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The passion fairy episode 34

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The green devils made their way into the kitchen and looked around.
“I guess these are aprons” Derrick said as he took three aprons alike from the door and gave them the other two.
They wore it and brought out a pot.
“So what are we gonna cook?” Leo.asked.
“Are you asking me? I haven’t entered a kitchen all my life” Kelvin said.
“Don’t dare look at me because im bad news when it comes to cooking” Leo.also said.
“If it was on earth we would have used our mobile phones but unfortunately, we don’t have mobile phones.
They looked around for awhile and Kelvin finally said;
“Hakuna matata. We’ll carry whatever we see and put it in the food”
“I must say, that’s a good idea” Leo said as they put in anything they saw into the food and cooked.
When they were done, they served the food and brought it to the dining.
“Oh you guys are done” Stephanie said as she looked at the food.
“What kind of food is this?” Stephanie asked.
“Uh its called Cherry suflakes” Derrick said as he smiled.
Stephanie served hers and tasted it while the green devils closed their eyes. They were expecting Stephanie to scream or throw away the food.
They were surprised when they opened their eyes and saw Stephanie eating the food.
“Nice recipes guys.Never thought you could cook this well” Stephanie said as she continued eating.
“You…you mean nothing is wrong with the food?” Leo asked.
“What’s wrong with the food?” Stephanie asked.
Leo looked at Derrick who quickly served his food and tasted.
“Maybe it isn’t that bad” he said as he licked his mouth.
“Could you teach me how to cook this food?” Tina asked.
“We will… If we remember what we cooked” Derrick said.
“What did you say?” Stephanie asked.
“Nothing, definitely nothing” Derrick said as they all ate to their satisfaction.
Priya opened her eyes to see a handsome man staring at her.
“Hello” he said.
Priya looked at him and tried to get up.
“Hey, be careful, let me help” he said as he helped her up.
“Im Tony Mattie, i was the devil who put you in this condition you’re in so you have every right to hate me” he said as he looked at her.
“You saved my life, that’s enough for me. Thanks for saving me” she said as she looked at him.
“I bought some things for you, i hope you like them” he said as he gave her a bag.
Stephanie smiled when she saw what was in the bag and said a thank you.
“You’re welcome. Do you have any parents or relatives around? So that i could notify them on your safety and well being. They must be worried about you” He told her.
“Yeah, my parents live far from here. Should i give you the address?”
Priya gave him the address and he promised to go visit them tomorrow.
“You can rest now” he said as he helped her to lie down.
“Thanks for everything Mr Matthie im ever grateful” she said.
“You can call me Tony ok?”
“Thanks sir” she said as she smiled at him. With that, she closed her eyes.
He smiled satisfactorily as he saw her sleeping.
“Id go visit her parents first thing tomorrow” he thought as he covered Priya with the blanket and made his way out of the room.
Lillian entered another cave and saw a wicked looking woman sitting on a chair.
“I hear you come to seek the sceptre of light magic girl. Well nobody has gone through this path and come out alive. Battle with me and prove your worth, then i can let you go”
She said as she summoned a ball of fire and three it towards Lillian, who out of fear ducked, thus the woman missing her shot.
She blasted again and Lillian dodged it yet again.
“Darkness always superceeds the light. That is why Rexandro is on the throne. Darkness rules” she said as she blasted at Lillian again.
“That’s not true witch. Darkness doesn’t rule because with darkness comes light. There is no way the dark can rule the light because they are both on the same page. One can’t leave without the other” she said as she blasted the woman who dodged.
“Stop changing the theory. Darkness rules and doesn’t have anything to do with light. Surrender or be a gonner” she said as she blasted Lillian who fell on the ground.
“You’re wrong ma’am, darkness can’t live without light and they supposed to be united, not divided. Being together can make a big difference” she said as she summoned her powers in her, and with that blasted the woman who didn’t see it coming.
“Nooooooo” the woman shouted as she disappeared without a trace.
Lillian got up and walked to the opening in the cave and saw what she came here for, the sceptre of light magic. It stood at the middle of the room, as it shone with all splendour.
She ran to it but was blasted, falling to the ground.
“How dare you come in here? You passed all the tests put out to you but you’ll never pass me so give up” the devil said.
“It’s not everything that results to fight sir. My people need me and i know you’re one of them. Please let me release the much believed sceptre of light magic. I won’t relent in dethroning Rexandro and claiming my rights as i was called for” she said.
“You didn’t only come alone my dear, but you came with strong forces. You have the spirit of King Raxildo, and i guess you are the longest lost Keira.
“I can’t fight you because it is obvious that you will defeat me because you are one of the hardest species ever found in Zodar.
“Go ahead, i don’t have a say in your destiny” he said as he left the way for her to pass.
She walked up to the throne where the said sceptre was kept and tried connecting with it using her powers.
Done with that, she held the sceptre and released it without difficulty.
“You really are the chosen one. Long live the Queen” the devil said as he bowed to his new found queen
“We have to execute our plan, but to do that, we have to take care of Tina. Derrick, that’s your role” Leo said
“With pleasure” he said as he walked to Tina’s door.
“The table is set, only Stephanie remains. Now go call her and lead her to the table” Kelvin said as Leo sighed and made his way towards Stephanie’s room.
He knocked.
Stephanie opened and looked at him. “What do you want again?” She said as she looked at him.
“I have a surprise for you. Please do me the honours of following me” He said as he stretched out his hand.
“O….k” she said as she gave him her hand, and followed her to the surprise
To be continued

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