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The passion fairy episode 23

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“This is the Oceania. It separates the land of light from the land of the dark” Stephanie said.
Suddenly, a splash was heard as someone was seen in the ocean. She dives in the water, making her tail visible and popped her head out to see who was coming.
“A human fish, Its staring at me. It wants to eat me. Mummy! I wanna go home” He cried as he hid behind Stephanie’s back.
“Don’t worry Leo, I’m sure its just a creature that looks like human. Its not that bad…..” He paused as he saw the creature coming towards them.
“On a second thought, i need my mummy” he said as he hid behind Kelvin.
“She’s a mermaid. She won’t harm you silly. Now if you don’t mind, get your hands off me” Stephanie said as she tries to shake Leo hands from her waist.
“Oh! Sorry” he said as he removed his hand.
“I didn’t know mermaids were real” Lillian said as she looked at the mermaid advancing towards them.
“Yeah, i only see them in fairytales” Tina said as she looked at it.
“Greetings fellow fairies” Kyla, the Princess of the coast greeted.
“Greetings Kyla, remember me?” Stephanie asked.
“Oh Stephanie, the water fairy. You haven’t visited us in a long while. I hope you are ok? She asked
“Yes Kyla” Stephanie answered.
“Can i ask you for a favour? Stephanie asked.
“We are going to the land of dark magic and we want to follow the ocean route since that’s the fastest and easier way. Can you direct us? Stephanie asked.
“Sure. I know you can breathe under water, but can the rest do?” She asked.
“No Kyla” she answered.
“I’ll be right back” she said as she dives under water.
“This is crazy. First it was wings, now to swim like a fish” Leo looked at Stephanie.
“So what?This route is easier because its faster and more convenient for you guys, that’s why i chose this way” Stephanie replied.
“Well i don’t wanna swim” he said.
“Well that’s your business Leo, i don’t care if you don’t wanna come or wanna. You know what? You’re a fool, a big one. You always act foolish and give me a headache. I dunno wanna hear anything from you again so quiet”
“Stephanie?” Leo, looking hurt called.
“Don’t ever mention my name again. Now shut that mouth up” she said as she looked away.
Derrick, seeing how hurt he was at Stephanie’s words patted his back.
The mermaid showed up and gave them a fruit that looked like coconut. They were supposed to drink the water in the fruit so that they might be able to breathe under water.
They passed it to each other and the four drank from the fruit. Then they dived in and swam.
They passed the mermaid kingdom, they passed the lion and the bear cave, and the shark kingdom. They made it to the other side.
“Thanks Kyla” Lillian thanked.
“You’re welcome. I hope you find what you seek” she said as she dived in.
Leo was quiet all through the journey, and Kelvin noticed it, since he was used to Leo’s behaviour.
But he being so quiet during the journey baffled him. He sat with Leo who was busy eating the fruit they picked from a tree nearby.
“Leo, what’s wrong? You’ve been quiet. Are you ok?” He asked as he put his hands around him.
“Yes” he replied
“Well, i dont think so, Tell me”
“What Stephanie said about me being a fool and a good for nothing kinda hurt me. Yeah, I’ve heard it many times before but her saying it kinda hurt. I never knew i was a burden”. He said as a tear dropped.
“Wow! I’ve never seen you shed a tear because of a girl before. Come on, you are a ladies man. You know how well to deal with girls. You never cared what anyone said to you or is it what I’m thinking?” Kelvin said as he looked at him.
“What are you thinking?”
“I think i know why it hurt. Leo, you never minded what anyone said to you or about you, you know why you minded what she said?” He asked.
“Cos you love her. A man can’t get hurt because of a girl he doesn’t love. You minded it because you love her, and i want you to tell her how you feel
” I dunno. I don’t have the courage to” he said as he bowed his head.
“Leo, you have finally found love, don’t let her slip away. She might feel the same way for you, but might find it hard to tell you. So you make a move, I’m sure she’ll listen” he said as he hugged Leo.
“Thanks bro” he said as he thanked Kelvin.
Stephanie sat on the grass, looking at the ocean. It was night time and so she said they should all rest for a while.
She noticed Leos quietness throughout the journey. She tried apologizing but didn’t have the heart.
She looked around and saw Kelvin sitting with him. He looked so sad.
“Did what i say really hurt him?” She asked herself.
Tina came to sit with her. “Are you ok?” She asked
“Kinda. Leo seemed unhappy. I can’t ask him cos of what i said earlier to him. She said as she looked at him.
Tina held her hand.
“What you said to Leo wasn’t nice. I admit that he behaves somehow but the worst you could ever say was what you said. You need to apologise Stephanie. He’s quite hurt, and quiet too
“Please apologize, that’s the best solution” she said as she smiled.
“Thanks for the advice Tina” she said as she stood up and made her way towards Leo.
To be continued…………….

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