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Melted Hearts Season 2 Episode 12

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[ Season Two ]



♡ Episode 12 ♡

Rose woke up the next morning,, her mind immediately went to what happened last night,she frowned and then smile,,she could not believe Ronnie did that to her all in the name of Revenge,,she’s going to punish him also,he should just wait for it.

But she could not stop to imagine that she’s no longer a virgin,everything felt different under her,she chuckled when she remember how she was begging Ronnie to stop,,she was the one who told him to go ahead though.
She turned to her side,,Ronnie is not there. Her eyes caught with the Rose Flower on the stool ,,she picked it and inhale it,, it smell really nice.

She smiled and took the white sheet beside it,,letter from Ronnie???

She opened it :

📩 Sorry For Hurting you,I love you

She chuckled,,,

” Come out from wherever you are,,,” She said still blushing
And just like that Ronnie came out,,,
” I knew it,,” she said
” how did you know am somewhere inside???” Ronnie asked still walking toward her
” Don’t ask me,,am still mad at you ” She snapped
” Don’t get mad,,,am sorry ” He said and pecked her cheek

” Sorry won’t solve what you caused!! I can hardly move my legs right now,,,” She said and looked away
” Am sorry,,do you want us to postpone the visit till tomorrow?? ” Ronnie asked and she immediately nodded
” I prepared your bath,,,” he said
” Should I thank you right now??” Rose asked
” No,,it’s all my fault anyway,” Ronnie replied

” But before that,, I have a question ” He said
” what is the question?? ” She asked looking straight at him
He smiled and brought out something from his hood,,,,
” Close your eyes ” Ronnie said
” Okay ” she closed her eyes

She could feel his presence moving more closer to her ,,
” You can now open ” Ronnie said
She opened her eyes slowly but suddenly gasped at what she saw,,,,,in front of her was Ronnie on his kneel with a ring in his hand.
” Preet,,,,will you be my wife??? ” he asked

” Please,,,, don’t say no,,,I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you,,I want you to be the mother of my children,, it’s either you or no one,,,,I want us to live together forever,, let’s grow old together ” Ronnie said

Preet tried to prevent her tears,she want to say yes so badly but, she also need to punish him,
” No,,,I won’t ” She replied and looked away
” Well,,okay. I will just give someone else then ” Ronnie said standing up on his feet

” Don’t you dare!!!” She yelled out and Ronnie bursted into laughter
” Then marry me ” He said
” I will ” She blushed
” Yes!!!!!” He shouted happily and inserted the ring into her finger
He hugged her tightly to himself,,

After the hug,he carried her and they entered the bathroom,,,he dropped her into the bath tub. She smiled shyly,,
” Don’t stare too much ” She said
” It’s all mine,,” Ronnie replied
” The ring,,,,it’s so beautiful ” Rose said starring at her forefinger
” You deserve beautiful things honey,” Ronnie said
” Thank you so much honey,, ” She said

” how did you feel when I said I don’t wanna marry you?? ” Rose asked and he chuckled
” I knew you were joking ” He replied
” This is unfair,you always get me when am joking but I always fall for your jokes!!” She cried
Ronnie only smiled as he help her take her bath,,
When they are done,,he carried her again and went out of the bathroom,,,
The door bell rang and they all turned,,
” who’s that?? ” Rose asked
” I guess it’s from the mall,,,,” Ronnie replied
” Oh,,”
” I will be back ” Ronnie said and went to open the door

Rose waited patiently for him to come back and soon he was back,,,
” You should come and check them out ” Ronnie said
They both went into the bedroom,,,,Rose gasped
” Don’t tell me it’s what am thinking ” She faced him
” You’re right ” He smirked
” You bought the whole mall??? Are you kidding me??? Who’s gonna wear the ones which doesn’t suit me??” She asked

” Everything suits you sweetheart ” He replied
” This is crazy”
” I will help you get what to wear,,” He said and started bringing out the clothes
” Wow,,your taste are really great,the clothes are amazing ” Rose smiled

” Put this on,,,you’re not going anywhere right??”
He said giving her a crop top and a short,,,,
” Pervert ” She muttered
” I heard that ” Ronnie said and she laughed before running into the dressing room.

Minutes later
” Honey,,,am starving ” Rose said with a pout
” Me too,,let’s go eat breakfast ” Ronnie said
He immediately carried her in a bridal style,,
” You can’t walk properly ” He said
” That’s your fault ” She chuckled
” That’s why am doing this ” He replied and kissed her hair which scattered all over her face.

She buried her face in his chest as they went downstairs,,

” Morning sir and mam ” The maids all bowed their heads as they got downstairs.
” Morning ” Rose replied shyly
Ronnie dropped Her on the chair,,,
The maids immediately set the meal in front of them,,
” Enjoy your breakfast ” They bowed at left

” They think you’ve gotten another girlfriend ” Rose whispered to him and he chuckled
” Yeah,,,,” He replied and took the fork
” Open up ” He said bringing the fork to her mouth
She opened and chewed slowly,,
” It’s yummy ” She smiled
” Not like you ” Ronnie replied with a wink
” Stop that,,, ” she blushed
” After this,,I will be going to the mansion ” Ronnie said

” Silver House??” She asked and he nodded
” I need to see mom and dad,,most importantly,, am bringing Molly ” he said
” I also Want to meet them,,,,but,,,,,am just,,, what if they don’t like me ??? ” She said
” Am the one who’s going to get married to you and love you,,leave them out of this,,they will have no choice ” Ronnie said

” I hope so,,I can’t wait to see little Molly ”
” She don’t want to he referred as little,,” Ronnie chuckled
” Am sure you’re going to steal her heart once again,,,,” Ronnie said
Kim Nana breath out softly watching the water flowing from one side to the other,, she love staying on the bridge watching the water . Today seem to be more different, the weather is cool,,like it’s gonna rain,,,,but she still came anyway.

A body suddenly stayed beside her,,even though he was not looking at her, she couldn’t help but to drool over his side view. He looks tall,,cute hair style and cute pouted lips and he reminded him of Ronnie,,,just that Ronnie’s lips looks red not pink like this one.

She keep on starring at him forgetting the fact that she was watching the water.

” You can take a picture,” The person said still not looking at her
She immediately looked away trying to hide her blush,,,
She turned back to face him and this time,,he also turned.

She suddenly gasped,,

Wait,,I know him
She said inwardly trying to remember who he is,,,,,


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