March 8, 2021


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High School With My Fiance Epilogue

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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
I was sitting on my bed reading a book when I heard a knock on my window. I looked up confused for a few seconds before going back to read my book.
It was 11pm already…why would someone knock at my window at this late hour…No. Scratch that. Why would someone knock at my window at any time.
I wasn’t even two seconds into reading when I heard it again.
The knock on the window. This time more prominent than ever. Hasty.
I gulped a little scared before placing my book down and slowly moving towards the window. Once I was standing just in front of it I pulled the curtains aside and tried to look outside in the dark.
My breathing hitched and I stumbled back when I saw a face staring back at me through the window glass. I took a few deep breaths with my hand still on my heart before looking back at the window and seeing the face clearly now.
My jaw dropped open when I saw Xavier’s face staring back at me looking at me expectantly to open the window.
I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle still standing there as I looked at his face pressed against the window now. His hazel eyes ran all around before looking at me and mumbling through the window,
“Let me in, will you?”
My eyes twinkled before I went and slid the window open while a wave of fresh air entered the room. But my attention was all centered on the guy in front of me. Outside my window. He passed me a huge grin before entering my room now.
I stepped back a little as to give him some space. Once he was inside he chuckled lightly and stretched his arms before looking back at me and coming towards me.
I took a step back as he took a step towards me. A look of confusion ran through his face before he took another step forward while I continued to step back.
His eyes slid to mine before a smirk made it’s way onto his face.
“Are you running away from me?” He asked with amusement.
“N-no.” I replied tugging a strand of my hair back.
Without any warning he almost ran towards me while I tried to run away from him. A scream escaped my mouth as his hands found their way around my waist and he lifted me up.
“You can never run away from me.” He whispered in my ear as he put me down lightly whilst his hands were still around my waist.
I tried to get away from his clutch but he won’t let me so I turned around in his arms to face him.
“What are you doing here?” I asked tilting my head to one side.
His eyes brightened up as he spoke, “I am here to take my girlfriend for a movie.”
The way he said girlfriend made my stomach flutter with butterflies. I could feel my cheeks heat up as I unclenched his hands and stepped away from him,
“Why the window? I am sure my parents won’t say no if you asked them.”
He is my fiance. And I know my parents. Rather than saying ‘no’, I am sure they would be willing to throw me out of the house with him.
Xavier pouted before going and sitting on my bed,
“Now where’s the fun in that? I am your boyfriend and I want you to experience each and everything a couple would. Even if that is sneaking out of the house.”
I stared at him for a while before a smile made its way onto my face. I still can’t believe that my love for him won in the end. I still can’t believe he is sitting here in front of me as my boyfriend. We are dating. We are engaged. It still seems so surreal.
Slowly, as if not sure I went and sat beside him,
“Which movie are we watching?” I whispered.
His head snapped upto me before looking at me with a huge grin. I was so glad that Xavier wasn’t afraid anymore. Afraid of showing his real feelings. Afraid of showing his real self. He was himself with me now.
“What do you want to watch?” He asked excitedly.
I thought for a while before I said,
“What about some action movie?”
“What about some romantic movie?” I heard him say at the same time.
We both fell quiet before staring at each other.
As far as I remember Xavier doesn’t like romantic movies. The main reason why I suggested an action movie was because Xavier didn’t like romantic movies. And here he was suggesting to watch a romantic movie in the theaters.
“I thought you liked romantic movies.”
“I thought you liked action movies.”
We both said at the same time again. We couldn’t help but chuckle to ourselves. This was getting kind of awkward now. But I am not the one to turn down a romantic movie….especially if I am getting to watch it with Xavier.
“Romantic movie it is then.”
“Action movie it is then.”
We both stared at each other with an expressionless face now. Stop it, will he?! Why are we both saying the same things!
“Xavier, you suggested romantic movie. Let’s watch it.” I smiled sweetly at him.
“But you just said you wanted to watch an action movie.” He mirrored my expression before putting his hands beneath my chin and holding onto my face with tenderness, “And I am not the one to turn you down ever.”
Oh, the audacity of this guy. He is using different tactics now. He is being flirty to convince me.
Two can play the game.
I sat a little closer to him. And he noticed it too because I could see him gulping a little. Slowly, I placed my hands on top of his torso,
“We will watch romantic movie, won’t we?” I whispered slowly.
I looked up to look at his face. I could see him biting his lower lip lightly before he shook his head slightly, “A-Action movie.”
I snuggled a little closer again before laying my head on his chest and running my fingers along his body, “What?” I asked lightly.
I tried to suppress my laugh as I saw him fumbling, “A-Action.”
Yeah. We were just there. He won’t be able to say no the next time. And he knew it too. No matter how much he tries he can’t resist it.
I lifted my face from his chest and looked him in his hazel eyes. He looked back at me trying to control himself.
