March 5, 2021


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My H0rny Stepbrother 18+ Episode 1

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🤫🤫[Shh…keep it quiet]😊🤭🔞🔞
A short erotica of three parts by Venessa Caria.😋🔞🔞
“Aloise wake up darling…”Axel’s husky voice whispers in my ear, his breath tickled my skin and his cold fingertips touched my cheek. I shivered lightly and pressed my face against his palm, sleeping peacefully when suddenly my stepbrother nibbled on my ear.
I shrieked and instantly sat up on the bed.
“Axel!” I roared.
“Aloise.” He winks with a Cheshire cat’s grin.
“Let me sleep! Please! It’s Saturday!”
“You’re so loveable when you’re angry.”
“Ugh, annoying! Every fucking morning and you keep harassing me! That’s it! I’m angry! I’m going to’ tell mom!” I was in a bad mood, very.
I wasn’t a morning person and Axel knows it best that I go ‘gaga’ but he never gets tired of taunting my patience. Apparently, he likes teasing me 24/7 and seeing me with a pissed off expression.
“Is everything all right up there!?” My mother’s voice echoes from downstairs and I glared at Axel.
“Mom! Axel is being a perv–” Swiftly, my stepbrother covers my mouth and all of a sudden he pushed me on the bed. I squeaked as I hit the mattress.
Angrily, I opened my eyes again and gasped when my devilish handsome stepbrother takes off his shirt, showing his toned chest and broad shoulders that was totally attractive in the eyes. He was a nasty good-looking piece of a sexy thing.
Axel pinned down my movements. He was on top of me, holding my wrists together with only his dominant hand while his other hand fondled my br€ast.
I moaned and flinched. Axel smirks at my needs and it made me frustrated.
Angrily, I kicked my legs like a wild horse but he easily overpowers me with his strength. His strong build dominated my delicate body.
“Your scent is so addicting.” He looms over the side of my head, breathing against my jaw as he nipped on my hot skin and licked my sensitive spot.
I turned red at his actions and stared at him intently, “What—what are you doing? Are you crazy dude? Mom’s downstairs, enough with the games.”
Axel smirks, disregarding my anxiety as his other hand slowly traces onto my body, trailing hotly at my neck, br€ast, stomach, and then stopping at the top of my pelvis. I turned insanely red.
“Axel stop it-”
“I want to touch you. Tease you and taste you. You don’t know how much I want to fuck you all over and over. I can’t stop thinking how much I want to drive so deep inside you that you will scream my name endlessly.”
My face goes hard. I was flustered with his longing desire for my body.
“That’s a bad joke.” I mumbled, chewing on my lip anxiously. We played dangerous love games but we never crossed the line.
He leans in closer that our noses almost collided and I could feel myself getting hotter when his dark green eyes stares down at my red lips.
“It’s your fault. I want to do things to you. Very bad things, I can’t stop myself anymore Aloise. You’re such a beautiful creature.” He says softly, smiling with lust in his eyes.
My heart squeezed hard and the exchange contact of our skin and words made desperately wriggle out of his grip, “Stop it you ass! Before I even think of cutting your balls! ”
“So cute, talking dirty like that is a turn on baby sis.”
“Fvck you. Get off of me.”
“Naughty. I like it.” He coos, squeezing my br€ast, hard. I flinched and moaned.
“..Hmgh… Enough already you fool!”
“So you say but your body is being honest sis.”
“No-” his luscious lips smacked against mine, taking my mouth to his control as he bit my lower lip and I gasped between the kiss.
He smiles deviously over the kiss and slides in his tongue inside my mouth, tasting my fluids as I also tasted his. He svcks onto my tongue, leaving me panting and out of breath.
My body began to shake and I could feel the dangerous excitement that stained between my thighs. My navy blue pajama was getting dirty and I ached for more of his touch. I wanted him to do more. I was just so hot everywhere.
“Stop..hmmghh..” I m0aned for more yet he drowned me with pleasure.
Suddenly, I could feel his hands rubbing against my pvssy, getting faster and faster in each second as he caressed it with an animalistic need. It was ecstatic.
I closed my eyes and my legs and thighs began to shake and rattle. Completely, I was drunk with the dangerous exciting game.
“You’re such a jackass.” I mumbled as my cheeks blushed. He lets me breath as he pulls away from the intoxicating kiss. He licks the dripping saliva on his mouth, turning me so giddy and helpless with the seduction.
“Sshhh. Bad girl.” In a quick rough stroke, I immediately squirmed and I trembled with my back elevating as he forcefully slides in his hand inside my baby blue panty, wildly stroking my cl’t and rubbing it vigorously.
“Axel. Enough…” I whispered in a moan.
“Enough? You pretty liar. We both know you like it rough and kinky.”
“Stop teasing me already…” I glared and he smiles, finally letting go of my wrist as he suddenly slides up my shirt and exposes my breast. I gasped.
Sweetly, he placed a kiss on my br€ast, nipping, and biting it lightly as he tugged on to my perky nipples, softly nibbling it while licking and sucking it hard.
I moaned loudly, tugging onto his black smooth hair as he kissed my tender spot. Exhilarating pleasure arises on my womanhood as Axel skillfully takes complete control on my body.
Gradually, I feel his hardness pressing against my abdomen, it was too big and warm and I could tell that he needed my touch on his huge c0ck.
Knock. Knock. Knock.
My eyes instantly darted on the bedroom door.
“Axel! Aloise! Breakfast is ready!” Our mother’s voice calls from the other side of the door.
I cringed and panic, “Axel…stop it…We’re going to get caught..!” I whisper yelled and tried pushing him away but he was far too strong to shake off.
Mischievously, his endearing dark eyes glints darkly and I could feel his finger grasping wilder than before over my dripping pussy. I had to bite my lip from making dirty sounds.
“Are you two in there?”
“Y-yes..!” I answered in frenzy, getting lost between reality and rapture.
“Is Axel also there? Hurry up you two. Breakfast is ready.”
I closed my eyes shut and waited for Axel to come to his senses. He was getting more hot s€x-crazed and I was too.
Forcefully, he spreads my quivering thighs apart and slides down my pants, leaving me with only my stained baby blue panty.
I squirmed and glared at him,“Axel…this is too much.” I gritted in a low voice and my eyes widen when he opened his fly and his huge c0ck sprung out, dripping with pre-cum.
“That’s not going inside of me.” I turned redder than I already was while my n’pples perked up at the sight of his six inches d*c-k.
He chuckles so s-éx-ily and gives me a passionate kiss, thus shutting me up so unfairly.
Obsessively, he pressed his hard huge c0ck onto my dripping stained pantie, rubbing it up and down with his jerking c0ck, going faster like an animal in heat.
I kissed him back deeply, and I hear him groan as I followed his movements, exchanging our warmth and mas-tur-bating together with his intoxicating kisses while his hands busily fondle my br€ast.
“I’m going to c-um…” I moaned between the kiss and he presses his d’c-k further against my pantie, making the friction more irresistible and insanely addicting…..
Watch Out For Part 2 😋😋

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