March 2, 2021


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Bad boy's baby Season 2 Episode 1

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🎧 *Bad Boy’s Baby* 🎩
👗[ *The new girl next* door] 🔞
Episode 1
Chris’s POV
I continued starring at her in shock as I couldn’t believe she actually came to me by herself.
Like, she came to my parents house?
“Chris, buddy is there a problem?” Charlie’s voice broke into my thoughts and I took my eyes to him.
“Can you meet me outside, I want to show you something there, it won’t take long please?” I cooed and he nodded.
“I’m sorry Nancy, please give me a minute” he said to her and followed me.
I got outside and went to the garage where I’m sure she won’t be able to listen to our conversation even if she wanted to.
“How did you *meet her and where did you meet her, Charlie?” I questioned him and he pulled a puzzled look.
“I’ve explained* all those shit to you man, is that why you called me out?” He asked back.
“Of course, not, but I want you to explain again. Was it a strange meeting?” I inquired.
“Um..I met *her in school but I still don’t no her class because she refused telling me, I always meet her at the deserted area in school and yea…our meeting was a little* bit kind of strange” he explained and I nodded.
“But yea, why all this question?” He asked looking curious.
“Because I’m suspicious of her, I think she’s the bit*h that poisoned me at golden eye hotel. Do you still recall?” I asked.
“Of course I do, how can I forgot such thing and did you say she’s the bit*h?” He asked now getting more serious.
“Yes, you know I explained that I couldn’t see her face *because my eyes was blurry due to the poison or what she mixed with the poison, but I definitely heard her voice and* she has the same voice with the bit*h.”
“And secondly even if I didn’t see her face, I at least saw her leg and knee when she got into the room.”
“Her leg was the first thing I saw before I looked up at her face.”
“So, that *night I vividly remember that she has a line – like a cut on her knee area. When I recalled that I looked at her knee and still saw the same line” I explained further.*
His face dropped instantly in sadness and disappointment.
“I thought she was a good person Chris, how on earth could she be an evil bit*h?” He groaned in pains.
“Hey, it *seems you like her a lot. Let’s just forget about it, she’s the first girl you’re so excited about, how can I ruin this chance for you, so its best you* forget about it” I said lowly.
“I can’t, I’ll call the cops immediately, even if I like her, I can’t risk your life for that” he replied.
“Hey, I’m still alive alright?” I argued.
“You’re more important than some *evil bit*h, Chris, do you know how worried and scared I got when I saw you lying unconscious* on the f**k*ng hotel bed?”
“I bet you don’t, but I won’t risk this chance, maybe she has other evils plans for you or I or even chase, do you think I’ll ever forgive myself if I ignored it and something bad happens to either of you?” He snapped looking really angry then he brought out his phone from his pocket and I watched as he dialed the cops line.
About 20 minutes later I heard the siren and figured out that the cops are nearby.
Charlie had suggested I stayed outside while he goes inside to distract her.
I was still waiting outside for the cops to arrive when I heard light screams followed by painful groans.
Then almost immediately the door bursted open and she ran out – the evil bit*h.
I ran to her and pinned her down to the floor.
What the hell happened to Charlie? I wondered and thought of leaving her to go check up on him.
“Charlie??” I yelled instead but no reply.
“Hey, come hold her,”I instructed the securities guarding the gate and they ran to me and held her.
“Hand her over to the cops” I ordered and ran inside.
To see Charlie sitting down with one of his hands on his tummy.
“Charlie?” I called and moved closer to him.
I saw the side of his tummy that he was holding and became petrified.
Good lord!!
“Charlie??” I yelled and rushed to him.
I saw a knife stained with blood lying on the floor next to him.
“Did she stab you?” I questioned even if I knew that that was the case.
He nodded still holding the side of his tummy.
“But its isn’t so deep, I just don’t want to move because I don’t want to loss much blood” he replied feebly.
“Man are you blind? Why did you allow her stab you?” I asked bitterly.
I heard noise outside and figured out that the police already arrived.
“Let’s take you to the hospital, can you get up?” I said and helped him up.
I wrapped his free hand across my neck as I helped him out.
Chase’s POV
I was in my room when I heard the cops siren.
What are they doing in this estate? I wondered and left my room.
I was still in the staircase when I caught sight of Chris helping Charlie walk.
Wait, what’s going on? I thought and speed my way to them.
“Charlie? What happened to you! Why are you bleeding?” I asked terrified and shocked.
There were about two cops car outside and everything looked confusing.
What is really going on?

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