May 6, 2021


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The passion fairy episode 3

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Lilian entered the school, admiring the walls and the gardens. She was led to the examination hall and was given a seat.
“The exam will start in ten minutes, get ready, and please hold your examination card, you will need it to start exams”. The invigilator said as he sat on his desk, arranging the candidate’s question papers.
“The exam is about to start, i hope i do well” She prayed silently. I better revise before the exam starts”. She said as she opened her book.
Priya hid *behind the doorway smiling evily.
“Let me see how you will enter the hall without your exam card. I took it from your* bag yesterday. Good luck bitch” She said as she smiled and made her way to her class.
“Clear *your desk everyone and bring out your writing materials,keep your bags beside you and bring out your examination card,we are about to start” Mr* Smart( the invigilator said as he stood up and went out to collect the exam answer booklets.
Lilian quickly took her books and kept them in her bag and searched for her exam card.
“It must be here somewhere, im sure i kept it in my bag yesterday” Lilian said as she removed her books from her bag.
She searched and searched but couldn’t find her exam card.
The invigilator came in and dropped the sheets on the table, then he started collecting the cards from the front row. Lilian was sitting in the middle row.
Lilian checked her bag again but still couldn’t find it. She looked ahead and saw the invigilator was one row ahead of her. She bent her head and started crying.
“Where could it be, I’m sure i kept it in my bag last night. Now im not going to partake in the exams” She said as she continued crying.
The invigilator came and asked for her exam card. She said she didn’t have it and she was sent out of the class.
She went to the stairs, sat down and cried her eyes out. Suddenly, her necklace sparkled and a lady stood beside her dressed in suit.
“Good afternoon” Lilian greeted.
“Why are you crying dear?” She asked.
“I lost my exam card and i cant write my exams without it and now im going to fail” She said as she sniffed.
“Dont cry my dear, you will write the exams, follow can hi kwaku on+233544142683 to read more stories from storyline, unlimited story platform,fresh stories kingdom, house of stories room, Novela and story room, sweet and nice story room. She said as she took Lilian’s hand and led her to the exam hall.
The lady went to the the invigilator’s table and hypnotised him. He made him forget that Lian didn’t come with her card and made him believe that he made a mistake sending her out.
“Oh! do come in dear, take your seat, im sorry for sending you out” The invigilator said
Lilian surprisingly looked at the woman who smiled at her and directed her to her seat.
“Now write the exams and don’t worry, you will pass” She said as she gave Lilian her pen.
She held Lilian’s injured hand and released it. It was healed. Lilian looked at the lady surprisingly
You have exams to write dear so focus on your papers, look what is written there” Lilian looked and looked up again but couldn’t see the woman, she had left.
Lilian started writing and wrote till she finished.
“Time up! submit your papers” Mr Smart said as he went from seat to seat collecting the exam scripts.
Lilian submitted hers and left the exam hall. She met Priya on the staircase
“Hey bitch, how did it go? u wrote the exam” she smiled.
“Yes i did, and im sure im gonna pass” Lilian said as she walked away leaving a surprised Priya.
“How did she…..” she said as she checked her pockets.
“But the card is still here, how did she manage to write the exam?” She asked herself
To be continued

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