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The passion fairy episode 27

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“Stephanie” Leo called as he made his way towards Stephanie.
“You’re still awake?” Stephanie asked as she looked at Leo who sat next time her.
“I slept but woke up. Couldn’t sleep again, what about you? Why aren’t you asleep” Leo asked
“I dunno, just couldn’t sleep” She said as she looked at at the fire in front of them.
“Ok, so what are we gonna do so we could fall asleep?” He asked.
“Let’s talk about something” she suggested.
“What thing?” He asked
“Anything” she said as she glanced at him.
“So, you don’t have any siblings?” He asked
“No, my parents never had another child after me so i don’t have siblings” Stephanie said.
“O…..k, i see” he said as he looked at her.
“What about you” Stephanie asked him.
“Never had a sibling” he said.
“Stephanie, have you loved a guy before, i mean do you have feelings for anyone?” He asked
“Nope, i never did, why are you asking?”
“Nothing” he answered
“No, i can’t *tell her now. Goodness knows how she will react. I prefer having her close than telling her my feelings, which might* make her despise me” Leo thought.
“Are you thinking?” She asked.
“No, i was just admiring nature, didn’t know it could look spooky” he answered as he met her eyes.
“Hes so *handsome. I wish i could tell you how i feel for you, but i dont know if you feel the same way. You’re a play guy and might hurt me later. Its better* i keep quiet” she thought as she broke the eye contact.
“How many girls have you dated?” She asked.
“Can’t count, you?”
“If I told you i loved you, how will it sound as to you?”
“A joke. There’s no way you could fall in love with a girl like me so i will take it as a joke”
“What if i proved it to you, will you believe then?”
“Stephanie turned and looked at Leo.
“Why asking me all these questions?”
“Just asking. Go to sleep, its quite late” he said as he stood up.
Stephanie yawned. “Ok, thanks for the company” she thanked.
She was about going when she turned and hugged Leo.
“I can’t hide it anymore. I love you Leo, i love you so much. I’ve never felt this before. After insulting you that day, seeing you unhappy and sad hurt me as well.
“I love everything about you, your jokes, humour, everything that makes you you” she hugged him tighter.
Leo, surprised at what she said couldn’t move. He just looked at her.
“In as much as i love you, you’ll never be mine. You’re a ladies man, a man that has tons of girlfriends. You would never love a girl like me”
She realized what she was doing and pushes him away.
She cleaned her tears and apologized.
“I’m sorry”she said as she ran into the little house.
“Stephanie? In love with me?” He said as he scratched his hair.
“You’ll never believe me if i told you i loved you, I’d just have to prove it to you Stephanie. Anything to make you believe”
He said as he sighed and looked up in the sky.
They woke up the next morning and continued their journey.
Stephanie tried avoiding Leo because she wanted to get over what she did yesterday.
They walked till they came out of the forest.
“Phew! Finally! Out of jungle world” Leo said as he tries to get Stephanie’s attention.
“The gnome said the first house after the forest. That must be the house” Stephanie pointed.
They made their way to the house and knocked.
The door opened and an old witch came out.
“What brings you here?” She asked as she closed her door behind her.
“Our friend, Mr Flute Snoot directed us here. We need your help to get to the end of Zodar, towards east” Stephanie said.
“I’m heading towards that direction. Follow me” The witch said as she locked her door.
They walked till they got to a place that seemed to be a river, only the water seemed black.
“You will need to swim in it to get to the end of Zodar. I’m heading towards the other direction. May you find what you seek” she said.
“Thanks kind witch. You have helped us” Lillian thanked.
“Nice knowing you. Go well” she said as she passed the other side.
“What are we now gonna do? How are we gonna get into the end of Zodar when we can’t breathe under water?” Leo asked.
“We just have to do something. I’ll be right back. I *wanna check around if i could see some sea weeds. They also enable breathing in water. Stay here while i go find some* ” she said as she walked.
Leo ran to her and held her hand Stephanie saw it and freed her hand from his.
“What’s going on with you? You *snubbed me all day. You couldn’t even say a word to me”He said as he* held her hand, stopping her from going further”
“I don’t have time for this Leo, i have to get some sea weeds” she said as she freed her hand.
“Well I’m not gonna let you go, we’re gotta settle this here and now” he said as he held her hand again.
“Leo, i don’t have time for this” she said.
He pushed her closer and held her waist.
“Stephanie” he said as he held her jaw.
“Ok fine! Its about what i said yesterday *. I didn’t mean it so don’t take me serious” she said as she pushed him away again.
“So you mean you don’t love me?” He asked as he smiled.
“Yes” she answered.
“Mind telling that shit to ma face?” He said as he turned Stephanie’s chin, meeting her gaze.
She couldn’t say anything as she looked at him.
“Just let go of me”
“I’m not gonna till you tell me what the matter is” he said as he shifted her hair from her face.
She freed herself from his grip and said.
“Look, that’s stupid. Just got back to *the others and stop taunting me. Remember we have a journey ahead and we have to accomplish it” she said as* she ran away, leaving a smiling Leo.
To be continued

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