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The passion fairy episode 25

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Stephanie looked as he shifted from her. She looked at him but couldn’t make eye contact with him.
She sighed when she couldn’t get his attention and walked ahead.
They Came to the entrance to the dark world. A troll sat at the entrance. When he saw them, he stood up and advanced towards them.
“Oh boy!” Derrick said as he came in front of Tina.
“Don’t worry ma lady,I’ll protect you” he said as he looked bravely at the troll.
But as the troll ran towards them,Derrick changed his mind.
“On a second thought, I’ll might as well save you from the behind” he said as he hid behind Tina
The troll tried to hit them but they separated. Stephanie used her powers to conjure a wave which she splashed on him.
The troll seemed unperturbed as he made his way towards Stephanie.
Lillian flew high up and connected with the rays of the sun which shone on the troll with so much intensity.
The troll couldn’t see and tried to wave the sun from its eyes.
“Quickly, before it fades, lets go” Kelvin said as they hurriedly flew into the dark world.
They entered and everywhere seemed dark as black clouds hovered around. The sky was grey and the ground was as hard as stone. Cries from the dead were heard as they shook in fear.
“This place is creepy. I hope we come out alive” Tina said as she looked suspicious at everything she came across.
“The land of dark magic is under the land of light magic. That’s why i suppose the sceptre of light magic is hidden here. So keep close. This place is as wicked as it looks” she said as they continued walking.
Suddenly, they came across a tree.
“The tree is huge.How on earth are we gonna get to the other side?” Derrick asked as he looked at the the huge log in front of them.
Stephanie flew up and used her powers to create water. With that she tried to use it to make the log move but it drained her energy. She fell.
“Stephanie” Leo called as he flew and caught her.
“Are you ok?” he asked as he dropped her on the ground.
“Yes, I’ll be fine” she said as she tries to stand.
“Be careful” he said as he helped her up.
“I’m really sorry Leo for what i said yesterday. It kinda hurts when you don’t talk to me. Please don’t snub me again” She said as she leaned on him
“Its ok, don’t stress yourself” he said as he held her close.
Meanwhile, the others were looking for a way to get rid of the tree.
“How are we gonna move it?” Kelvin asked Lillian who appeared thinking as well.
Derrick went to the tree and tried pushing it.
“What are you doing Derrick?” Tina asked.
“Im trying to move the tree. Don’t forget im a strong man”he said as he continued pushing.
“Derrick! How can you push that big tree? Its surpasses your capability” Kelvin said as he laughed.
“Maybe. I’m tired already” he said as he tiredly made his way towards them.
“I kinda sense something” Lillian said as she flew to the tree. She touched it and flew far from it. She used her mind to connect with the tree.
Having successfully connected with it, the tree rose. It floated and it landed on the other side.
“I didn’t know you could connect to living things” Stephanie said as she tried standing up.
“I guess i do. She said as she held her head.
“Let’s get going then. We aren’t far from where we are heading to” Stephanie said as she fell down.
“Easy Steph, you’re gonna hurt yourself” Leo said as he helped her up.
“Are you sure you can walk?” Leo asked.
“I dunno, my energy is drained and I’m very dizzy” she said as she held her head
“Come on, climb on my back, I’ll carry you” he said as he bent for her to climb.
“You aren’t serious” she said as she looked surprised.
“I’m serious Stephanie. Just take it as a help from a friend” he said as he turned and smiled at her.
She climbed on his back and they continued their journey. They walked for sometime till they came across a house.
“That house looks scary” Derrick said as he shivered.
“We don’t have anywhere to stay for the night so we have to ask if the person here could spare us some room” she said as she got up from Leo’s back.
“Thanks Leo” she thanked
“You’re welcome” he said as he smiled at her.
“Now follow me” she said as she made her way to the door.
“I don’t like what we are about to do Leo, that house looks haunted” he said as he hid behind Leo’s back as they followed the others.
“Chill up bro, you dun wanna fuck the hell up in front of your crush will you?” He asked as he smiled
“No. This is the chance to show how brave i am to her” he smiled as he ran towards the door.
Stephanie was about to knock when Derrick pushed in.
“If you don’t mind I’d like to do the honours” he said as he winked at Tina, adjusted his shirt and knocked.
A noise was heard from inside as the door opened.
Derrick shouted are the sight of the ugly creature and started shouting.
“Aaaaaaaaah” he shouted as he hid behind Kelvin’s back”
“What brings you fairies to my house?” He asked a he looked at them.
“Sir” Stephanie said as she fidgeted.
“We came a very long way and we need a place for the night and food to it. Could you please help us?” She asked as she looked at the gnome.
“Sure. Come in” he said as he stepped aside, making way for the visitors to come in.
“Everyone came in except Derrick who smiled at the old gnome, showing his gape teeth as he shivered
“Come in, you don’t need to be scared” the gnome said as Derrick sped into the house.
The house looked nice on the inside, although scary at the outside. There were three chairs in the living room and a dining at the other side of the room.
“Glad to have you all here. I am Mr Flute Snoot. Please feel free in my house. I could spare you some food, it i have only four rooms so three are available. Could you manage?” He asked.
“Of course” Lillian answered.
“You’ve helped us enough. Thanks for your hospitality” she said as she smiled.
“You are welcome. Do come with me” he said as they climbed the stairs.
“Maybe he isn’t that bad” Derrick thought as he followed.
“These are the rooms available. Please freshmen up and do join me in the dining” he said as he left them.
“So how are we gonna share the rooms?” Tina asked.
“Ill stay with Lillian” Kelvin said as he held her hand.
“Ill stay with you Stephanie” Tina said as she looked at Stephanie.
“And that leaves us Derrick” Leo said as he put his hand around Derrick.
“So let’s freshen up and join the good old gnome at the table”
With that, they chose a room, freshened up and each came to the dining area.
The gnome sat on a wooden chair at the other end of the dining. It was made up of six chairs and a long wooden table.
Everyone sat down and each dished out food for themselves.
“So what brings you fairies to the world of dark magic?” Me Flute Smoothie asked.
To be continued…….

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