I brought my lips near his ears and whispered sensually, “But I wanted to watch a romantic movie with you.”
I saw him froze in his spot for around a minute. He took deep breaths while not moving an inch. I continued breathing down his neck while running my fingers along his chest. When he couldn’t take it anymore he finally gave up before claiming my lips.
I couldn’t help but smile as he pulled away,
“You play dirty.” He mumbled in his heavy voice.
I smirked before pecking his lips lightly one last time and getting up in excitement and clapping my hands together,
“Great! Then let’s go and watch a romantic movie.”
He was still dazed before he shook his head lightly to himself, “Yeah whatever.” He mumbled before getting up from the bed.
I looked down at my clothes. I was wearing shorts and a baby pink hoodie. I couldn’t help but look back at Xavier.
I remember the first time I was going to the school. Even though Xavier didn’t tell anyone that we were engaged, he wanted me to look presentable.
“I-I’ll go and change.” I tried to smile at him.
There was a look of confusion on his face before he stopped me by holding my wrist. I looked up at his face and raised my eyebrows in a questioning way,
“Are you comfortable in these clothes?” He asked me softly.
I nodded my head at him but I couldn’t tell what was going on in his head.
He shrugged his shoulders while taking my hands into his, “As long as you are comfortable I don’t care what you wear.” Then letting go of my hands he went and stood in front of the window he came in from, “I love you for you. So just grab a pair of sneakers and let’s go?”
I couldn’t help but be amazed by him. Xavier was totally different. He wasn’t the same rude, mean, arrogant guy. He was soft, warm, and even flirty.
I nodded my head at him ecstatically, “Let’s go.”
I took a pair of white sneakers in my hands and made my way towards the door of my room when I heard Xavier again.
“Where are you going?”
I turned towards him before looking at him weirdly, “Out. We are going for the movies, remember?”
He stared at me before he chuckled. He lifted his hand up and sticking his thumb out he pointed out of the window.
My eyes widened before I shook my head at him in denial, “I am not jumping out of there.”
There was an amused expression on his face as he cocked his head to one side, “Baby, we are.”
Oh, my. My heart just skipped a beat when I heard him say, ‘baby.’
“I-I don’t want to break my leg.” I murmured.
“As long as I am here, you won’t. Come on. Give me your sneakers… I’ll throw them down.”
And I did. I slowly moved towards him and handed him my sneakers. He took them and giving me one last look he turned away from me and extending his hand out he dropped them down.
There was a thudding sound but not loud enough to wake my parents up.
“What now?” I whispered to him, “We are climbing down pipes?”
He looked back at me before shaking his head slightly. His brunette hair bounced a little before he helped me get up on the windowsill, “We are climbing down the tree. Not a pipe. Pipes are whole much more difficult.”
I snapped my head to him and looked at him unbelievably. I was kidding when I was talking about pipes. But he isn’t. He really wants me to climb down the tree.
I stared at the only tree which was very close to my window.
“How am I going to climb down that thing?” I asked my eyes never leaving the tree. The leaves rustled while I could feel Xavier getting up and sitting there beside me now.
There was a cold gentle breeze as Xavier got off on the little roof in front of my window and extended his hand out to me,
“Just believe me.”
I slid my hands into his before nodding my head at him. I do. I believe him. I believe him enough to follow him to the depths of tartarus. I jumped down with him.
He walked towards the end of the roof with my hand still in his. He let go of my hand before turning towards me,
“Just watch me.” He said slowly, “I will jump onto that branch.” He pointed it out to me, “Then I want you to jump there with me.”
I opened my mouth to say something when he shook his head slightly,
“You won’t fall. Believe me. I will be there to catch you.” There was seriousness in his voice making me want to trust him.
He jumped off the roof and onto the branch effortlessly before holding onto the tree and turning around to face me. He looked at me expectantly while holding his hand out to me.
I stared at his outstretched arm before looking back at his hazel eyes, “Did you ever fall?” He listened to me carefully, “Was there anyone to catch you?”
He thought for a moment before he smiled softly, “Off the tree? No.” He shook his head, “But recently I did fall…Deeper than I think I was capable of.” His hazel eyes never left mine as there was affection in them for me, “But there was someone to catch me.”
I was left speechless as I heard the words come out of his mouth. I jumped onto the branch, next to him without even thinking. I knew he wasn’t talking about falling down from the tree anymore.
As soon as I was beside him he held onto my hand while trying to steady me,
“She has always been there to catch me.” He concluded finally.
He gazed into my eyes while I continued doing the same. I couldn’t help but feel as if the time was frozen. No one was there. It was just the two of us and these stars twinkling above us. First time in a while I could feel the connection with these stars in a way where I didn’t want to belong with them up there. Rather, I wanted them to witness this another set of people falling in love with each other. I wanted them to witness us.
“I can stare at you like this the whole night but we really need to get going. Besides,” A genuine smile stretched out on his face reaching the corners of his eyes, “Since I figured that you love bikes so much, I brought one today for our date.”
Our first date.
And finally we are rounding up the story romantically 😊.

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