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The passion fairy episode 20

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“Your room is very beautiful” Lillian commented as she looked around the room.
“Thanks” he said.
“Where are your parents? And why is everywhere so quiet?”
“My mum doesn’t live here, and my father is always on business trip”
“How can only you live here?”
“I got servants around so its not usually quiet at times. Derrick and Louis always comes to spend time with me so i can say i don’t get that lonely” He said as he opened the curtains.
“I’ll be right back” Kelvin said as he left the room.
He went to the room close to his and arranged it. Done with it, he came back to his room.
“Your room is ready Lillian. Are you hungry?” He asked her.
“No, I’ve eaten already. If you don’t mind, I’d love to stay here a little while” she said as she sat on the bed.
“I don’t”. He said as he sat on the bed as well.
“Lillian,i wanna tell you something” Kelvin said as Lillian looked at his balcony.
“Oh! She said as she stood up and made way for the balcony.
She came outside and looked out. The view was clear up from where she stood.
“Its quite beautiful up here” She said as Kelvin came to meet her in the balcony.
“I guess it is. There’s something i really wanna tell you”.
“Oh! what is it?” She said as she turned to meet his gaze.
“I dunno how you’ll react to what I’m about to say but my heart yearns to tell you.
“Every day, i think back to the day we met close to the river. Sometimes, i even think that meeting you was the greatest gift fate had given me. Since then, I’ve thought about you and admired you greatly.
“Priya left me and I’m so grateful to her for that. If she hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met you Lillian. I’ve never felt this way for anyone before.
“Lillian, the words are so hard to say, despite the fact that i yearn to tell you” Kelvin said as he bowed his head.
“You could tell me Kelvin. What is it that you find it hard to say” she asked.
“Lillian, I love you” he said as he gazed into her eyes.
“I dunno if you also feel that way towards me but I’ll always be there for you beautiful, because i love you” he said as he took her hand and kissed it.
“Kelvin” she said as she touched his cheek.
Kelvin held her hand as it touched his cheek and close his eyes.
“I feel that way towards you Kelvin. If its love then i guess ill have to accept it.
“I tried to get rid of this feeling but i couldn’t. You are always on my mind and i feel so content when you are around me
“Kelvin, i love you, i love you so much that I wanna be with you” she said as Kelvin stared at her, surprised.
“Thanks Lillian, you don’t know how that meant to me” he said as he came closer.
He leaned and picked a flower which was growing in a pot on the rail.
“You are as beautiful as this dandilion. Your beauty challenges me” He said as he kept down, holding her hand.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” He said with so much hope in his eyes.
“Kelvin, i don’t………”
“It’ll mean so much to me Lillian if you accept to be” he said as he looked in her eyes.
“Yes Kelvin, I’d love to” Lillian said as she drew him up and hugged him.
“Thanks for coming into my life. I love you so much” He said as he hugged her tight.
“I love you too” she said as she smiled.
The sun shone as another day was dawned. Lillian woke up in Kelvin’s arms. She smiled as she kissed his forehead and carefully got up, not wanting to wake him.
She left the room and walked down the stairs.
“Good evening ma’am” a lady greeted.
“Good morning. Could you point me to the direction of the kitchen? I wanna prepare breakfast” Lillian said.
“No worries madam, I’ll prepare the food” she said.
“Please don’t, i wanna cook for him today” Lillian said.
“Ok ma, follow me” she said as she left the way to the kitchen.
“I’m Lillian, what’s your name?” She asked.
“Im Flora” she said as they entered the kitchen.
“If you don’t mind, what is Kelvin’s favourite?” She asked.
“Fried eggs with banana pudding” she answered
“That’s exactly what in gonna prepare for breakfast” She said as she bought out the pot from the cabin.
Kelvin woke up and stood up. He looked around but couldn’t find her.
“Where is she?” He asked with a worried expression
He climbed down the stairs and called out for Lillian.
“Im in the kitchen” Lillian shouted.
Kelvin came to the kitchen and looked around.
“What are you doing?” He asked as he came close.
“I’m making breakfast. Go freshen up, you won’t wanna be late for college”. she said.
“No, I’m not going to college today” he said.
“Why?” She asked as she looked at him.
“Wanna spend some time with you” He said as he held her hand.
“Stop being childish and go get ready. The guys will come soon to pick you. You wouldn’t wanna keep them waiting” she said as she chopped the onions.
“Whatever you say” he said as he kissed her on the cheek.
He got ready and came down to eat.
The main door opened as Louis and Derrick were arguing.
“Fried potatoes are better” Louis said.
“No, tea and sandwiches are better” Derrick said.
“You don’t wanna argue with me” Leo said as he stood in the living room.
“What am i doing now?. Oh! Xup Kev” Derrick said.
“Well i don’t argue with cowards so i wont argue with you anymore” Leo said as he turned away from Derrick.
“At least, i have brains” Derrick said as he faced the other way.
“Guys, enough with the arguments. Care to join me at the table?” Kelvin asked.
“Sure thing” they said as Lillian bought the food.
“She made breakfast?” Leo asked as he sat down.
“Yeah, come on Lillian, have breakfast with us” Kelvin said as he held her hand.
She sat down and fished her food.
“This food is nuts. I haven’t eaten this food in centuries” Derrick said as he rushed the food.
“Yeah” Leo said as he raised the plate up and drank all the banana pudding.
Lillian laughed as she looked at them.
“Weird dudes right?” They can be quite foolish at times. He said as he watched Derrick and Leo dragging the last plate of banana pudding.
The main door opened as Stephanie and Tina walked in.
To be Continued………

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