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Winter Romance

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Written by Authoress Ricky
I was in my room standing close to the window admiring the beauty of the city , watching and admiring other kids run around playing together
with their friends or probably their parent.
Christmas was never a fun time for me. It either I’m in my room watching others to do or lay on my bed and different drip been connected to my body.
I watch the other kid makes snow ball and threw to one another as they giggled and okay and some are practicing an amazing dance and while some are singing.
It is a custom of this town that every Christmas night we all gathered in the town big hall for a show night. I’ve never gone there before but my best friend Clara tells me interesting story about what it was all about.
Wondering why I can’t live the house every Christmas?. I once asks my mother why I can’t celebrate Christmas with others or go out every Christmas.
I’m definitely not sick because I go out normal day but Christmas day is a day I spend with my family but once it in the night they all leave for the town hall and my mom would lock me in my room saying; “Journey, it dangerous for you to go out, say indoor till I’m back”then she would lock the door and when I hear footsteps faint.
I will fall on my bed and weep till I sleep off and the next morning things goes back to normal. This had been occurring since I was five and now I’m Sixteen and I’m still not allowed to celebrate Christmas!!!.
I was expecting something different even though I’m not sure I would be allowed out. “Journey” Clara giggled as she ran into my room with snow ball in her hand and she hit me.
She was in a black jacket and a black boots, showing a sign it really cold outside and you might freeze to death if you don’t wear jacket out.
“Stop it”I giggled laughing.
“Happy Christmas”She pull into a tight hug making me laugh.
“Yeah…And I hope santa have something special for us”I teased and she frown.
“Are you coming tonight”She asks with her voice a bit down. She hates the fact I’m not always there to watch her dance.
“I don’t know”I replied and she frown but gasped and I turn to check out what made her gasped.
“Oh…Mom got me that so I have hopes this year”I giggled and she admire my Christmas gown.
“Wow, this is beautiful”She complimented and I smile.
“Journey, prepare the king sent a letter and it say_”My mom walk in but paused when she saw Clara in my room.
“I didn’t know you invited Clara”She frown.
“I’m sorry ma’am I actually came here to asks if she is coming tonight”Clara stood up for me fast and I nod agreeing to whatever she is saying.
“Can you give us a moment please”My mom asks and she stare at me before bowing to my mom and walk away closing the door behind her.
“I warned you not to invite anyone in”She frown at me and I bow playing with my hand.
“Anyway it surprising, the king is sending us a letter”she said and my eye widened.
“The king?”
“Yeah and it says you have been chosen to be among the maiden that would have a dance with the prince”
“The prince”I gasped.
“Yeah but I already sent a message to the palace you don’t attend the dance hall”She said and my face drop.
“Journey, my dear. The dance hall isn’t a place you should attend”she held my hand in hers.
“But why mom?”I requested.
“Your sister died in that place don’t you understand”she said slowly.
“I have a sister?”I asks in surprise.
“Yeah before God granted you to us. Violet is the best Christmas gift we ever got”
“She was born on Christmas day and everyone was so happy and we did the full celebrate at the dance party”
“Isn’t that’s good news and what happened that I didn’t get to meet her?”
“She was murdered on that same day” she said and I gasped.
“Yeah when everyone was dancing and doing all fun, ,I place little Violet in a shawl and asks someone to watch over her but on getting there she was gone and there was a note left”
“What does it says?”
“Stop bringing kids into the dance hall”
“But other kids attend the party”I roll my eye.
“Violet isn’t dead, she was taken away from me and if I ever bring any of my daughter again”
“I don’t want to lose you Violet”she gave me a little squeeze on my hand and I realize she was already crying.
“Mom”I pull her into a hug.
“I won’t ever be taken away from you”I patted her back.
“Then you don’t have to go”She pull away and stare into my eye directly.
“Okay ma” I nod my head and she kiss my forehead and stood up.
“You can spend your Christmas playing beautiful song to my hearing”She said and I smile.
“Sure mom”I replied and finally left my room.
For the first time, I don’t want to attend the dance hall, I’m not curious about it but instead I need to find my sister.
Mom said she isn’t dead, what if she is living close to us all her life but she just can’t recognize her?.
I pull out my guitar under my wooden bed and pick a better jacket that can keep me warm. I’m actually going to sneak out of this house.
If I can’t attend the dance hall, there wasn’t a rule I can’t go out before Christmas night right?.
I open my wooden window and check if my mom wasn’t coming before I threw my guitar out before joining. I grab my guitar and ran away from home into the outskirts side of the town.
I was at the flowing river playing some new songs I just write with so much passion and it was like the river was dancing to my song with the way it flows.
