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The passion fairy episode 29

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Stephanie led Lillian’s hand and stared at her.
“We’ve been by your side all the way. Now its time for you to walk from here alone. We trust you Lillian and we know you’ll succeed” Stephanie said as she hugged her.
“Go and show them who you are. I know you’ll get the sceptre of light magic and give Zodar a new beginning” she said as she hugged Lillian.
“Go Lillian, we gat your back” Derrick said as he smiled at her.
“Go prove your worth. We trust you” Leo said as he winked at her.
Lillian smiled at all and glanced at Kelvin.
“Kelvin” she called as she came close to him.
“Take care of yourself baby. In as much as i don’t want you to go, i can never stop you from what you were called for. Just wanna let you know i love you and im gonna miss you”
He said as a tear tricked down Lillian’s face.
Kelvin cleaned it with his index finger.
“Im gonna miss you Kelvin, alot”
“Future Queens don’t cry”he said as he planted a kiss on her forehead.
“Be careful and go well” he said as he left her hand.
“Come then” Ariana said as she reached for Lillian’s hand.
“Lillian looked at her friends one last time before holding Ariana’s hand. With that, they both disappeared.
They appeared on a path.
“Follow me” Ariana ordered.
Lillian followed as she looked around.
They both reached a cave and Ariana looked at Lillian.
“Good luck on your quest. She said as she smiled” With that, she disappeared.
Lillian looked in the cave and walked in. She continued walking till she reached a dead end. She looked around and saw a statue at her side.
Lillian looked at the statue and observed it. She touched it and the wall moved, making an opening.
She passed through and came to a water fall.
“This leads to a dead end” She said as she looked sad, trying to find out if there was a way.
Seeing there was any, she turned back and was about to pass the opening again when something seemed to tell her. “Things are not as they seem”
She turned and looked at the waterfall. She entered it and swam to the waterfall. She looked closer and saw an entrance at the back of it.
She came out of the water and entered into the cave.
Ariana came back and led them to a part a bungalow on the island. They settled in and Ariana brought food for them to eat.
Stephanie looked worried as she asked the butterfly fairy.
“Will Lillian be ok?” She asked.
“She’ll be fine. I sensed power and much superiority in her. She is a passion fairy isn’t she?
“Have faith my dear. She’ll come back fine and with her sceptre” she said as she smiled and flew away
But Stephanie still worried about Lillian. They ate and retired to the rooms which were five.
Stephanie, too worried to sleep snuck out of the house and sat on a rock nearby.
Leo couldn’t sleep as well and heard the door opened. He came out and met Stephanie sitting down on a rock.
“Stephanie, you’re awake again? I guess you don’t really sleep at night” he said as he stood in front of her.
Stephanie looked up at him and smiled.
“You are worried about her, aren’t you?” He asked as he squatted in front of her.
“Kinda, i don’t want her to get hurt and i really want her to come back with that sceptre. I don’t even know how she’s faring” she said
“You don’t have to worry dear, i know she will make it. Just don’t be worried ok? Everything will be normal soon” he said.
Stephanie looked at him and thanked him.
“You’re welcome” he said as he stood up and held her hand.
“Lets take a walk. It’ll help you to forget about your worries” he said as he took her hand.
They held hands as they walked.
“Stephanie, i gotta tell you something” he said as he let go of her hand.
“Im not a play boy anymore because ive changed. I wanna change for the better and accept love. I really wanna tell the girl i love how much i love her but i don’t think she’ll believe me. What do you think i should do to prove ma love to her?” He asked.
“Oh!” Stephanie said as she looked disappointed.
“I dunno, it depends on what the girl likes or wants” she said as she tried hide the tear on her face.
“Are you ok?” He asked, noticing Stephanie’s change of mood.
“Im fine” she said as she forced out a smile.
“Hmm, ok, thanks for the advice” he said as he smiled at her.
“I guess you’re welcome, so who’s the lucky girl?” She asked.
“You’ll meet her soon. She’s beautiful but with attitude. She loves me as well. If its even possible, i could spend the rest of my life with her” he said.
Stephanie couldn’t take it anymore so she ran back to the house.
“Stephanie” he called.
“Did i say anything?” He asked as he scratched his hair and walked back to the house.
Stephanie entered her room and locked the door. She kept down and wrote.
“I knew i will never have you. You’re in love with someone else, i knew it” she said as she hugged her legs.
“All i ever dreamt of was you, but that dream will never come true because someone has stolen your heart
“I’ll just have to move on and forget about you. No thinking of you, just have to get rid of the feeling that gets me goddamn crazy about you” she said as she rested her head on her legs.
“Stephanie” Leo called as he knocked.
“Stephanie, are you ok? You ran, did i say something that hurt you?” He asked as he leaned on the door.
Stephanie hurriedly cleaned her face and stood up.
“No, i just forgot to keep something* she said.
“Mind opening the door for me?” He asked.
“No, I’m feeling sleepy. Just got to bed” she said as she sat on the floor.
“Ok, goodnight dear and take care” he said as he left.
Stephanie leaned on her bed and started crying. She slept off in that position and woke up when it was morning.
Lillian walked in the cave and looked around. It was filled with expensive jewels. Lillian admired them and wanted to take one but something told her not to.
She looked around once more and continued her journey.

  1. To be continued……..
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