May 6, 2021


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The passion fairy episode 24

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She’s coming this way man, now’s your chance. You might not get this golden chance again” Kelvin said as he stood up and walked to Lillian.
“Leo” she said as she sat close to him.
“Yes” he said, trying to hide the tears on his face.
“Im sorry for what i said earlier. I overreacted. I shouldn’t have” she said as she looked at him.
“I’m sorry” she said as she bowed her head.
“I know I’m annoying so you don’t need to apologise. I won’t disturb you anymore. I’ll try to not pester or make you angry or stressed. I’m the one to apologise, so I’m sorry” he said as he looked away.
“Leo” she called as she placed her hand on his.
Leo turned and looked at her hand which was on top of his.
He removed his hand and stood up.
“Im ok with it. No need for apologies. I won’t disturb or stand in your way again” He said as he put his hands on his pockets and looked at Stephanie.
Then he walked over to Derrick, leaving a speechless Stephanie who couldn’t get her eyes off him.
“What will happen after you get the sceptre of light magic?” Kelvin asked Lillian, as they held hands, sitting on the grass, looking at the ocean.
“I guess I’ll confront ma uncle and take my rightful place on the throne” she said.
“Won’t you wanna come back to earth?” He asked.
“I will, ill always come to see you” she said as she leaned on him.
Kelvin looked at her and held her close.
“If i were to marry you, will i become a fairy as well?” He asked.
Lillian got up and looked into his eyes.
“Marriage?” She asked.
“Yes. I planned to ask you after we came back from this journey, but i don’t think you’ll come back with me, that’s why im asking” he said as he gently squeezed her hand.
“Lillian, will you marry me?” He asked hopefully, staring into her eyes.
“I….i dunno what to say” she said as she dropped her eyes.
“Lillian please be mine. Even though i know you’re not from earth origin, my heart still belongs to you. If it means ill have to be a fairy or stay in Zodar forever just to for you to be mine, I’ll do that. I never want to let you go” Kelvin said as he touched her cheek.
“I’ll marry you Kelvin. I don’t think i can live without you either. Thanks dear” She said as she hugged him tight.
“You’re welcome sweetheart” he said as he held her more tight than ever.
“What’s wrong Leo? You look upset” Derrick said as he touched Leo’s shoulder.
“Im not upset, im just tired. I cant wait to get over this shit and head home” He said as he looked up
“Wow! I’ve never seen you this way bro, you could consider in me” Derrick said.
“Just leave me alone” he said as he walked away.
“I wonder what is bugging him” he said to himself.
Derrick looked around and saw Tina sitting alone.
“Now this is my chance” he said as he walked towards Tina.
“Hey beautiful” he said as he sat close to her.
“Hey Derrick” she said.
He picked up a flower nearby and put it on her hair.
“This suits you” he said as he smiled.
“Thanks” she said as she touched the flower.
They talked and laughed, played games and other stuffs. Everything they did made Derrick’s day. It’ll be hard to forget those times he had spent with her.
The sun shine brightly as Stephanie woke up. She got up and woke the others.
“We have to get going. The entrance to the world of dark magic is not that far from here” she said as her eyes met Leo’s.
Leo looked away and she sighed.
“Let’s get going then” Lillian said as she held Kelvin’s hand.
“Don’t worry Tina dear, ill protect you. Maybe i?” He said as he stretched out his hand.
“Yes you may” she said as she giggled and placed her hand on his.
Then they started walking. Stephanie turned and saw Leo.
He didn’t look or act lively as before. She turned and walked to where he was.
“Leo, I’m really very sorry. I don’t really like seeing you like this. You used to be all that lovely and full of life. I kinda missed that part of you” she said as she held his hand.
Leo, surprised at what she said, looked at her and turned away. He released her hand from his and walked far from her.


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