can’t loose my friend because of this,,,,, ” He said
” Are you sure of that??? It’s your heart,,you like her and it’s not easy to stay away from her. I don’t like Jennie either,, non of us like her,,,,,,but,,,,,,”

” I f**ked up ” Wyatt completed it
” It’s fine,,don’t think too much. You should go and rest,,, ”
” I won’t forgive myself if we don’t meet up with what the company want just because of something I caused,I feel guilty ” He said
” Don’t think too much ” Michael said before going upstairs

Wyatt buried his face in his palm,,he really felt guilty,those feelings he hates so much. He hate it when he’s guilty and now that’s what he’s feeling,, like he betrayed Ronnie’s trust,he didn’t even mean to love Jennie but it just happened so fast that he’s regretting it.

Preet suddenly got up beside Molly when she heard some cars coming in,she checked the window and a smile escape her lips. She opened the door silently making sure Molly doesn’t wake up, she went out.

But why is he coming home so late ?? It’s almost 12:00am ,,,,did anything happen?

Ronnie climb the stairs with a straight face without expression,, he really felt hurt about what happened. Not because he care about who so ever Jennie fall in love with but why must it be his friend???

His hatred for her even became worst,,what if that witch hurt Wyatt the way she did to me?? He thought within himself.
He just wish Wyatt come back to his sense,, Jennie is not the right person for him.

” Honey ” Preet called and hugged him
” Hi ” Was all he said and they walked in
” Are you okay?? Did you fall sick?? Did anything happen ??” Preet asked looking concerned
” Am fine Preet ” He replied and went into the dressing room

What’s wrong with him?? He was fine some hours ago,Preet thought. She sighed and sat down on the bed waiting patiently for him

She was nearly sleeping when Ronnie finally came out all dressed,, he ignored her and laid on the bed
” Honey,,what’s wrong?? ” She asked playing with his hair
” Sweetheart?? ” Ronnie called
” What is it??” She asked
” I felt really betrayed today ” He said
” What?? How??”
” I don’t want to talk about it,,it makes me angry ” He replied and wrapped his hands around her waist closing his eyes as she pat her hair slowly

” Sweetheart?? ” he called still with his eyes closed
” If anything ever happen,, and we break apart. Can you date any of my friends?? ” he asked Preet and she scoffed
” Am not going to leave you,stop saying rubbish ” she snapped
” Am just asking,, please ” he said
” Okay,,if we break apart. ”
” And either of my friends make advances to you,, what will you do??” He asked

” Well,,,I will just go for Ryan oopa,,he’s cute” Preet said and he opened his eyes immediately
” What??? Ryan??” He asked looking shocked
” Yeah,” She replied with a chuckle
” I can’t believe this,,, you will really do that?? ”
” Ronnie,,, am just joking. I will just have to stay away from here,because I don’t think I will survive it if something like that happen ” Preet said

” It’s never going to happen ” Ronnie said
” Tell me what happened,, please ”
” Wyatt fell in love with Jennie ” He said and Preet gasped
” That’s crazy!! How come??? ” she asked
” I don’t know,,, they really spoiled my mood,, I just have to come home even though it’s late,,right now,am not thinking straight ” Ronnie said
” It’s okay baby,,just rest your head okay?? It’s going to be fine ” She said patting his head again and soon he fell asleep.

Preet noticed he was asleep and she sighed,,, how did this happen?? Jennie and Wyatt ?? Does that make sense?? But ,,,,,they love each other?? She breath out when she couldn’t think straight.

❮ Next Day : Noon ❯

Elena entered Jennie’s room since she haven’t even come out all day,,Ryan told her everything that is happening and she felt bad for Wyatt and Ronnie. If they don’t settle this, it’s going to affect them especially now.

” Hey Elena ” Jennie smiled as she entered
” Hey,,,we need to talk ” Elena said
” What’s going on??’ Jennie asked
” It’s about Wyatt,,,,Jennie,,how could you fall in love with Wyatt even when you know he’s Ronnie’s friend?? Does that make any kind of sense to you??” Elena asked angrily
” right now,,they are all not getting along just because of you. Can you just stay away from Wyatt ?? If they don’t get things settled right now,,,,you know what’s in front of them right now. I can’t believe you’re still this bitch of a lady,,I thought you’ve changed. I know you don’t love Wyatt,,you’re only trying to mess with him,,”

” I love him ” Jennie finally said after the long silent
” Like that ring a bell,,,you claimed to love Ronnie,,you were possessive over him, you get jealous when you see other girls with him,,but what did you do?? You cheated on him with Frank,,,they were friends,,but after what happened they became enemies. Listen Jennie,,,if Ronnie and Wyatt become like that, am not going to forgive you,trust me ” Elena said and walked out of the room banging the door behind her.

Jennie broke into tears immediately Elena left,,,,,,
She regretted everything she did to Ronnie ,she regretted everything. She could remember clearly how much Ronnie loved and cherished her . always giving her everything, always making sure he’s the best boyfriend even though they were still young back then,,,

But what did she do?? She f**ked up,,,,,she cried out more with no one to calm her down.

Manager Park entered the mansion and was surprised that it was all quiet,,the band dancers are all in the rehearsing room but none of the boys are there.

” What’s going on here?? Where are they?? ” He asked
” We have no idea ,that’s why we are waiting ” they replied
He sighed and went out of the room,,,,he went upstairs and entered Ryan’s room,,,he was ready for rehearsal but he didn’t come out
” Ryan,,why are you still here?? And where are the rest ?? Most especially, where’s Ronnie? He should be here by now ”

” I don’t know ” He replied and just left the room
” These boys doesn’t seize to amaze me,what the hell is wrong with them this time??” He asked himself

Ryan walked into Michael’s room ,,he was also ready.
” Michael ,,let’s go ” He said
Michael nodded and followed him,,they both entered Wyatt’s room .
He was also dressed ,,,
” Why are you still here?? Manager Park is here ” Ryan said
” Don’t be harsh ” Michael said
” Am not being harsh,” Ryan replied and left.

Michael and Wyatt also went downstairs,,

” And what about the twins??’Manager Park asked
” We are here ” Romeo replied and he came in with Ronnie beside him with his normal straight face.

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