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The passion fairy episode 26

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“We came here to find the sceptre of light magic” Tina said as she ate.
“Yes, it is *believed to be hidden under Zodar, and the world of dark magic is also under the world of light. That is why we came here* ” Stephanie told Mr Flute Snoot.
“But the sceptre of light is very powerful. It has been hidden for hundreds of years. It has never been found
“And what do you fairies need it for? Only the royals have the right to find it, not you” he said as he looked surprised.
“We have to find it sir, because *Lillian is the true heir, and if she doesn’t get the sceptre, she might not* be able to overthrow her uncle” Tina said.
“King Rexandro has a neice? How’s that possible?”
Stephanie *narrated all that happened, the happenings surrounding Lillian’s birth, how she was taken to the human world for her* safety amongst others.
The gnome looked at Lillian who smiled at him.
“But i thought King Rexandro killed his brother, his wife and the little one. I never thought she escaped or lived”
“My dear” he said, referring to Lillian.
“I wish i could help, but i am too weak *to fight along side with you. Zodar has suffered from the cruelty of your uncle who brought misery, poverty and suffering to his subjects* .
“I might not be able to do anything but i could as well show you the way.
“Enyanga, the western dark witch is my friend who lives in a house not far from here.
“She goes underground, towards the end of Zodar to find ingredients for her various portions”
“She might be of much help to you” he said.
“Where can we find her?” Kelvin asked him.
“Just through the forest. Her house is the first you’ll see” he answered.
“Thank you very much sir. You’ve helped us much more than we imagined” Lillian said as she smiled at him.
“I hope you find what you seek my dear. Go and take what rightfully belongs to you”
He said as he got up, walked to Lillian and Patterson her on the back.
He smiled again and walked out of the room.
“I have prayed all these years to free Zodar from all her sufferings and misery”
“My prayers *have finally be answered. I might not live that much longer to witness Zodar’s freedom, but i have been privileged to meet the* Messiah sent to give us all a better life”
Mr Flute Snoot said as he looked out of the window, gazing into the grey sky.
“Now i will finally rest in peace” he said as he closed his window and lay on the bed.
Stephanie and Tina cleared the table and washed the dishes, while the rest retired to their respect rooms.
They rested for the night and woke up early to continue their journey.
They waved the gnome as they walked, and the gnome did the same.
He smiled in total satisfaction as he went into his house. The next morning, he was seen in his room lying on his bed as he closed his eyes with a happy look.
Death has taken him home.
They continued walking till they got to the path leading to the forest Mr Flute Snoot had directed them.
“Uh Stephanie, can’t we find another way around?” Leo said as he looked into the forest with untold anxiety.
“We don’t know any other way, so we have to pass through here” Stephanie said as she smiled at him.
“Chill up bro, its not as scary as it looks. You are a man so behave like one” Derrick said as he nudged Leo.
“Lets get going then, we have no time to loose” Kelvin said as he patted Derrick.
“Derrick should go first” Leo said as he pushed him to the front.
“Ok, ill prove to you that im very brave” he said as he started walking. The rest followed.
They walked for a while till Kelvin saw a dragon approaching them.
“Hey guys, look up” He said as he pointed upwards.
The dragon flew in and tried to catch one of them.
He successfully caught Derrick and was about to go when Leo and Kelvin flew in and grabbed the ears of the dragon.
It yelled in pain but held Derrick tight.
“Will someone please save me” he said as he cried.
Tina came in with a stick and was about to hit the dragon with it but the dragon used his tail to hit Tina, who fell on the ground.
Stephanie ran to Tina and asked if she was fine.
Meanwhile, Lillian flew to the dragon and used her powers to hit it.
It yelled in pain as Leo and Kelvin freed its ear, while the dragon released Derrick.
Derrick got up and ran to where Tina was. Stephanie helped her up and Derrick asked if she was ok.
“I’m fine, just had minor injuries” she said as she leaned on Stephanie.
“You sure you could manage?” Derrick asked.
“Yes i can, lets get going before the dragon charges at us again” Tina said as she flew and the others followed.
They traveled till night time. Seeing night setting in, Stephanie said they should rest for the night.
They gathered sticks which Lillian turned into three little houses using her magic”
Stephanie made a fire to keep them warm and scared away predators. They ate the fruits of a tree that grew right beside where they camped.
Tina and Stephanie took the first little house.
Lillian and Kelvin took the second.
While Derrick and Leo took the third.
They all fell asleep.All except Stephanie who came outside and sat close to the fire.
Leo slept but woke up afterwards. He came out and saw Stephanie sitting close to the fire.
He smiled as he made his way towards her.
To be continued

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