May 6, 2021


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The passion fairy episode 32

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Priya smoked all the fish, carried the basket and started hawking.
She walked for a long time without selling any.
“How am i going to sell all these fishes before night time?” She said as the day started getting darker.
She didn’t sell *any fish as night dawned on her. She finally made up her mind to go back home and tell the woman* that she couldn’t sell any.
With that, she started the journey home.
She was about to cross the road when she fell. She looked and saw a car speeding towards her.
She tried getting up but to no avail. The car hit her and she fell, blood oozing out of her nose and stomach.
She saw him, but not well as she fainted, right there on the road.
“Im just a useless jerk. I can’t even tell the woman whom i love so much about my feelings for her.
“What am i saying? Even though i tell her, she will take it as a joke and think I wanna use and dump her
“What am i gonna do?” He said as he held his head.
“Gotta stop thinking about this shit” he said as he held his head. He stood up and left the room.
“Hey Leo, mind if we go out? I’m kinda bored and Tina’s always sleeping, Kelvin always wanna be alone. And i wanted to ask Stephanie………”
“You wouldn’t dare” Leo said as he folded his arms.
“I came asked you instead” Derrick said as he let out a grin.
“Nah, I’m not in the mood to go anywhere. Besides, i have gone around this island tons of times” he said as he sat down.
“O…k, id just sit down and look at you” he said as he sat in front of Leo.
He stared at Leo for a long time without blinking.
“Quit it dude, you look like a hideous gorilla” Leo said as he looked away.
“You called me a gorilla, you dare call me a gorilla” he said as he feigned anger.
“Not now Derrick” he said as he sighed.
“That’s odd *, i never remember you ever backing out on a fight. Oh no! Aliens have taken over your brain” he said as he stood* up, made his way towards Derrick and held his ear.
“Maybe I’ll catch them through your ear” Derrick said as he looked into Leo’s ear.
Derrick noticed that Leo didn’t react to his pranks as usual. He looked at his face for a while and sat close to him.
“That’s it, tell me what’s on that mind of yours” he said as he looked at Leo.
“Don’t border, its ma problem” he said as he shifted away from Derrick.
Derrick looked at him again and shifted close to him.
“I’m not just a friend, I’m also your brother. You can confide in me. I might help” he said as he put his hand on Leo’s back.
“It’s Stephanie” Leo said
“Oh! Wat happened?” He asked.
“I didn’t know that telling a girl how you feel for her is hard. I kinda tried telling her, but it won’t be out. I wanna prove to her how much i love her boy i can’t either. I don’t wanna lose her, not now, not ever.
“Yeah, she told me she loved me, but she also said that i will never be hers because im a playboy. I’ll hurt her feelings”
“It kinda hurts hearing her say those words, but its the truth.
“I changed because i love her and not anything else. Im not that Leo you knew, a change man now and i wanna tell her so, but she won’t ever believe me” he said as he bowed his head.
“Really? You have changed? Finally, id rest from all the partying and dates” he said as he looked at Leo.
Leo looked at him.
“Im sorry bro, i know you aren’t in mood to joke. I just wanna see you smile again, that’s why”
“Stephanie *doesn’t know you’ve changed yet and that’s not good at all. Brace yourself man. . Go to that door, knock on it , look into* her eyes and tell her what you wanna. Trust me, it might yield some fruits” Derrick said.
“That’s the fucking problem. I get nervous when i wanna tell her. I really wanna tell her. Could you help me?” He asked.
“Sure. What are brothers for” he said as he smiled.
“I got a plan bro, and I’m sure its gonna work” he said as he stood up, and helped Leo up.
Priya woke with a splitting headache.
“Where am i?” She asked as she looked around the luxurious room.
She tried getting up but yelled in pain as she collapsed on the bed.
A lady came running in.
“Are you ok ma?” She asked.
“Where am i? Who brought me here?” She asked again as she tried to get up.
“Please rest ma, don’t stress yourself. You are badly *injured. You are in the Matthie’s mansion. Please lie down” the woman said as she helped Priya* to lie down.
“Where is the person who lives here?” She asked.
“He went to the office. He’ll be back soon. Please rest” she said.
Priya looked at the woman and closed her eyes, sleeping comfortable.
It was night in *the island. Ariana came to check on them and left. They had their dinner and retired to their respective rooms except Stephanie* who stayed at the dining table.
Derrick and Leo his behind the wall, looking at Stephanie.
“This your chance Leo, she’s alone and doesn’t seem to be in a bad mood. Now see what you’ll do. You will….”
“Aaaaaaaaah” Derrick shouted but Leo covered his mouth in time before the shout could be heared.
“Don’t scare me like that ever again” Derrick told Kelvin who just asked why they were doing hiding but startled Derrick in the process.
“Its kinda a serious issue here. Leo is finding it hard to confess his feelings to Stephanie” he said as he looked at Stephanie.
“Really? But i thought you’ve told her already” he said as he looked at Leo.
Its a long story actually. I just wanna tell her but its hard for me” he said.
“Oh! Ok, talk to her in a way she will understand” he advised.
“Now go” Derrick said as he pushed him out.
Leo looked at them and they winked at him. With that, he made his way towards Stephanie.
“Hey” Leo said.
“What do you want this time?” She asked as she sighed
“I’ve been wanting to tell you this for so long but I’ve been finding it hard to”
“What’s that?” She asked as she stared at him.
“I kinda……. I wanna tell you that……..”
“Stephanie” Tina interrupted as she walked to Stephanie.
“You gotta see this. Come with me” she said as she held Stephanie’s hand.
“Hey Leo, catch you up later” Tina said as she led Stephanie out of the dining.
“Plan A, failure” Derrick said as he and Kelvin came out of their hiding place.
“I guess so” he said he sighed and walked away.
“Hey Leo, wait up” Derrick said as he ran towards him, with Kelvin following behind.
To be continued…………..

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