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The passion fairy episode 33

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“Good Morning Sir” the house boy greeted as he collected Mr Mattie’s bag.
“Has the girl woken up?” He asked.
“No sir, she is still sleeping” he said.
“Ok, get back to work then” he said as he made his way towards the room where Priya was kept.
“Nurse, how’s she?” He asked.
“Her health is improving. She’ll be ok soon” she said.
“Has she woken up?”
“Yes sir, but she went back to sleep afterwards” she answered.
He walked to the bed and looked at Priya who seemed to be sleeping peacefully.
“Thank God she is getting better. I dunno what I’d have done if she died, i would have been jailed, and even if i dodge that, the media might spread it and i would have gotten a bad name” he said as he smiled.
“Take care of *her. Ill be right back” he told the nurse as he walked out of the room, down the stairs, out of the house, and headed towards his car.*
“I knew she was in Zodar. Now what am i going to do?” King Rexandro asked himself as he held his hair.
He ordered soldiers to search for her, making the guard who had seen Lillian before the leader.
They searched and when their search didn’t yield any fruits, *the king then announced that if anyone could give him any information that concerns* Raxildo’s daughter, he would give that person half of his already-had wealth.
Minya, when she heard about this thought about it and decided to go to the king and tell him all she knew about Lillian.
“After all, Stephanie wont be harmed, but Keira” she said as she stood up and prepared to go confront the King.
“Your highness, someone wants to see you. She says she has some information about Keira, your niece” The Chief guard told the King.
The King stood up as he heard that.
“What are you waiting for? Send her in” he commanded.
“With pleasure your highness” he said as he went out again and ushered the visitor in.
“Young flairie, i hear you bring good news. Speak” he said.
With that, she told him all that Stephanie had told her. The meeting with the old woman, the assignment she gave to Stephanie,
How she went to the human world in search for Keira, how she met her, and how they came back to Zodar to look for the sceptre of light magic.
“You have helped me good enough. Now here’s your reward”
He said as he used his powers to suck all Minya’s powers.
“Guards, imprison her, that’s your punishment for betraying your King” he said as they took Minya to the dungeon.
“I’ll find out where this sceptre of light magic is, she might be close to it. I might as well take it for myself” he said as he laughed evily.
“Where has my daughter disappeared to? What is happening?” Mrs Dickson said as she wept.
“Now i have lost not only a daughter, but two daughters. How unfortunate i am. Did fate curse me in my last life?” He asked himself as he shaked his head.
“No my husband, it isn’t you that is cursed but me. I had used my own hands to chase the blessing that fate had given us.
“Although Priya had her hand in it, i am the one to blame. I let my daughter take the wrong path when i should have chastised her and warned her to desist from such evil.
“I watched **as Priya threw Lillian out of the house. I knew it was wrong to have allerged her of stealing, but goodness* knows why i would have done that.
“I am sorry dear, i am the unfortunate one , not you” she said as she cried.
Mr Dickson was shocked on hearing this and stormed out of the room.
“Where are you going?” She asked.
But he didn’t answer, as he walked into the night.
“Leo wait up” Derrick said as he and Kelvin ran to meet Leo.
“Hey man, cheer up, we just have to make it only for the both of you and i gat a plan” Kelvin said as he patted Leo who looked sad.
“Yeah man, its time for Plan B” Derrick said as they made way for Leo’s room
They discussed the plan and planned to execute it the next night.
The next day, the green devils were found sleeping in Leo’s room.
Derrick was found on the floor. Leo, on the chair, and Kelvin on the bed.
Kelvin woke up first and woke the others.
“It’s morning already? Im still sleepy” Derrick said as he rubbed his eyes.
Leo also got up and headed towards the bathroom.
They all freshened up and came down for breakfast
“Oh! You guys are here? Well that’s good” Tina said as she looked at them.
“Where’s the food?” Derrick asked as he noticed that ni food was set on the table.
“Do you really think that we are your servants, always cooking food for you? You guys are gonna make breakfast today” Stephanie said as she turned away.
“What!” The three said at the same time.
“Yes, now if you are ready, the kitchen switches you” she said as she pointed towards the kitchen.
“B…but we haven’t cooked once” Leo said as he held his hair.
“Well you’ll learn today. Now get those your legs working” she said as the three walked into the kitchen, looking shocked.
“Now we’ve got them. Lets see how well they can cook” Tina said as they did a high five.
To be continued

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