May 6, 2021


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The passion fairy episode 6

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“Mum, what happened? How did she make it? I thought you said you did according to plan, then how come she made it?” Priya asked as she confusingly looked at her mother who seemed confused herself.
“Im even confused myself. That stupid Principal still gave her an admission when i lied that she practiced examination malpractice” Mrs Dickson said as she sat on Priya’s bed.
“She has already gotten admission and there’s nothing we can do mum” Priya said as she sat on the chair adjacent to her bed.
“Ill teach that good for nothing bitch a lesson” She said as she angrily stood up, making her way towards the door.
“Life is hard for me here since my powers were taken from me” She said as she wiped the tears that fell from her eyes.
“Zodar has turned to a place of suffering and immense torture. My whole body hurts because of the work i do everyday, when is this going to end?”
“Please come back King Raxildo, our people cry for freedom. Our people suffer everyday just because of your brother”
“Your family was unfortunately swept out so you don’t even have an heir to the throne. How will we be saved? I just hope for a miracle”
Stephanie was a water fairy. Her parents are dead and she lived alone. She was tortured that day because she said she couldn’t work because she was sick.
“I hope all these come to an end” she said as she lay on her bed. She was very weak.
“Come in” Mr Wedlock ushered
“Mrs Dickson, have a seat” he said as she sat on the chair.
“Why did you *fail me Principal? I told you not to give her admission yet you still did. She is a criminal and she needs punishment not reward” Mrs Dickson* said as she folded her hands looking angry
“But madam, she was failed, i tore her script and instructed Mr Donatello to write that she didn’t make her papers and that’s what he did” He said as he closed the file before him.
“But how come she passed? why did you make her pass? she made her papers and will be interviewed next week”
“This is all Donatello’s handiwork, let me send for him” He said as he dialed Mr Donatello’s number.
A knock was heared
“Come in” Mr Wedlock said
“Im here sir” Mr Donatello said
“Why did you not do as i told you”
“Sir, i don’t understand, what are you talking about” he said looking confused.
“Im talking about sending Lilian Dickson a message of failure but you went ahead and made her pass right?”
“But sir, i did as you said, i sent it”
“Then why the hell did she pass?”
“I have no idea sir, i did as you said” He said
“Take your things and get out, you are fired. If you dont know how to work and do your job properly, then dont work”. He said as he scribbled something on a paper.
“But i did what you said sir, please forgive me, im sorry” He cried, kneeling down on the floor.
“Take your letter and get out, we dont need fools here” He said as he threw the letter on Mr Donatello.
Mr Donatello hesitated standing up. He stood up crying and left the office.
“Even though you fire him, nothing will still change”
“We could send another letter saying it was a mistake”
“No, that is too risky, it will arouse suspicion. Take” she said as she gave Mr Wedlock money
“Make sure you fail her on the day of the interview. And dont fail me this time because im counting on you” She said as she stood up.
“Dont worry madam, i wont fail you”.
“I beg to take my leave, good day Mr Wedlock”
“And a good day to you Mrs Dickson”
Mr Wedlock said as she made her way towards the door.
Lilian sang as she walked through the garden. She loved flowers, especially dandilions. She sat on the grass and stared at a dandilion. She observed that it blossomed more and more as it shone under the sun.
She got up and was about to leave when she tripped and fell.
“Ouch!” she said as she groaned it pain.
And then something unusual happened.
The dandilion that blossomed started withering. It withered till no more was left of it. Lilian got up and made her way towards the flower.
Seeing that it withered, she got upset and suddenly, the clouds clashed and the sun went down. The trees swayed and everywhere got dark.
“What’s happening?” she said as she stared at the sky in fear.
“Control your anger” her mind seems to tell her.
She calmed down and everything went normal. The clouds separated and the trees stopped swaying. The sun came up and everywhere was bright again.
“What’s happening to me? why all these strange happenings? she asked herself as she stared at the dandilion which withered.
Surprisingly, the parts of the flower came together again and the flower was alright again.
“Maybe its just the weather or maybe im just hallucinating again. A good sleep will clearly make me sane again” she thought as she made her way into the house. What a weird day!

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