“Arrange my wear make sure it good and_”I was interrupted by the sound of the song playing from whatever I don’t know.
Danika my personal bodyguard and I decided to take a stroll together though the outskirts town since I don’t know if I will stuck with a lady I don’t want to be with tonight.
“Do you hear that?”I asks.
“Yes my prince”he bowed.
“Let find out where it coming from”I said and he nod and we headed to the river.
“Omg…My prince”a stranger lady from nowhere appeared in our front and with the look she is a deceit lady.
“How may I help you”I asks exchanging glance with my guard who just shrug.
“My name is Violet and__”I was interrupted by the angelic voice coming from the river.
“Take her with you to the palace I will catch up with you”
“But my prince_”
“Just do it”I walk towards the river leaving the strange lady in the hands of my guard.
🎶 Christmas on ice playing music from the soul
🎶Compared to the snow falling I’m singing to a river.
🎶it couldn’t contain it joy and dances to my song.
🎶I need a new Christmas
🎶The old ones are lost and I can’t find them
She kept singing and I can’t help but admire from afar. “Will she be at the dance hall tonight?”
I mistakenly step on the stone that crack and she flinched and stood up fast but immediately she sighted me she bowed.
“Stupid stone”I muttered.
“My prince”She bowed.
“What your name young lady?”
“Journey my prince… that my name”she answered audibly.
“Rise my dear”I said and she stood up but obviously she was afraid of something.
“Do you write the song?”
“I’m sorry to disturb me my prince I only came here to look for my sister and_”
“What her name?”
“It a long story my prince”She bowed again.
“Do I deserve to know it?”I said and she raise her head up and stare at me for a while and I got a chance to stare at her properly and she is so beautiful.
How come have never seen her and she wasn’t present at the dance hall last year.
“Don’t I?”I asks.
“Her name is Violet and it might sound crazy but I’ve never set my eye on her”she said shyly
“Yes my prince”She bowed again and I lost sight of her.
“I think I know where you can find her”I replied and she raise her eye surprise.
“You do?”She repeated.
“Only if you agree to follow me to the palace”I said and her happy face went down.
“You don’t like the palace?”I asks
“No my prince but my mom might kill me if she find out I’m out here in the first place not to talk of the palace my prince”She replied.
“It something that happened_”I sigh deeply after she narrated everything to me but I wasn’t really surprise because Dad told me about what happened years back but I didn’t know a damsel like her have been kept hidden for years.
“Come with me”
“To where my prince”
“If you really want to see your sister then you have to come with me”he said and pull my hand and I grab my guitar bag fast.
Why isn’t it the prince seeing me?. It been years on the wood alone and I survive alone.
I was pacing round the room scared someone might recognize me.
I need to deliver the message I was sent to do and finish up my job according to the old man. If I can save tonight dance them I’m going to be set free and taken to my family after years.
Even though I was alone, I know it dangerous to be in the palace and who was the girl playing the song that time.
I was so affected by her. I was still debating and contemplating when I had the place guard match into the room I was kept and I was scared until the prince walk in with a girl.
“Is she the one?”he asks the girl holding the guitar and she kinda have a resemblance with me.
“Violet?”She called with eye widened and I don’t really understand. How did she know my name.
“Violet it me your sister”She was walking close to me but I keep taking a step back.
“Don’t run away from me mom is desperate to see you. We all thought you are dead”She said and I stop moving.
“Journey”Someone shouted and she flinched in fear.
“Mom”She Muttered.
“What going on here? I only came for the dance”
“Let her in”the prince order and a woman walk in she gasped immediately she saw me.
“Journey I thought I asks you never to visit the palace”She yelled at the girl and she trembled.
“I’m sorry mom but vi_”she was interrupted by the prince.
“Why shouldn’t she come to the palace?”
“I’m sorry my prince but our family don’t dance”The woman goes on the kneel.
“No you told me_”the girl tried to say.
“Shut up Journey”the woman shouted.
“The dance isn’t as save as you all think it is”I said and all eye landed on me.
“What?”the prince questioned.
“I’m sorry my prince”I went on my kneel immediately and bow.
“The dance that had been occurring for years might be bloody this night we need to cancel it or stop the Zumbo dancers that come from the outskirts town”
“What are you saying?”the girl Replied.
“They are going to kill the prince choice Tonight because they want the land”I replied.
“How do you know this?”
“I was a victim once during my childhood According what I was told”
“Violet?”the woman called and I freeze.
“Mother”I raise my head up and realize tears were rolling down her cheek.
“Mother”I cried and pull her into a tight hug.
