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The passion fairy episode 2

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Lilian’s arrival to the Dickson’s family brought prosperity and good luck to the family because shortly after Lilian arrived, Mr Dickson prospered and became a business man, owning many companies in the country and beyond.
This made him love Lilian the more because he saw her as a blessing to his home. He trained her in school and provided for all her needs.
Mrs Dickson also took Lilian as a daughter. She taught her well and took her as a daughter. But along the way, she grew jealous because she envied the way her husband pampers Lilian despite the fact he knows that she isn’t their real daughter.
Lilian sighed as she sat in her bed.Today had been a worst birthday for her. Her dad ( Mr Dickson ) threw a party for her but was ruined because Priya pushed her intentionally which made her to fall on her birthday cake.
She couldn’t bear the humiliation so she ran out of the party. Priya always *ruins everything for her and to think her own sister ruined her happy day makes her feel unhappy* and sad.
“Why does my sister always ruin everything for me? Everything always *goes wrong because of her. Even mum has changed towards me, what wrong have i committed that made me an enemy?” She said* as she caressed her necklace.
“Only father understands and loves me, no one else. I wish i could *understand why my sister and mother are so cruel to me? I wish i could erase whatever ive done to* them”. She said as she lay on the bed.
“Nonesense, *you think I would let *your stupid party go well? Not on my watch be because i just made it much worse for u. She said* as she laughed evily.
“Everyone loves you right? Well im sure after they saw your chocolate frost face, they mocked because you are fucking ugly. Foolish girl!” Priya said as she laughed again.
She took the gifts bought for Lilian and started ransacking it.
“Wow! these are all nice, i will keep them for myself. That she-devil cant have all these beautiful clothing and jewelleries” Priya scoffed as she re-arranged the boxes and put them in her wardrobe.
There was a knock on the door.
“Come in, the door isnt locked. Priya said as she closed the wardrobe.
“Oh mother, what brings you to my room?Hope I am safe? Priya said as she moved closer to her mother.
“Sure we are, i just came to see you or is coming to see my own daughter a crime?” Mrs Dickson said as she sat on the bed.
“No mum, i thought you were going to scold me because i knew you saw what i did to Lilian”
“Yes, that’s what im here for. But im *not going to scold you. In fact, im here to complement you dear, you did the right thing” Mrs Dickson said as she *smiled as a shocked *Priya.
“Mum, are* you the one that is *talking? I thought you said Priya was your morning star and your precious** daughter?
“That was *then dear but my eyes are opened now and i clearly understand what that girl is trying to do, she is trying to take the family’s property which is *destined for you to have* . She wants your dad to treasure her so she could have the property *and i wont let that happen so that’s why ive changed* my mind about her” She said as she looked at her daughter* who was distracted by a wall gekko on the ceiling.
“I wanna tell you something dear, do you know that Lilian isnt your real sister?” Mrs Dickson asked.
“Mum, what are you saying? Lilian is my little sister, although i dint take that bitch as my sister” she said as she scoffed.
“But she isnt your sister. When you *were two years old, your dad brought that girl in the house saying he found her on our doorstep. We tried looking for her parents but couldn’t get any information that is why we accepted* her and took her as our daughter and your sister” Mrs Dickson said.
“Wow mum, Wow! so that daughter of a bitch isnt even my real sister. I knew she was bad luck. Her parents *dumped her on our doorstep because she was a bad child, and now she wants to take my birthright from me? I wont let that fucking shit happen” Priya* said, fuming with anger.
“Yes my dear, that’s why i have a plan. If we can stop her *from going to college, she wont have qualifications or status to take your place. So all we have to do is to stop her schooling and we will get the upper* hand”.
“Wow mum, that’s a good idea, i will *make sure i make that girls’ life miserable that she will beg death to come. This is just the beginning, the end is yet to arrive” Priya said as she* made her way to the bathroom.
It was time for Lilian to take her exams and she was dressed up and ready. Mr Dickson will take her to the college. She goes downstairs and took her breakfast.
“Are you ready to go dear? He asked.
“Yes dad, but where is Priya? isn’t she coming? Lilian asked
“I think so, go dear and ask her, ill be back shortly” He said as he climbed the stairs.
Lilian went to Priya’s room but she wasn’t there. She shouted Priya’s name and s voice was heared from the kitchen. She came to the kitchen. She checked but saw no one there. She was about to leave the kitchen when someone pushed her and used a knife to cut her hand.
“Oopsie, my bad, did it hurt? Sorry dear, hope you right well and pass well bitch. Priya said as she made her way towards the door.
Lilian cried on seeing her blood and made way to her room. She treated herself and bandaged it. She was about to stand up when Mr Dickson came in.
“What happened to your hand dear? Mr Dickson said as he examined her hand.
“I mistakenly cut my hand dad, but i will be fine” She said as she carried her bag.
“U’re really hurt dear and you hurt urself in your right hand, how are you supposed to write if you are injured? He said.
“Dont worry dad, i will manage, i prepared for this exam and there is no way a wounded hand will stop me. Lilian said as she walked out of the door.
To be continued

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