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The passion fairy episode 30

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Mr Dickson, who travelled Africa had problems as soon as Lillian stepped out of the house.
Mr Stanley,a man that has always envied Mr Dickson plotted to set his company in Africa on fire.
The plan was successful as Mr *Dickson lost his company in Africa. He came back home days later and was* told of Lillian’s suddenly disappearance.
“What happened dear? Why did Lillian run away?” Mr Dickson asked his wife.
“I don’t know. All we know is that we saw a rope going down her window. That is why we came to the conclusion of Lillian running away” Mrs Dickson said as she sat on the bed.
“The same day she left, ma company in Africa caught fire, i dunno why” he said.
His other five companies was sold since there wasn’t any good sales made and things were going hard on them.
A week later, they sold their house and rented a one room apartment.
Priya stopped college and started hawking fish. They fed from hand to mouth.
“We’re now back to square one. Everything I’ve worked for in these eighteen years vanished in a twinkle of an eye just because the person that brought us riches ran away” Mr Dickson lamented in his room.
“What have i done? I was as rich as a president’s daughter but now, a living church rat eats better than us. How am i gonna tell father what me and mother did?
“Everyday, when i hawk, i hope to come across you Lillian, but i never did.
“I went to see if you lived with your friends in the Callisto’s mansion but was told of their sudden disappearance. Even the green devils are missing.
“I wish i could find you, id tell you how sorry i am and make up for my past deeds. Having thought about all id done to you, I have realized that i was so much cruel to you.
“Fate had given me a sister but i tried *to get rid of her, not minding how she will cope after she left. Please come back Lillian. I won’t have peace till i apologise to you” Priya said as she knelt down in the* kitchen and cried.
“I have been a wicked mother. I was blinded by jealousy and chased our blessing away. I hope things get better soon” Mrs Dickson said as she sat next to her husband who cried
“Should i tell him the truth? No, it will be too hard for him to bear. I’ll just keep quiet for a while” she said as she console her husband.
Mrs Callisto sniffed as she sat on her bed .
“Where are you girls? I am so dead worried right now. How could both of you just disappear without a trace. I hope nothing bad happened to them” she said as she continued crying.
Mr Callisto came into the room and met his wife crying. He sat closed to her and put his hand around her.
“Stop crying my dear, i know you are worried. We will find them soon” he said as he cleaned her tears.
“I hope. I cant bear to loose my *children. Everywhere has been quiet since their sudden disappearance” she said as she leaned on her husband* who caressed her .
Mrs Enderson walked into the Enderson’s mansion looking furious.
“Come out you son of a bitch,where is my son?” She shouted
Mr Enderson came downstairs and stared at his wife.
“I learned of his disappearance when i came back so its not my fault. Don’t raise your voice at me, im still your husband” he said.
“You must have done something to him. My Kelvin won’t disappear without a trace. I’ve searched for him but didn’t find him. You must have captured him” she said as she started crying.
“How will i capture my own son?. Its all your fault, you neglected your duties as a wife and mother, why won’t he run away?”
“You blame me? What about you? You travel everywhere forgetting you have a family. You neglected your family Enderson and you blame me? Being back my son or else, you will see the worst of me”
With that, she cleaned her tears and stormed out of the house.
She continued walking. She came across a bridge and was about to cross it when the ground shaked.
“Who dares cross ma bridge” a voice, like that of thunder said.
Suddenly, she saw a giant coming towards her.
“Who dares cross ma bridge? I’m gonna eat you” he said as he roared
“No please don’t. I have to cross your bridge because its the only way. Please allow me” she pleaded
The giant walked towards her and she seemed scared.
“Please don’t eat me” she cried.
The giant came closer and looked at her.
He tried to grab her but she was fast enough to dodge his hands.
Lillian looked at the giant and tried to control it using her powers. The giant brought forth his hand, as he was being controlled by Lillian.
She walked to his hand and stood it. The giant carried her to the other side and dropped her.
She made the giant lie down and he slept. When he woke up, he didn’t remember anything as he stood close to the bridge guardian it with all seriousness.
Lillian walked till she got into another cave which led her to a table. On top of it was a talking eagle.
A box was also found on the table.
“Choose one. It will be granted” the eagle said.
“Riches, power and authority, long life, superiority” she read.
“All this aren’t what i want. They dont matter to me, all that matters is my home, my subjects and the people around me. The poor and the needy, the old and the young. All matters,
“I dont want any, all i want is the safety of Zodar and the people that matters to me” she said as she passed the eagle and headed deep into the cave.
Stephanie woke up and cleaned up. She came out and entered the kitchen. She saw foodstuffs and used them to make breakfast.
“You’re awake already?” Tina said as she sleepily made her way towards Stephanie.
“Yeah. Go freshen up and come for breakfast”
“Ok” Tina smiled as she made way to her room.
Thirty minutes later, everyone came down for breakfast.
“Where’s Stephanie?” Leo asked as he looked around.
“She’s in the kitchen” Tina said as Leo made his way towards the kitchen.
“Hey, mind if i help?” He offered.
“No, I’m good” she said as she served the food.
“Slept well?”
“That’s nice to hear” he said as he moved closer to her.
“Dont come near me or else……..”
“Or else what?” He said
She looked around and picked up a knife
“Or else I’ll stab you with this knife” she said.
“Really? Do it then”
She pushed him away
“As you can see, I’m very busy so please dont disturb me” she said.
“OK baby, as you wish” he said.
“Dont call me that”
“Why shouldn’t i?”
“Its not meant for me”
“Says who?”
“Just leave me alone” she said as she picked up the tray in which she served the food in and walked out of the kitchen.
“She’s weird” he muttered as he followed her
To be continued……….

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