After Violet gave us a lot of details about the Zumbo we all set out and make plans so the dance will be at peace because it an abomination to cancel the dance night.
The king and queen have been informed and they gave us their full support. The prince and I are order to sneak into Zumbo dance practice and find out about their plans.
“I will be fine mom”I said and she hug me tight not letting me go.
“I will take care of your daughter ma”the prince said and she let go and I was finally allowed out of the palace.
We travel to the town and it was fun different business men and women were decorating the town and those selling aren’t exempted.
“So journey do you have friend?”The prince started a conversation as we leave the town gate.
“Yes, Clara she comes to the dance night every Christmas and give me some story about it”I replied politely.
“I like you”he said straight forward and my eye widened but I didn’t bring the impression I heard what he said so we keep walking in silence and he didn’t say a word.
We finally arrive at the path that lead to Zumbo.
“You have to stay notified and make sure no one suspect you are a spy”The prince said and I nod.
“I will go to the other side and you mingle along with them or get them distracted as I find clues”he said and I was scared.
“Don’t worry you are fine with me”he said and I nod and we started walking back and I didn’t see the stone in the front of me and I mistakenly hit my leg on it making me lose balance but the prince caught me before I landed on the floor.
For whatever reason he was staring at me intensely, this is actually my first encounter with a man but Clara tell me Alot of about love because whenever I play her a song or write them.
“As someone ever mention how beautiful you are?”he asks and it was getting awkward so I stood up and he position me well.
“Can I?”
“My prince”I bow because I was starting to feel something I’ve never felt before.
“Sorry”he said and I just stare.
“Stick to then plan and let do it”he said and I nod and we separated.
“Who are you”I heard a deep masculine voice and I stood at a track.
“Hey there is an intruder here”he shouted and I quickly turn.
“No I’m not”I said and he stare at me with those lust eye obviously.
“What is a beautiful woman doing on Zumbo land”he asks and the prince word hit me.
“Mingle along with them so I can find clue”
“I got lost and I didn’t know if you could help me find a friend”I use another voice just to deceive him.
“Do you play?”he asks and I realize my guitar is still with me.
“Oh yeah”I acted like I was shy.
“What your name?”
“Gabriella”I lied

“Come with I will take you to your friend”
“Yeah”he said and touch my shoulder making it feel awkward but I still pretended and follow him it was then I sighted the prince sneaking in and I quickly grab the womanizer and we arrive at a place where different maiden were dancing and males are beating the drum.
Sincerely they are so good.
“Can you dance?”He asks.
“No I just play”I replied.
“Who is she”a girl Finally said with those meanful look and the drummer stop and the dancer eye were on me.
“She seems to lost her way?”the guy replied.
“And you brought her here even after knowing it dangerous”she said giving me a disgusting look.
“Red it will be fine”he assured.
“it better be”she shun her off.
“So where are the guys?”
“They are preparing for tonight”
“We are finally going to win that land”he said and my eye widened.
I can’t believe this they are actually preparing on kidnapping my queen Tonight and not only that they are going to wipe off our land on Christmas night.
It was getting late and the dance night will start anytime soon we need to leave before that suspect but I need to go get Journey.
I escape from the males custody and I wonder where is she right now.
I’ve been waiting at were we planned on meeting for minutes now and she is yet to show up.
“My prince”She finally showed up panting heavily.
“Are you okay?”
“We need to leave now”She said.
“We need to leave”she grab my hand we ran out of the place immediately and we head back to the palace.
“Journey”her pull her into an hug immediately she saw her and the king stood up and I bow.
“Are you okay my daughter?”
“Yes ma’am”
“They will be here soon and their plan is to get their maiden dance and entertain us and they operate in the kingdom”I said.
“Guards”My Father shouted and they all rush in.
“My king”they all went on their kneels.
“Split into two and go out the kingdom and protect the land during the dance night while the rest are to stay behind and make sure the night is a success”
“Yes my king”the cheif guard then order them out.
“Take the maiden to the dressing room and prepare them for the dance and woman your daughter is save so don’t worry”My father order but the woman doesn’t look satisfied with everything.
My mom wasn’t happy about it but I assured her I will be fine. The princess maid lead us to a room but before we left I heard my name and I turn to see the prince.
“My prince”They all bowed and I join.
“Can you give us a minute”He order and they all walk away including my sister, Violet.
“My prince”I bowed.
“Call me JERONICUS”he said and my eye widened.
“It an abomination”I said trembling already as he walk close.
“You are the choosen one and I need you to stay safe because I don’t want to lose you no matter what”He said.
“What do you m_”he close the distance between us and peck my lips taking me by surprise.
“My prince”I took a step back.
