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Destry chapter 1

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🤱 🤱. {The Mysterious Last Born} 🤱. 🤱
📚 📚 CHAPTER 01
Evelyn’s POV
Few days after my mom delivered her child she was discharged from the hospital and came home.
I didn’t even bother going to check on her while she was at the hospital cause I don’t care just like she didn’t care about us.
They got out of the car and entered the house with mom Holding the baby while my dad carry her bag.
” Mommie” My younger siblings went to her and hugged her while I and my immediate sister Sarah sat still on the couch.
Only Sarah and I have the dislike for our mom while the rest of my siblings are too young to have such hatred.
Sarah although she seems to care about her a little but for me I really don’t care at all and I don’t want to.
” Heyy, meet your brother Destry” she saying showing the kid to them.
” Oh he’s so cute” one of the twin Eva said.
” yes he is” my mother replied.
” Evelyn, Sarah, won’t you even greet your mother?……she just got back from the hospital” dad said.
” Welcome home Mom and congratulations ” Sarah said nonchalantly.
” thank you Sarah” Mom replied.
” Evelyn?” Dad called and I’m sure he’s hoping for the same.
” Please Dad, if I do it might end up in a fight and I’m very sure you don’t want that” I replied.
” Seriously Evelyn, are you out of your mind?….what has gotten into you?” Mom said angrily.
” Mom, I don’t want to do this Okay….. let’s not start again” I replied.
” No…I won’t tolerate this arrogance from you” she said coming at me before Dad stopped her.
” Please please dear, calm down okay……you just got discharged” dad said holding her.
” what is wrong with her?….who did she think she is?” Mom said.
” Don’t worry, I’ll deal with this okay?…..let’s go to our room” dad said then ushered her into their room.
” Ev, you always got into fight with Mom” Sophie one of my sister said as they all sat back on the couch.
” She deserves every bit of it” I replied.
” But she’s still our Mom….and you’re being unfair to her” Eva said.
” You know what’s being unfair, because she doesn’t give a damn about us, you might think she does but she doesn’t” I said.
” Maybe now that she have her wish maybe everything will change” Her twin Eve also said.
” It doesn’t matter and I don’t she’s going to change” I replied.
” I think you’re just being jealous” Eva said grinning along with the rest.
” Shut up both of you, I don’t blame you cause you don’t know anything, Anna, Betty, Emma, Bella”
” The four of them didn’t last three months when our mother stopped breastfeeding them”
” While you Ava and your twin sister, both you and Sophie were five months old when she stopped breastfeeding you”
” Immediately you all clock one year she’s doesn’t even care anymore cause she’s already pregnant with another”
” That duty fell on me and i took up the role since then now that she have her wish you think she’s just going to be the darling mother”
” But…..” Eve tried to protest.
” Don’t you say any word or else no dinner for you tonight and let see if your darling mother will do anything about that” I snapped at them.
” Sorry sis” they both apologized then concentrate on the movie.
” So what now?” Sarah asked.
” What do you mean?” I asked.
” I mean now that mom have her wish, what do you think will happen?….. should we forgive her?” Sarah said.
” What?…No……I don’t know about you, you can do whatever you want but for me…. it’s not that easy” I replied.
” Thank you Ev” Sarah said.
” For what?” I asked.
” For taking care of us” she said and I smiled.
” Oh c’mon, what else do you expect?, It’s not like I have any choice” I replied.
” What about our new born brother?” She said.
” Oh that one, don’t worry…..I will give him the grace to grow up a little, before I start with him” I said.
” You can’t do anything, he’s our brother after all besides he’s innocent, you will only make him a victim” she said.
” Yeah I know…..we are also innocent remember and our crime was that we were girls” I replied then stood up.
” I need to start preparing for dinner” I said.
” I’ll help” she replied then we went to the kitchen.
A while later in the kitchen Dad walked in sniffing around.
” Hmm…. something smells nice” Dad said.
” If Mom thinks she’s eating from this then she’s deceiving herself” I said.
