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The passion fairy episode 4

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Rexandro was the King and now ruled over both light and dark forces. He never cared about his subjects or the welfare of Zodar. All he cared about was how he could be the most powerful king that has ever ruled Zodar.
He used the sceptre of dark magic to take other dimensions of powers and claimed it as his. Many innocent creatures were deprived of their powers and they were subjected to live as slaves in the palace.
This brought fear in the hearts of the subjects causing some to run to earth and take refuge.
“I knew i will make a good king. Look how powerful i am. The rush of power through my veins makes me feel so good. If i had known taking the throne was that easy, i wouldn’t have wasted my time in waiting, i would have striked immediately”
“Oh Brother, here you thought that living in goodness and equality could make you a better king, but here i am. If you would have just supported my decision then u wouldn’t have loosed your precious life”
“Now I’m King and no one can stop me from ruling. Rest in peace brother, do rot in hell” King Rexandro laughed as he stared at his brother’s painting once more. How good it was to be king.
Its been a month since Lilian took her exams. She had high hopes and prayed to do well in her exams. Meanwhile, Priya and her *mother made plans to stop Lilian from going to college. They knew the results will be released in a week time so they started* what they had already planned for.
“I hope this plan works, i don’t want that girl to succeed in her plans. Now let *me see how she will prosper when i make her fail” She smiled as she walked down the hallway leading to the Principal’s* office.
“Come in” The Principal, Mr Wedlock ushered in
“Good morning Principal, im here for a very important business.
“Go on, I’m listening Madam”.
“Im Mrs Dickson and my daughter schools here, her name is *Priya Dickson. My other daughter, Lilian also took part in the entry exams. I discovered that she cheated because i saw some paper with written answers on them. Here are the papers* sir”.
She said as she gave Mr Wedlock some papers.
“I know examination malpractice *is a crime and that is why i came here to report and apologise* for my daughter’s wicked act.
“Hmm, this is a serious claim madam, how are you sure about it?”
“I am *hundred percent sure sir because i never saw her reading and she looked quite scared before taking the exam. So im quite sure my allegations are correct”.
“Hmm, so what do you want me to do madam?”
“I want you to cancel her script and make her fail the exams. She deserves it and that will teach her not to perform that unruly act again” She said
“Ok madam, i *guess you are right. I know it was hard for you to come and report your daughter but I’m ever grateful because she will be given the right punishment and she will learn the* consequences of examination malpractice. Thanks madam for the information, i will surely seize her result”.
“Thank you so much sir, im ever grateful”. She said as they both stood and shook hands.
“Ill beg to take my leave, thanks for your co-operation” Mrs Dickson said and made her way towards the door.
“What a mother! she could have just helped her daughter to pass, but instead came to report her. She must be very strict” Mr Wedlock thought as he sat on his seat and continued his work.
“We are expecting your results today Lilian so always be checking the mail for letters” He said as he continued eating his breakfast.
“Sure thing dad” Lilian, who was sitting adjacent to him answered.
“I hope you do well in your exams my dear” Mrs Dickson, who was at the other end of the table said as she smiled.
“Ill be going to work now, Priya, ill drop u off at school” Mr Dickson said
“Ill follow you dear, i want to go see someone” Mrs Dickson said
“Ok, take care of yourself angel” Mr Dickson said, referring to Lilian
“Ok dad, bye” she said as she cleared the table
Lilian sat on her bed lost in deep thoughts. She really wanted to pass her exams and enter college.
“I just hope i make it” she said as she removed her necklace and dropped it on the bed.
“I can’t wait to start college, ill meet new friends and learn new things” She said as she got up and opened her window.
“Ill be serious with my books and will always get an A. I just wish i pass” she said as she turned.
She was shocked at what she saw. Her necklace was glowing. Suddenly, a sparkle of light left came out of the necklace and floated across the room, over the contains and out of her window.
“What was that?” She said as she looked out of her window.
She took her necklace and stared at it, then she wore it.
” Maybe i must be seeing things” She said as she sat on her bed.
To be continued

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