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G@y High School Episode 10

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(Shh!!, it’s a secret).
by Destiny Godfrey.
Episode 10.

I stood in shock as Eric fell to the floor looking at me pleadingly. I remembered when Fred said he’s asthmatic, but what I don’t understand is, “Since when did kiss became a remedy for asthma.”
“Oliver!!!” Eric stretched his hands to me and I backed off. Maybe he has secret plans. ‘**Avoid everything that concerns Eric.** Alex words rang aloud.
Yeah right, I ignored him and moved to Mason’s bed. Then the door opened and Fred walked in and gasped as he saw Eric on the floor.
“Oh My Goodness, Eric!!” Fred said hastily and knelt beside him. He leaned towards him and kissed him.
I watched in astonishment as Fred kissed Eric, then slowly, he got entrance into his mouth and started pumping air into Eric’s mouth.
Oh God!, now I understand.
Fred continued the mouth to mouth method until Alex and Mason came in.
Alex quickly ran to Eric’s drawer and started searching hastily for Eric’s inhaler.
He brought it out and started pressing it in Eric’s nose while Fred continued the ‘Kiss’.
Soon, it was done.
Fred withdrew and pant heavily, while Eric whose eyes were now red and who seems emaciated just this few minutes, breathes heavily as Manson helped him up.
“Thanks Alex, Thanks Mason.” Eric muttered as he made to the bed.
Fred stood looking at him expecting a thanks, but it never came.
I guess Eric is still avoiding him for the ‘fight’ on the field.
Eric gave me a killer-glare which made me shuddered. Why didn’t I give him the kiss. At least his hatred for me would have deduced if i’ve saved him.
Fred looked at me and I looked away. He blinked sadly and started pulling off his shoes. The room was awkwardly silent.
Mason flashed me a smile and came to me. He handed me an eatery polythene filled with appetizing snacks. “Why did you get all this for me?” I asked.
“Because i lo…”
“Shh!!” I whimpered as I noticed Fred looking at us.
Yeah, Mason loves me, I’ve been observing that right from when I entered the room but he’s too RESERVED to express his feelings. Alex on the other hand- is a loverboy. I’ve saw him countless times, sharing intimate kisses with Jimmy;, he’s son. Fred is just ….
I reserve my comment.
But come to think of it, was my accusations right?
Have Fred ever caressed me before?
Am not sure, but i’ve dream countless times when we were in an Erotic romance. “Am off to the school doctor.” Eric announced as he walked off the room.
It was left with I, Mason, Alex and Fred. Mason and Alex chitchat a little, then Alex decide to see his son, he left. Making it just, I, Mason and Fred.
Mason kept looking keenly at me. “Stop the stare, you’re making me shy.” I said coyly and Mason chuckled.
“Can I?” He asked
He leaned closely and kissed me. Awwn, this boys are making me feel like a girl. “Stop it!!” Fred yelled and Mason withdrew and glared at him. I also glared at him.
“Sorry for yelling but can’t you just stop kissing him, at least not when am here.” Fred blurted softly. Mason shrugged and said “ok.”
“Can I speak with you for a minute.”
Fred said, more like an order than a request.
“Ok.” I said and Fred looked at Mason giving him a “Can-you-excuse-us” look.
Mason shrugged and left. “Come over.” Fred ordered from his bed.
I was reluctance and he jumped down from his bed and came over. “Now tell me,when I’ve ever caressed you in the night?” He said, more like a yell.
I swallowed and exhaled. “Am sorry, I was just imagining things.” I fidgeted. He huffed and ran his fingers through his hair.
“What I hate most is false accusations, I know what I’ve done to you and what I haven’t done, worst still you presume Jeffrey to be better than me.” He blurted.
I gave no reply.
“But I don’t really know what’s wrong with me, I’ve never been a gay all my life, but ever since you came, Since changed, I found myself being attracted to you, the more my soul resist, the more my body insist. I want to protect you from the gays in the school, yet am the one being the gay. I don’t know how I would call the feelings I have for you, but it seems is love. I love you Oliver and I can’t resist you….” He says and brought his lips to mine.
His words hurt. I held his head and kissed him back, revelling and relishing at the pleasure I derive, the intimate passion grew and I couldn’t stop it. “I love you Fred.” Tears amplified my words, he tingle his tongue with mine.
He put his hands around my feminine waist which bends easily.
‘Stop it Oliver.’ My subconscious yelled and I withdrew while panting heavily. I looked at Fred. “Don’t you dare kiss me again.” I warned without stuttering, then I ran out of the room.
How dare he?
I was running in anger until I bumped into Jeffrey and his lemonade spilled on both of us clothes. “Oh, am so so so so sorry” I apologised.
“I hate apologies, the deed is done, by the way were are you running to?” He asked.
I was thinking of a lie when he asked again. “And why is your lips so wet and pink?” He asked with a grin.
I rolled my eyes and he chuckled. “C’mon, let’s go clean ourselves.” He urged and put his hand around my shoulder as we walked to his room.
“How are you coping with that Egotistical, Rude, ill tempered Cantankerous toad.” Jeffrey asked.
“Who?” I probed, bewildered by his unprintable insults.
“Check the initials of every insult, join them together and you’ll know who am talking about.” He retort.
“E- egotistical
R- Rude
I- ill tempered
C- Cantankerous toad.
“Yeah.” He answered. Wow…The name suits him.
We arrived at Jeffrey’s room and we saw one of Jeffrey roomies; Jeremy, having sex with Mitch (the feminine boy in the class). Jeffrey face became outraged as the two quickly pulled up their trouser.
Like seriously, this is the first time am seeing a sex scene. “How dare you, Jeremy.” Jeffrey cursed in tears.
The latter bent his head in guilt while Mitch fidgeted. I took time to look at the Mitch. He’s lashes are quite too long, he has slender body and thin waist. (Just like me.)
He’s those type you can describe as beautiful. “Mitch am so disappointed in you” Jeffrey yelled. Mitch who was in tears rushed to Jeffrey and hugged him. “Am sorry, I was horny at the moment and I didn’t see you, so I urged Jeremy to do it.” Mitch pleaded in tears as he cried on Jeffrey’s chest.
Wow….Gays upon Gay. This is worst than I thought. The highest I can do is to kiss my fellow boy. But I can never have sex. It’s preposterous. Yack.
Jeffrey softened and touched his hair. “It’s okay.” He assured and kissed him, a kiss which led to a passionate romance, making me storm out angrily.
I walked to the school backyard and admired the green trees and leafy fence. I walked around until I got to a lonely place, where I saw Eric, standing alone, looking at his phone as he paced around anxiously.
He’s acting suspicious.
It seems, he was waiting for someone. He looked around and made a call. I his behind a tree and watch.
I must get to the root of it.

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