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The passion fairy episode 19

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“Where are you going Stephanie?” Tina asked Stephanie who made her way towards the door.
“Im going to find Lillian” she said as she went out of the house.
“Can i come too? I wanna find her as well” Kelvin said as he ran after Stephanie.
“U think we should follow them Derrick?” Leo asked.
“I dunno, Kelvin is involved so I’m involved too” Derrick said as he followed them.
“I guess I’m involved three” He said as he ran after Derrick.
“I’ve told mum we were going out sis, so she won’t be worried” Tina said as she caught up to her.
“That’s good” She said.
She was about to enter the car when a crystal floated towards her.
“What’s that?” Leo asked, surprised
It moved around Stephanie and landed on her hand.
“What’s that?” Leo asked
“Does it bite?” Derrick asked.
“No silly, how will a tiny crystal bite you?” Tina said as she looked at it.
“I think it wants us to follow it” Stephanie said as she looked at it.
“I don’t get. How can you talk to it?” Kelvin asked.
“I’ll explain later. Just get in” Stephanie said.
“I’ll do the honour of driving ma lady” Leo said as he entered the driver’s seat.
“Suit yourself then” Stephanie said as she sat on the front seat while the rest sat at the back.
The crystal started floating away and they followed it.
They reached a little house where they saw a girl sitting on the ground in front of a house.
“Lillian” Stephanie said as she jumped out, ran to her and hugged her.
Kelvin came also and held Lillian’s hand.
The rest came and stood in front of her.
“You guys are all here?” Lillian asked
“We sure are. What happened Lillian? You look tensed” Stephanie asked
“I dunno if its ok to share this with you” Lillian said as she looked up.
“You can confide in us. We all are here for you” Kelvin said as he helped Lillian up.
“I was sent out of the Dickson’s house and was led here by a sparkle. I came here, ate and slept. I was suddenly awoken by a noise from outside. I looked out the window and saw two fairies fighting”
“One has a crown on his head. The *other looked like a woman who has always helped me in times of need or trouble. I dunno if something is wrong with* me or not. I dun seem to understand why I saw fairies” she said as she owed her head.
“Fairies? That’s ridiculous” Derrick said and started laughing.
Leo joined in. “Come to think of it. I haven’t heard that joke since centuries”
“Why aren’t you guys laughing? Isn’t it funny?” Derrick asked as he laughed.
The others looked at him with the “it’s not funny expression”
“Oh! I see, i guess it isn’t” Derrick said as they stopped laughing.
“King Rexandro was here. This means he is aware that you are still alive” Stephanie said.
“Who is King Rexandro?” Lillian asked, confused.
“I guess its time to tell you the real truth and your origin”
“What truth?” Lillian asked.
“There is a planet called Zodar. It is a planet that consists of two worlds; the light and the dark worlds. The fairies have total control over the other supernaturals. That’s where you are from.
Your father, King Raxildo was the King then, who ruled justly and with equity
“Your mother, Queen Graciella gave birth to you and named you Keira
“Months later, Rexandro wanted a war which killed many innocent light supernaturals. My family was also killed.
“He killed your parents as well Lillian.
“You were *brought to earth for your safety,but i have been sent to take you back to where you belong. We have to find the sceptre of* light. That can help to overcome your uncle” Stephanie narrated.
“You’re kidding me right? Someone should pinch me let me wake up from this deep slumber” Derrick said as he held his head.
Leo smiled and pinched him.
“Ouch! I didn’t say you should really pinch me. Am i awake?” He asked.
“Stop being a jerk and keep quiet” Kelvin said.
“Sorry” Derrick said as he smiled.
“I don’t understand. I’m not a fairy. I don’t have wings” Lillian said.
“You do, you just have to summon it. I am a water fairy and you are a passion fairy,
“What’s a passion fairy?” Lillian asked.
“A Passion fairy is one of the most powerful species in Zodar. The power of a passion fairy comes with his or her emotions.
When a passion fairy is angry, every living thing and climax conditions reaction to it. Same with when you are happy or sad. There lies your powers” Stephanie said.
Lillian looks surprised as she remembers the withering flowers, the sky and the trees reaction to her anger and the day she got angry when they were beating the old woman.
“Can you change into a fairy?” Leo asked Stephanie.
“All my powers were taken from me by your uncle. But i’m sure you might be able to restore it” She said as she stood up.
“So you girls are fairies?” Kelvin asked.
“Yes, come on Lillian, or should i say Keira” she said as she helped Lillian up.
She stood up and looked at Stephanie.
“Close your eyes and find your inner being. Its inside you. Be calm and focus. It will show itself” Stephanie said as Lillian closed her eyes.
Her body shine as she was three feet off the ground. The sky turned gray as Lillian’s power built up in her.
Her wings grew out and her clothes changed. Her eyes widened as more power was restored.
After the transformation, she came down to the ground and opened her eyes.
“Your wings are beautiful” Tina said as she looked at them.
“You look more beautiful Lillian” Kelvin said as he admired her.
“She’s not that bad” Leo commented.
“Gorgeous” Derrick said.
Lillian looked at Stephanie and stretched her hands towards her.
Suddenly, Stephanie’s wings grew back and all her powers were restored evenly.
“I knew you had it in you. Thank you” she said as she hugged Lillian.
“So what are we gonna do next? Make a first and roast a marshmallow?” Leo asked.
“Just be quiet for once. You could sleep at my place Lillian, i’d be happy to have you in” Kelvin said.
“Thanks Kelvin” Lillian said as she hugged him.
“I…..i guess you’re welcome” He said as he slowly wrapped his arms around Lillian.
“Let’s get going then” Stephanie said as she transformers back to human. Lillian also did the same.
They entered the car and left for Callisto’s mansion. They got there and the green deviled left shortly with Lillian to Kelvin’s house.
They got to Kelvin’s house and Leo and Derrick left shortly after. Everywhere seemed quiet as they made their way to Kelvin’s room.
To be continued…………

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