“I will see you at the dance floor”he smiled before walking away and I stood there for a while till he left before joining the rest.
“The prince seems to like you”Violet said as we both dress in the room given to us.
“Huh”I said and I examine the cloth given to me.
“You don’t like the cloth?”She change the topic
“No I just think I love the one my mom got me”I said and she smiled.
“I’m so lucky to have you as a sister and there is no one that wouldn’t like you when they see you”she said and it was getting awkward.
“What do you mean?”
“Even though I wanted to be with the prince too but he still choose you”she continued and I don’t know what she aiming at.
“I can see you like him too because after he kissed you, you didn’t even retaliate”She said and my eye widened.
“You_”I stuttered.
“It okay”she said and went into the other side of the room and came back with…”Omg, how come it here?”I asks as I stare at the gown mom bought for me.
“Wear it, it yours”She said and I pull her into a hug and she hug me back.
“Let do this”She said and I chuckled with tears still in my eye.
The maiden where dancing as the beat of different sounds won’t stop coming and I patiently await my queen.
The rest of the maiden are already in the palace dancing including Violet but Journey is nowhere to be found.
What going on?.
I signal a guard to come close and he bow beside me.
“Go find journey and bring her here Immediately”I said and he bow before Leaving.
My guard came back not too long.
“She isn’t in the room again and I asks the rest I think they have her”he said and I stood up angrily.
“What do you mean by”I glare at one of the Zumbo dancer and she had that evil smile.
“No gather the guards”I inform my father and he order me to go quietly not too get anyone scared.
“I will keep them busy just go”I gave Violet a sign and she follow me immediately and we left the ball.
“Anything the problem my prince”She asks.
“Journey is Missing even after the tight security”
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
*I hope you are enjoying it?*
“let go off me”I cried as they drag me into a dark room.
“You pretended, you didn’t lost your road you lied to me”he slap and no one needs to tell me it the guy I met at Zumbo.
“Let go off me”I kept struggling with him as my cheek burn due to the slap he gave me.
“Nice dress princess”I head a feminine voice from the dark even though I can’t see them.
“I’m not a princess why are you hurting me?”I asks.
“The prince kissed you and that means you are the one”She replied deceitful.
“The kiss was a misunderstanding just let me go”I cried and her laugh echoed in the room.
“I knew something was wrong when I saw you in our land”She said.
“I don’t know what you are talking about”
“Kill her”she ordered and I trembled in fear.
“Please don’t kill me”I plead and cried but when I heard footsteps approaching me I shut my eye expecting the worst.
“Don’t”I heard…The prince is here?!!. How is he able to find me so soon.
“Violet”She ran to me with a touch in her hand and that made me recognize her.
She untie me and I stood up as I stare at the dead of body of the guy who was ordered to kill me.
“Let get out of here”he ordered and Violet grab my hand and we left immediately.
We were about to ran out when the girl appeared again and I move back in fear. “I know you will definitely come JERONICUS”She said as she brought out her sword.
“What do you want?”
“Her_your queen”She laugh evily.
“No, you only want the kingdom because of your selfish desire”
“I didn’t know the prince is smart”She said.
“Leave now or_”she fall to the ground before the prince could talk finish.
“Are you okay my prince”Franklin, one of guard asks and I sigh in relief as I saw the monster laying on the floor dead.
“Yeah what about the rest?”he asks.
“We were able to capture them according to what you ordered and the whole community await you”he said and Violet and I exchange glance.
“Okay clear her body up and make sure Zumbo are all put in prison”
“Yes my prince”
“Are you okay princess”he asks and all I did was nod even though I don’t know why he is calling me princess.
“I will leave you now”Violet and the guard walk away with Zumbo head dead body.
“Are you okay?”he asks and I nod.
“Let go”he said and came to grab my hand but I redraw.
“Do I hurt you?”he asks.
“No I wanted to asks why me?”
“I don’t understand”
“Why did you choose me?”
“Because you are my future Journey. I know this is funny but we have some connections together,I wish you feel what I felt too but_”
“I feel it too”I interrupted him and his stare at me in surprise.
“I know this is funny”I had a short laugh..”But_”
“You like me too?”he Interrupted me and I smile.
“Omg”he carry me up and swing me around making me laugh.
He place me down gently and wrap his hand round my waist.
“Happy Christmas”he said and I just stare at him beaming in smile.
He lean in and kiss me gently this time I kiss him back.
I don’t know how to express the joy but the dance my mom have been depriving me of going brought joy to my life.
A Christmas night and a winter Romance 💕, I knew I love him at first sight.
Merry Christmas to you all. I 💕 y’all.
I’m expecting my gift o🙂🙂

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