May 6, 2021


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The passion fairy episode 22

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“Wow! Zodar is beautiful” Lillian said as she admired the new world, her home.
“Wow, this all looks real” Can’t believe it” Kelvin said as he also looked around.
“This place is amazing!” Leo said as he looked around
“This place is indescribable” Derrick said.
“Wow!” Tina exclaimed.
Stephanie transformed back to her fairy self again.
“You should also transform Lillian, now for you four” she said as she thought.
“We’ll have to get you guys wings. I know a flarie who could spare you some” She said
“Let’s get this straight. You want me, i mean us to get wings. Are you kidding me? I’m scared of heights” Leo said.
“Then you gotta get over it cos the rest of your journey will be on air” Stephanie said as she flew up.
“Come on guys. Get walking” Stephanie said.
Stephanie led the way while the others followed. Lillian flying, while the rest walking.
They got to the kingdom of light and stopped.
“You guys can’t go in as humans” they might capture you” Stephanie said as they all hid behind a bush, hiding from the soldier fairies.
“So what are we gonna do now?” Derrick asked.
“I have an idea, we could go back home and pretend that all this never happened. Nice and simple” Leo said as he smiled.
The rest looked at him.
“What? It was just a suggestion” he said as he looked at the soldier fairies.
“I have a plan”. She said as she explained the plan to them.
“Nah, there’s no way I’m dressing like a fairy” Derrick said as he folded his arms.
“You have any other idea?” Stephanie asked.
Derrick scratched his head. “No”.
“Then you have no choice but to follow my plan” She said.
Lillian used her magic to make them make believe wings.
“Will this day get any worse. I look like a girl” Leo said as he looked at the wings behind him.
“Aren’t i beautiful? doesn’t this wings bring out my handsomeness? Derrick asked Kelvin.
“Just keep quiet” Kelvin said.
“We’ll go in two by two” Stephanie said.
Tina and Stephanie went first.
“You may pass” they said as they went in and hid behind a tree, waiting for the rest.
Lillian and Kelvin went next. “You may pass” the soldier fairies said as they made way for them.
Leo and Derrick went next. “Stop” The soldier fairy ordered.
“What is that in your pocket?”The soldier asked Derrick. Derrick felt his pockets.
“Oh! My chocolate” Derrick said as he took it and opened it.
“Want some?” Derrick asked, waving the chocolate at the soldier fairy face.
“I rather not. You may pass” he said.
They all met at the tree and continued their journey. They met all kinds of fairies and different animals alike.
They made it to the flairie’s house.
Stephanie knocked and the flairie opened the door.
She came out. “Hi Minya” Stephanie greeted.
“Stephanie, where have you been?” She said as she hugged her.
“I’ll explain better later. May we come in?” Stephanie asked.
“Sure” she said as she opened her door for everyone to enter.
“Nice house” Tina complemented.
“The house is so tiny. How do you manage in here?” Derrick said as he looked around.
“It’s ma home. Have a seat” The flairie said, pointing to the ground
Everyone sat down except Leo.
“On the ground? I don’t sit on the ground. I prefer a chair” Leo said.
“Leo” Stephanie said as she gave Leo a warning look.
“Alright I’m sitting down. See?” He said as he sat down.
“Where have you been Stephanie and who are these people?” Minya asked.
With that, Stephanie narrated all that happened.
“She is Keira, the daughter of King Raxildo” Stephanie said as she touched Lillian’s hand.
“Your highness” She said.
“No, just call me by my name please. Could you help my friends with wings?” Lillian asked.
“Sure. I have some to spare” she said as she stood up and opened a box.
She took out four different pairs of wings and closed the box.
“Close your eyes and turn”.
“The four did as they were commanded.
“Will it hurt?” Derrick said as he fidgeted.
“Not at all, it’ll just tickle a little” she said as she put each of the wings into their back.
Leo laughed. “That did tickle” he said.
“Now try to flap them” she said.
“That’s nice uh……..”
“Oh! Yes, Tina” the flairie said
“You have to flap them more than that Derrick, it’s too slow” Stephanie said
“Its so tiring” Derrick said, looking exhausted.
“You are doing ok Kelvin. Just try moving them a little faster” Lillian said as she touched Kelvin
“Leo” Stephanie called.
“What?” Leo said
“You are doing great” she complemented.
“Thanks” Leo said as he smiled at Stephanie.
The flairie opened her door.
“Mind giving the wings a try?” She asked.
They all flew out but weren’t flying that well.
Tina kept falling. Kelvin flew but kept bumping into things. Leo flew upside down, while Derrick couldn’t even fly.
Minya held Tina’s hand and taught her how to fly. In no time, she was flying well.
“Hold ma hand” Stephanie told Leo.
“Oh!” Leo said as he held her hand.
“Now try flapping your wings as before” she ordered.
He did exactly that and was flying in no time.
“A little help pl….ee…a…..sss…..e” Derrick said as he tries to fly.
Tina looked at him and giggled. She came to the ground and held his hand. He started flying well.
Kelvin also learned how to fly, with the help of Lillian.
“Take care Keira, and Stephanie” She said as she hugged them.
“What about us? Are we invisible?” Leo asked.
“Sorry. Goodbye guys. Hope you find what you are looking for” she said.
They left the flairies’ house, waving her till she was out of sight.
“Where are we going now Stephanie” Lillian asked
“The world of the dark magic” she said.
Leo gulped.
“That sounds scary” Derrick said.
“We are getting to the outskirts of the world of light” she said as they came to a river filled with mermaids.
To be continued……..

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