” Actually she already ordered from a restaurant” dad replied and I nodded.
” Sarah, do you mind if I have a moment with your sister?” Dad said.
” Sure Dad” Sarah replied then she went out.
” Is everything alright?” I asked.
” Yeah, I just wanted to talk to you about your mother” dad said.
” Oh what again?”
” I don’t like the way you reacted to her earlier that was very rude, especially in the presence of your siblings” Dad said.
” C’mon dad, I don’t have to tell you the reason why I’m like this” I said.
” I get it okay, you’re angry at her for how she treated you and your sisters but you should also see her reason as well”
” She wasn’t always like that when I married her, it’s not a good thing to want so much and not get it” he said.
” Yeah right, well she does now…..she have her miracle baby boy and her wish come true” I said.
” I know all of this is hard on you but I really do hope you understand and forgive your mother” he said.
” I don’t think I’ll ever understand and about the forgiveness part……that’s not gonna happen” I replied.
” Ughh, you’re so stubborn… Evelyn” Dad said.
” At least that’s one thing I inherited from her” I replied.
” Just take it easy on her please…. she’s been through a lot” dad said.
” We’ve all been through a lot Dad”
” Promise me you will take it easy on her, I don’t want any fight….and don’t try to be rude” he said.
” I’ll try and only because of you” I replied.
” Thank you” dad replied turned to leave.
” Dad” I called and he turned.
” I Love you” i said and he smiled.
” I love you too darling” he replied then left.
I was hoping that after my mom gave birth to her boy that she will change her attitude towards the rest.
But I was wrong about her cause it the opposite, she devote all and her time and care to her boy.
She treated him like a prince which she never did with any of us, this act alone made me hate her more.
She never let the boy leave her sight, the way she cared about him I won’t lie but I’m jealous cause I never felt such Love.
To the extent that If she heard the boy crying she will came running out from wherever she was and scold anyone who caused it.
She also make sure the boy is nowhere around me and it’s like she knows my intention.
I can’t even bring myself to like the boy and it’s because of my mother, all I can think of is how my mother treated me.
Another wierd thing is that as the boy get bigger by the day so was his blue eyes getting brighter and that freak me out.
But it seems nobody even care about that except me not even my dad.
The more the boy grows the more my mom’s love for him and her distant towards us, this happened even after the boy clocks one.
She start working again after some months Later taking the boy along with her.
My mom and I never speak with each other which is for the best cause that’s the only way we could avoid argument.
Dad tried to makes things works but it never did and anytime he tried to, it always ended in fight between the two of us.
She often makes a statement that the boy is the Man of the house, or
The prince in the family,
The Glory of the family,
The pride of the family and so many like that to praise the boy while demeaning the others.
She also says that when he grow up that whatever he wants must be fulfilled and that his wish comes first.
I was expecting my dad to say something about it or do something but he didn’t, I really want to hate my dad but I just can’t bring myself to.
There was a day just like every other day, I woke up early and started preparing my siblings for school.
I can’t believe at sixteen years old I’ve started taking on the responsibility of a mother when we actually have one.
After I’m done with them I went back to my room to grab my things so I could leave.
I came out of my room and saw Destry crawling, I looked over to my mom’s room and found it open.
A very evil thought came to my mind to kick the boy very hard but I decided against it and left.
When I got to the stairs I saw what looks like faeces on the ground just before the stairs.
Eeewww!.. what the hell
” Mom, Come take your kid away from here before he turn the whole house to a bloody toilet or may teach him some manners” I yelled.
” Don’t you dare touch my son cause you don’t have any manners as well” my mom replied as she hurry out of her room.
” Just take the dirty boy off the ground, I don’t want to reeks of baby stool all around me” I said then descended on the stairs.
As I was descending from the stairs I stepped on liquid stuff and I lost balance and slipped from the stairs.
” Aaaaahhh” I screamed as I rolled down the stairs then reached the ground.
” EVELYN” My sisters shouted and my eyes get blurry then passed out.

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