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The passion fairy episode 15b

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“Hey, you mind if i sit with you damsels for a while?” Kelvin asked
“Sure” Tina said
He sat on the chair opposite Lilian, with two empty chairs beside him.
“Im Stephanie, and that is my sister Tina” Stephanie said as Tina waved at him.
“And i guess you must know Lilian” Stephanie said.
“Yes, why wont i? So how are you guys doing?” Kelvin asked as he looked al Lilian.
“We are very fine, what about you?”
“I guess i am too” Kelvin answered.
“Derrick man, im bored here. Let’s go sit with Kelvin and those girls” Leo offered.
“I wont allow you to go date another innocent young………” He was caught short as Leo dragged him to the girl’s table.
“Hi babes, mind if we join in?”
“Why not? You can” Tina answered.
“Suit yourself, im leaving” Derrick said and was about to leave when Leo held his ear
“Ouch! release ma ear you brat” Derrick said.
“Nah, you’re not going anywhere” He said as he dragged him to the chair beside Kelvin and made him sit on it. Then he sat on the chair beside Derrick.
He looked at his side and saw Stephanie.
“What a beautiful damsel you are” Stephanie said a thank you as she blushed.
“Dont mind what he says, he’s just a fool who……”
He couldn’t speak again as he saw Tina
“Oh!” he stared at her.
Leo noticed and laughed
“Who’s the fool now, i thought you said boys who look at girls are cowards, what are you?” He said as he laughed.
“I’ll just let you go this time because I’m in a good mood” He said as he smiled at Tina.
“You are the coward Derrick, you’re always a coward” Leo said, still laughing
“You are getting on ma nerves Leo. Who’s a coward?”
“You’re a coward”
“Says who?”
“Leo Browns Wick”
They continued fighting. Kelvin stood up and went to where Lilian was sitting.
“You mind taking a walk with me?” he asked.
“No i don’t” she said as she held his hand.
And off they walked, down the hallway and into the garden.
“See, i told you, you are a dump ass who clearly doesn’t have a brain, right Kelvin?” Derrick said as he looked at Kelvin but didn’t see him.
“OMG! Kelvin has disappeared again, has he been kidnapped?” Derrick said as he got up and started looking for Kelvin.
Leo stood up and held his ear.
“How many girls do you see?”
“What does that tell you?”
“Oh! Kelvin is with the girl huh? Well, its ma luck”
He sat closed to Tina who was laughing her eyes out.
“You guys are so funny” She said as she continued laughing.
“And what a beauty you are when you laugh Madmoiselle”
“Oh thanks” she said as she smiled.
“Mind if we take a walk?” Derrick asked
“Sure thing” she said as she stood up
They walked out but Derrick stopped at the doorway and drew out his tongue to Leo.
“Hey damsel” Leo said.
” Sorry, don’t have time to talk, i better be on ma way” Stephanie said as she stood up.
“But we haven’t…..” His sentence hung as Stephanie made her way out of the cafeteria.
“Oh man! missed her. Well, I’ll get her, cos Leo never gives up” He said as he got up and left the cafeteria.
“Can i take you out tonight? I’d really love to hang out with you” Kelvin said as he put his hand in his pockets and stared at Lillian.
“I’m going out with Tina and Stephanie so i might not make it, sorry” Lilian answered.
“Oh! What about my party? Will you come?”
“I don’t attend parties so i don’t think I’ll make it”
“Please do, I’ll invite your friends too and I’m sure to take of you. So will you?”
“Okay, I’ll come” she agreed.
“Thanks, glad i could spend time with you”
“That’s nice. I’ll have to go now, I’ll be late for class”
“Ok beautiful, see you around”
With that, Lilian made her way into the building.
Priya saw them talking and got angry. She stormed into the building and went to Lilian’s class.
She entered without knocking and dragged Lilian out of the class. She carried her to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.
“Didn’t i tell you that i don’t want to ever see you with my man? Now you will see what i will do to you” She said as she beat Lilian badly.
Stephanie was sitting with Tina when she felt something on her cheek. She looked and saw a purple sparkle in front of her.
“What is that?” Tina asked.
“I dunno. It wants me to follow it” she said as she stood up.
“I wanna come too” Tina said
“No stay, the lecture might become suspicious”
“Ok, take care then” Tina said as Stephanie stood up.
She took permission from the lecture and followed the sparkle who was floating high up on the ceiling. It left her to the girls toilet.
“Why did you bring me here?” She said as she placed her hand on the door.
“That feeling i feel when im close to Lilian?” She said.
She opened the door and was shocked when she saw Priya beating Lilian.
“Stop” She shouted as she dragged Oriya from Lilian.
“Hey, this is not your business. Its between me and my sister” Priya said
“You are worse than a sister. If you dare come near Lilian again, I’ll make you pay” Stephanie said.
“Suit yourself then, this isn’t over Lillian, I’m coming for you” she said as she stormed out of the bathroom.
Lilian cried as she sat on the floor.
“What happened?” Stephanie asked
“Its because *she saw me with Kelvin that’s why” With that, she arrested all that happened the day before and* how Proud threatened her to stay away from Kelvin.
“Don’t worry, she won’t do any more harm to you, Kelvin likes you and you like him, don’t let that witch stop you. Follow your heart dear and do what you think is right” Stephanie adviced.
“Thanks” Lilian said as Stephanie helped her to stand up.
“You’re welcome” she answered. They came out of the bathroom.
“So we’ll pick you up by three?” Stephanie asked.
“Sure” Lilian said as they parted ways.
“I still don’t get it Tina, why will a sister influence pain on the other?” Stephanie asked Lillian who was sitting on the bed.
“Priya is an ungrateful being. she doesn’t value what nature has given her” Tina said.
“I think there is more to their relationship that i haven’t known about. Either ways, let’s go Tina, we won’t wanna keep her waiting” Stephanie said as they got ready for the outing.
“I guess this must be her house, let’s go in” Stephanie said as the Gate-keeper opened the gate and led them in.
They entered the house and saw Me Dickson whom they greeted.
“I guess you’re here for Lilian. Her room is upstairs” Mr Dickson directed.
“Thanks sir” they said as they climbed the stairs.
They walked down the passageway when they heard some voices.
“I wonder why dad still keeps her here. She is not my sister but a she-devil found on my doorstep. Anything i’d do to get rid of her i will do. I just hate that girl so much” The voice said.
“That must be Priya” Tina said
“Do you know what that means?” Stephanie asked.
Tina opened her mouth and closed it again.
“We better go before they notice we were peeping on them”
They walked on till they found Lilian’s room. Tina knocked and Lilian opened the door.
“Oh! You girls are here. Wait a minute, let me get my bag”
She took her bag and they all left the mansion and headed towards the car.
To be continued………………..

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