May 6, 2021


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The passion fairy episode 35

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Leo took Stephanie to the balcony. There was a table set for two at the balcony. Stephanie seemed surprised on seeing it.
Leo led her to the table, drew a chair and made her sit on it.
He drew out the second chair and also sat on it.
Kelvin was seen hiding behind the wall as he winked at Leo.
They ate in total silence as Leo thought within himself.
“Man up Leo, you are a man, not a woman, what bad will happen if i let it all out?
“Gosh I’m so nervous. She looks so beautiful and it drives me crazy. How wish i could get this over with and finally have you in my arms”he said as he looked at Stephanie who noticed his uneasiness.
“Are you ok?” She asked.
“Sure i am, are you?”
“Yes i am” she said as she fiddled with her food.
She got up after she finished eating and thanked Leo for the meal. She was about leaving for her room when Leo held her hand.
“I really wanna tell you something. I…..i…i” he stammered as he looked at Kelvin who used sign language to tell him to calm down.
Leo sighed.
“I’m a jerk, i know i am. I always wanted to tell you this but all i do is freak out when i see you.
“Never in my life had i dreamt of having this heavenly feeling. I might have been a bad person in the past but I’ve changed now, and that’s because of you Stephanie. I love you” he said as he held her hand.
“I love you goddamn so much. I never wanna lose you. Having those thoughts of losing you drives me insane. I know you love me as well and you feel for me the way i feel for you.
“I promise, i wont hurt your feelings. I just want you to believe me. You’re the lady i wanted to prove my love to, you’re the lady i wished to spend the rest of my life with.
Stephanie stared in awe as she had a flash back of what had happened the other day, after he had asked that question.
She looked at him and smiled.
“You think I’d believe a guy like you? I’m sorry Leo but your charms won’t work for me” she said as she stormed out of the balcony.
Leo looked at her till she couldn’t be seen. A tear trickled down his face as Kelvin came out of hiding and patted him.
Leo hugged Kelvin as he wept.
“I told you she won’t believe me” he said as Kelvin tried to calm him down.
“I wish all he said was true. He doesn’t have any idea of how felt when i heard those words. I was very happy.
“But he wants to do you me what he had done to other girls and i wont let him exploit me, even though i love him so damn much.
She said as a tear trickled down her face.
“Why does this bother me? I hate better things to worry about than that” she said as she cleaned her tears.
King Rexandro journeyed to the deepest and the farthest place in Zodar. They reached the island and arrested Stephanie and the rest, even Ariana.
“Where is the girl?” He asked them.
“Gone to find what she will use to take you down” Stephanie said as she hissed.
“Is that so? Well take all of them back to the castle. Let me see how she will overthrow me when i capture her friends” he said as he laughed.
They took them back to the castle and threw them in the dungeon. They worked for the King. They were punished brutally and always flogged.
Leo always took Stephanie’s strokes of cane just to prove his love for her. Throughout her stay in the dungeon, Stephanie was never flogged.
This made Leo very sick, but even in his sickness, he never allowed anyone to whip her.
“Leo please don’t take this for me, you’re sick, I’ll take yours” Stephanie said as she cried.
“No please, flog me, don’t touch her. If this is how i can prove my love to you then I’ll gladly do” he said weakly as the soldier fairies took the rest, and left only Stephanie in the dungeon.
“I didn’t believe you, now I do. I don’t want anything to happen to him. He won’t stop taking my strokes. What am i gonna do?” She asked as she cried.
“Lillian please come back, we need you” she said as she cleaned her tears.
“Why do i sense something bad? I feel someone calling me” Lillian said, after she had freedom the sceptre from the throne.
“Maybe something bad has happened. Go Chosen One, may the ancient fairies guide and.protect you” he said as Lillian disappeared.
To be continued

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