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The passion fairy episode 21

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“Hey guys, how are you doing?” Tina asked as they walked towards them.
Seeing the both of them coming, Leo and Derrick used their hands to clean their mouths.
“Hey Stephanie” Leo said as he stood up.
“Good morning” she greeted.
Leo drew out a chair for her and she sat down.
He took a plate and served some food.
“I hope you are hungry because this food takes good” Leo said as he sat down.
“I’m full. Can’t eat again” she said.
“At least taste it” he smiled.
“Nah, dun wanna” she said.
“I gave her food, she said she doesn’t wanna eat. No problem baby, I’ll do the honour of eating your food” He said as he ate.
“Tina, have a seat” Derrick said as he drew out a seat
“Thanks Derrick” she said as she sat down.
He also served her food and was about to give her when he sneezed.
“I hope you enjoy the…….. A..tchew” he said as he sneezed.
“Its very delicious…….a..tchew” he said as catarrh dropped from his nose.
“Yuk, I’m not eating that food” Tina said.
“Ok, I’ll eat it for you” he said as he sneezed again.
They talked about school stuff and left the dining after they were done.
“I’ll be going with Lillian to Zodar today, and we might or might not come back” she said as she picked up her bag.
“What’s Zodar again?” Leo asked as he scratched his hair.
“Don’t ask me, all i know is that its a magic thinnie” he said as he looked at Stephanie.
“But when are you girls gonna come back?” Kelvin asked.
“I dunno if we might but if we do, we will” she said.
“I wanna go with you girls. Life’s boring here and i wanna stay with Lillian” Kelvin said.
“Me too” Tina said.
“Its too dangerous for you humans. I can’t let you go. I’m sorry” she said.
“Please Stephanie” Tina begged.
“Ok, I’ll let you come, but please, don’t tell anyone about this in college. Its risky” she said.
“What about you guys, aren’t you coming?” Tina asked Derrick and Leo
“You want me to die? No way I’m going there” Leo said as he folded his hands.
“If Kelvin is going, then i am going to” Derrick said as he smiled.
“Ok fine! I’m coming too” Leo said as he forced out a smile.
“This is gonna be dangerous guys. I dun want any of you to get hurt. But if you guys really wanna come, then I’m not gonna stop you. The more, the merrier” she said
“Ok, let’s get going then”. Derrick said as he carried his bag.
“Ok”. Kelvin said and came close to Lillian, held her hand and kissed her.
He turned and met everyone staring at him. Leo and Derrick opened their mouths while Stephanie and Tina smiled.
“What?” Kelvin asked.
“Didn’t see that coming” Derrick said as he touched his head.
“Oh! I see. Well done Kelvin” Stephanie said as she winked at him.
“When is the wedding? I hope there is enough food?” Leo said as he licked his mouth.
“Yeah, and wine too” Derrick said as he looked dreamingly.
“Stop it guys. Flora” he called
“Yes sir” Flora said as she ran from where she was to Kelvin.
“Take care of her and don’t let her out of your sight” Kelvin instructed.
“Ok sir” she said.
With that, they left the house and headed for the car.
It was recess and Stephanie sat with Tina at the cafeteria. She appears to be thinking
“What’s wrong Tina? You appear to be worried.
“Going to Zodar with the guys and you might be dangerous. I just don’t know what will happen if you guys come with me and Lillian” she said as she dialed with her food.
“We wanna help Lillian, that’s what friends and sisters do. Trust me, we will all be fine” She said as she pasted Stephanie’s back.
“I hope so” she said.
“Haven’t you noticed Leo and Derrick’s behavior towards us?” Stephanie asked.
“Yeah, those guys are weird” she said as she laughed.
“Weirdo, they are so crazy” Stephanie said.
“We just have to put up with them for a while” Tina said as she ate.
Meanwhile, Leo was seen outside college in a florist shop.
“You have any flowers that rhymes with Stephanie?” He asked.
“What is Stephanie?” The florist asked.
“She’s my crush. Now gibeyme a flower called Stephanie” he ordered.
“I’m sorry sir,but that flower doesn’t exist” The florist said.
“But the girl exists, why not the flower?”
“I don’t understand you sir. There is no flower named Stephanie”
“Are you saying i don’t know flowers?” Leo asked.
“No sir, i just said Stephanie flower don’t exist” the florist answered.
“Ok then, give me the yellow flower” he said.
He bought it and made his way into college.
Meanwhile, Derrick also went out of college to purchase chocolates for Tina.
“Excuse me Miss” he called out to the woman selling chocolates.
“Which one would Tina like?” He asked.
“Who is Tina?” She asked.
“She is a girl schooling in that college. Which one will she like?”
“I don’t know the girl so i can’t choose for you”
“Hmm, ok, give me that one” he pointed.
He bought it and also made his way to college.
They passed the opposite sides leading to the school and made way for the cafeteria.
Derrick was coming from the right while Leo, from the left. They both weren’t looking where they were going and in the process, collided with each other.
The chocolates stained both their faces and the flowers were glued to their heads and they stood up.
” Watch where you’re going You’ve ruined the chocolates”Derrick said as he folded his hands.
“You watch where you are going you’ve ruined my flowers”. He said
“At least the gift is still alive, but its on my body” Derrick said as he entered the cafeteria.
“Hey babes” he called.
“Derrick? What happened to you?” Tina asked.
“Its a gift for ma lady. Flowers mixed with chocolates. Don’t i look sweet?” He asked.
“Oh brother!” Stephanie said as she shakes her head.
“Hey Stephanie, like ma new look?” Leo said as he sat down
“Don’t touch me” she said as she shifted.
“Why dont you want me to? Oh! I know why, you wanna save the gift for christmas, am i right?” He asked.
“Just keep your mouth shut” Lillian said.
Kelvin came in shortly and sat down to eat.
“What happened to you guys? Kelvin asked as he looked at the green devils.
“It’s just a new look” Leo said as Kelvin sighed.
“So what exactly are we gonna do in Zodar?” Kelvin asked.
“The Sceptre of light magic. It was believed to be hidden underneath Zodar, due east, into the waters and under the zoo of the dead” Stephanie said as she ate.
“Oh brother!, what have i gotten myself into?” Leo said, looking scared.
They finished all their classes and made way to their respective homes.
They agreed to meet at Kelvin’s house by 8.
Tina and Stephanie got ready for the journey ahead. Night came and they wanted to leave for Kelvin’s house.
“How are we gonna go now?” Tina asked.
“Hold me. Since I’ve got ma powers back, we’re gonna use a portal. So hold on tight” She said as she used her powers to summon a portal, and they went in, appearing in Kelvin’s house.
Derrick and Leo also sneaked from their homes and came to Kelvin’s house.
Are we all complete now?” Stephanie asked.
“Yes” Tina said.
“Now join hands. We are about to go. Close your eyes and try not to think of anything” She said as all of them did as she said.
Suddenly, *they flashed high up as light shone everywhere. The next thing they saw as they opened their eyes was undescribable as they found themselves* in a new world.
To be continued……..

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