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The passion fairy episode 5

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“Oh I *almost forgot about that girl’s case. I have to see Mr Donatello *immediately before he mails all the results” Mr Wedlock thought as he quickened his steps.
“Do come in” Mr Donatello ushered him in.
“Oh Mr Wedlock, what brings you here”He asked, clearing his desk.
“Have you mailed the candidate’s results to them yet?
“No sir, that’s what im about to do. Any problem sir?
“No, i want to have the results of Miss Lilian Dickson”
“Oh! Lilian Dickson? she scored the highest mark, she must be a brilliant girl”
“A brilliant girl my foot, she cheated her way into passing the exam and you say she is brilliant?”
“What do you mean sir?” He asked
“Her mother came to my office some days ago and reported her daughter. She said we should deny her admission because she is a cheat, and that’s what we will do”
“But sir……..”
“Let me see her results”
Mr Donatello checked the scripts for Lilian’s booklet and gave it to him
“540 out of 600, not bad for a cheat” He said as he tore the script
“A cheat deserves failure. Now you mail her saying she didn’t make her papers” Mr Wedlock said as he threw the papers on the floor and left the office.
“Such a weird man” Mr Donatello sighed as he continued his work.
She dressed in the form of a mail deliverer and headed for Mr Donatello’s office.
“Sir, im the post deliverer, do you have any mail that needs to be delivered?”
“Who hired you? where is the other delivery man?”
“He asked me to fill in for him since he wont be around” She said
“Ok, you are *needed to deliver these letters to their respective homes. Please exercise patience let me stamp* the last batch”
“Ok sir. The ground is messy, can i clean it up for you?”
“Sure, thanks”
She took the brush and started to *sweep. When Mr Donatello wasn’t looking, she blew air, making the* papers follow in order. Then she arranged them and put them in her pocket.
“They are ready, carry them”
She carried the letters and put them in her bag. She made her way out of the school. She flicked her finger and the cards lined up alphabetically.
She sent everyone of them to their respective homes using her magic.All except one.
She brought out the papers she took and make them line up to each other. Then she flicked her wrist and it turned to a paper.It was Lilian’s result.
She removed the fake paper result Lilian’s envelope and replaced it with the real one. Then she turned *into that same sparkle that came out of Lilian’s necklace and floated away, leading to the direction* of Lilian’s house.
It appeared in the Dickson’s mailbox and the doorbell was heared.
“The mail isnt here yet?” Mr Dickson asked Lilian who was busy admiring the dandilions Mr Dickson bought for her.
He just came back from work and was sipping hot tea.
“Maybe it was delayed. It will be here soon” Mrs Dickson came and sat close to her husband.
“Is Priya not back from school yet?” he asked.
“Yes dear,but she went to visit one of her friends, she will be back soon” Mrs Dickson answered
Suddenly, the doorbell rang.
“That must be the mail man. Go get the door dear” Mr Dickson said to Lilian.
“Ok dad. She went outside and opened the post box. She took the mail out and went back in.
“What is your score dear?”Mr Dickson asked, looking at Lilian who was busy opening the letter.
“Dad, i made it, i passed, 540 out of 600” Lilian said as she danced around happily, singing along the way.
“Wow! that’s high. Im proud of you dear” He said as he hugged her.
“Mother i made it, im gonna go to college mum, isnt that great?” She said as she hugged Mrs Dickson.
“Let me see” she said and she collected the paper. This cant be possible” she said.
“What happened mum? is anything wrong?” Lilian asked
“No my dear, im just surprised and happy for you” she said as she hugged Lilian, forcing out a smile.
“Thanks mum” she said as she ran up stairs”.
She looked out of her window once more, savouring the beauty of nightfall. She was so happy that she never wanted yhat moment to end.
“Finally, im gonna go to college. My dream has finally come true. I cant wait to start college. I wonder how the classes will be, im so happy” she said.
And then a sparkle was seen, the same sparkle that she saw coming out from her necklace. The sparkle that went out of the window and disappeared.
Lilian tried touching it as it came closer to her.
“You left when i made my wish and *came back when it was fulfilled. U’re a good luck charm. She said as she watched the sparkle move around her hand, around* her room, through the curtains and settled down on her necklace.
Then the wind blew and the stars shown, as the passion fairy laughed with happiness.
To be continued

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