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The passion fairy episode 28

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“I wonder what’s going on with her. Either ways, ill make her talk” Leo said as he put his hands in his pockets and turned around, moving towards the others.
“That guy can be such a brat. What got over me yesterday? I just blurred everything out without knowing.
“Just have to get over him. He might hurt me if i give him a chance and i don’t what that.
“Why am i even thinking about all these?” She said as she held her head.
Something caught her attention.
“Seaweeds!” She said as she ran towards the seaweeds. She took some and headed back.
“Hey guys. Eat as much as you can” She said as she gave each one a piece.
“Yuk!no way am i eating this” Derrick said as he held his nose.
“Just close your eyes and eat it, it won’t taste that bad” Tina said
Stephanie gave one to Leo.
“Im not gonna eat” he said as he refused to take it.
“Why man? Remember we still have a journey ahead” Kelvin said as he moved towards Leo.
“Not until she stops snubbing me and talk freely to me” he said as he looked at her.
“Suit yourself then” she said as she turned.
Leo grabbed her hand and turned her to face him.
“Seriously? You would leave me here and go ahead without me?” Leo asked.
“Oh! I see what’s going on” Derrick said as he tapped Kelvin.
“Let them be. Lets go look around for awhile” Lillian whispered to them as they tiptoed, leaving Stephanie and Leo.
“You wanna talk? Fine, what is it about?” Stephanie asked.
“Its about what you said yesterday. After you confessed your feelings to me, you kept snubbing me,you won’t even talk to me. That kinda hurts” he said as he took her hand.
“I said those things to you because i was emotional, nothing else. I didn’t mean all those, i was just playing a prank on you”
“Well i don’t believe. I told you, say that shit you said on ma face but you couldn’t. Just admit it, you have feelings for me don’t you?” He asked as he moved closer.
“Ok, i admit, i do love you. But don’t take it serious, its really nothing” she said as she tries to avoid his eyes.
“What were you so afraid of? Am i a ghost or what?” He asked.
“I was afraid you’ll laugh at me and take it as a joke. Im not your type, I’m just a poor orphan. You won’t care about ma feelings or anything
“You won’t even care if i loved you or not. You’re a player and i don’t want to get hurt” she said.
“So you won’t believe me if i said i loved you?” He asked as he moved closer.
“No, in as much as i want you to love me, you’ll never love me Leo, and that’s what hurts” she said as a tear trickled down her face.
“Stephanie” he said as he used his hand to clean her tears.
With that he hugged her.
Stephanie tried to hug him back, but when she remembered the fact that he will never be hers dropped her hands.
“I don’t wanna see those tears ok?, it doesn’t suit you” He said as he kissed her forehead.
“Leo, i just really want to be with you. I want you to love me too. You don’t love me, i know but i just at least want us to be friends, real friends” she said.
“If that’s what you want, I’ve gat no objections dear” he said as Stephanie broke removed his hand on seeing the others coming.
“Just don’t snub me again” he said as he smiled at her.
“I won’t” she replied as the others joined
“Gotta find a way to prove to her that i love her” Leo thought as he winked at her.
“Are we complete?” Lillian asked.
“Yes, we’re all here” Derrick said as he looked at everyone.
“Now take this and eat” Stephanie ordered.
“Everyone ate as much as they could eat”
“I’m gonna get a belly ache because of that stuff” Derrick said as he held his stomach.
Stephanie dived in and told the others to follow her.
With that, they all jumped in and swam. They swam deep into the sea, and surprisingly there was an island under the sea that seems dry ( no water in it)
“That’s weird, how can land be under sea” Leo asked, looking confused.
“I dunno, lets keep going” Stephanie said as they came out of the water and walked into the island.
“They walked till they found a stone which had a writing on it”
“What does it say?” Kelvin asked Stephanie.
“Under the ground you shall find, eastward climb you will see. The nature forbidden sceptre awaits, the true their if you be he” Stephanie read.
Stephanie touched the stone and it opened. Stairs were seen as it led to deep under.
“This journey gets creepier” Derrick said as he stretched to look in.
“Remember we are doing this for Lillian’s victory and the safety of Zodar. Let’s go guys” Stephanie said as she climbed down.
Everyone followed as they climbed down. They came out and looked around.
Suddenly, out of nowhere a light shone as they closed their eyes.
They opened their eyes and saw a woman that also seemed to be a fairy.
“Welcome young travellers. I am Ariana, a butterfly fairy and you must be looking for the sceptre of light magic?” She asked.
“Yes Ariana” she said.
“Only the chosen one is allowed to come with me. The rest will be given a roof over their head till he or she accomplishes the task”
“So bring out your chosen one. Its time to prove her worth” she said as she looked at them.
To be continued

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