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Entangled Episode 1

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Episode 1
By Simrah Saeed.
🌋 Nina’s POV 🌋
I winced in pain trying to sit up. It’s been two weeks I have been brought in here in another world entirely.
two weeks after my life changed from worse to a total disaster.
Two weeks! Yes two week!
I gulped down nothing as the cold eyes pierced through my soul.
He stood with no emotions in his eyes, all I see was pure hatred!
His eyes became red and I felt my skin pilling off.
” Ahhh ” I shouted in pain falling back to the floor.
He’s using that magic again to control me.
My body! I feel there is fire in it burning down each and every of my cells.
He clenched his hand and a real fire was threw at me.
” Ahh, p… please ” I pleaded faintly but that was just in vain.
I think it will only lead to more hatred. He’s warned me several times to stop pleading with him.
He hates it but I can’t help it.
He walked closer to me stopping feets away from me.
” I hate you, I hate you with every venom in me. You turned me into an orphan. You killed my parents and I promise you, I am going to destroy you, break you till you are not able to find your pieces together”
He roughly grabbed my hair and hit my head on the wall.
I deserve everything! I am not in denial!
I killed his parents and sister. They died because of me.
🏜️ 15 years back 🏜️…..
” Mama, papa, wake up! Are you sleeping? Why are you lying on the floor? ”
5year old me asked running from mama to Papa.
Papa wasn’t talking, his eyes were closed with a little oil on his chest.
Oh! Mama and Papa were playing and mama poured oil on him .
It wasn’t really oil but blood, though that was what I thought.
I smiled and walked closer to Mama.
She opened her eyes faintly and smiled at me.
” Nina baby, you have to leave here now and be save for Mama and Papa ” she said and I stared at her with a confused expression.
” Oh Mama, you want me to hide so that if Papa wakes up he will have to look for me and catch me?” I asked and she shook her head.
She coughed vigorously and I stood to get her water but she stopped me.
” J.. just go Nina, to anywhere! Run from here baby, I know you won’t understand what I am saying but they are looking for you ” she cried in pain holding her chest.
Who are looking for me?
” I am not going Mama, I want to stay with you and Papa ”
” No baby, have to go! Run! Leave! I can’t let them kill you! Go please baby”
She held me up and pushed me towards the door .
That was my Mama, I have to do as she instructed!
I took to my heels and run to any direction that came to my mind.
The next word I heard was
” Get her ”
Yes! People are looking for me like Mama said and she doesn’t want them to see me.
I became more scared and ran tiredly to unknown destination.
As a kid, I didn’t know anywhere.
I continue running till I got stuck in the middle of a sea. No escape way for me!
I turned back in fright as the people were almost close to where I was.
I looked left and right ! All I could see was a large Sea.
What do I do?
I saw a boat coming and I shouted for help.
With my little faculty of thinking, I jumped into the water.
No! Someone caught me in water. A woman.
The boat was very near work the three more people in it.
I could see she was struggling with me.
” J..just make sure she’s safe Jin ”
She said faintly. She was floating. The man in the boat took me from her
” Give me your hand Mia ” he said to her
” I..I..I.. can’t, I am drowning Jin ” she replied.
My body was covered with fear as the two little kids like me in the boat began shouting and crying calling some strange name.
” Just try okay? Or, I think we have to disapear from here ” the man said and the woman shook her head.
Tears threatened to fall. She’s suffering because she saved me.
” Remember your power leaves you when you are in the water?” The woman said faintly.
Her hand on the boat was loosening.
” Mia …” The man yelled seeing his wife float deep into the Sea.
” T..take care of them and make sure she’s safe ”
That was the last thing she said and she disappeared into the water.
She couldn’t have jumped into the water to save me.
” Amma !” ..
The little girl that was of my age yelled and the boy who was probably older than me kept a straight face.
He didn’t cry nor shout! He just stared into space.
The man began driving the boat away in tears and I blamed myself for everything.
If I hadn’t jumped into the water, they could have gone peacefully.
We heard a loud gunshot and a shriek.
It was the girl beside me, she was shot in the head and she fell inside the boat.
I looked at the direction the gun came from and it was those pursuing me.
They aimed the gun at me and it hit an innocent person.
Fear gripped me as the boy earlier clutched his sister telling her to wake up.
The man’s eyes widened.
He can’t stop the boat! All of us might sink into the water.
He brought out something from his pocket and aimed it back at those people but it was too late he was shut in the stomach.
They wanted to distract him so we can fall inside the water and I do be dead!
He groaned and fell on the tip of the boat.
The boy beside me tensed!
He took the boy’s hand joining it with mine.
” T..take her with you Zach, you both can be safe. Go ”
” No Abbie, I can’t ” he said running to him .
” Just go!!!!”
Everything happened in a blur and I found myself lying on the floor somewhere.
The boy was seated with his eyes shot tight.
He glanced at me and hissed.
” I hate who ever you are, I hate you! My family died because of you ”
He said in tears.
I had to break down.
I am the cause of everything! They died because of me.
I killed them!
I was the one that supposed to die.
” I..I…”
” I don’t want to hear any word from your mouth, but I promise you. I will come back for you and make you pay for the pain you caused me ”
With that, he left ! He left me there in an unknown place!
And he did come back as promised! .
🏜️….. Present ……..🏜️
He slapped me dragging me down to my knees.
” I am sorry ” I winced.
He kicked my stomach and I landed my butts on the floor.
Pain! Pain! Was what I am going through.
” I don’t want to repeat this again Nina, do not beg me! It will only increase your punishment. I hate to be begged ”
He said coldly and I nodded. My cheeks were red from being slapped countless times.
My body weakened!
” You are a human being not a lizard, I need you to answer me when I speak. Did I make myself clear?”
His voice sounded like thunder.
” Y…yes ” I stammered.
My tears dried itself. I couldn’t cry anymore. The pain was unbearable.
In just some seconds, I found myself pinned to the wall.
I shook my leg as I struggled to come down but to no avail.
“P… please ”
That angered him.
He brought his hands and did something I couldn’t understand and I began choking on nothing.
My neck tightened! My hands flew to my neck but I couldn’t stop it.
I can’t breathe.
Was I being invisibly flogged too?
” Ahhh”
He turned around and I fell on the floor
My leg! My neck! They hurt! My body!
After all! I deserve everything!
” Stand up ”
I stared weakly at him unable to move. I just couldn’t.
” I said stand up ” he yelled and I could hear the ground shake.
I managed to stand up staggering.
” Take off your dress ” he ordered.
My eyes widened at that.
Take off my dress? Oh God!
” You heard what I said right Nina, take off your f*”king dress ”
He walked closer to me and I gulped.
” I…I…”
” I guess you are not ready to do it yourself ”
Before I understand what was happening, my dress fell down on it’s own leaving me in just a br@ and pant
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