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The passion fairy episode 15a

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” I dont understand what you’re saying. Fairies don’t exist. You’re saying this so i would laugh over it and forget. Just tell me the truth” Tina said as she looked at Stephanie
“I am saying the truth. You never asked me where i lived or where i came from before coming to stay in your house” Stephanie said
“Stop lying to me”. She said as she stood up
“But I’m not, its the truth”
“Then prove it to me that you are what you said you are”
“My powers were taken, i can’t prove it”
“Then it means you are lying”
“Wait, i could show you this. Follow me to the bathroom”
“The bathroom?”
“Yes, i wanna show you something” she said as she led the way into Tina’s bathroom”
Stephanie went to the bathtub and touched the water. She stood and closed her eyes. Suddenly, the water in the bath tub started moving. She raised her hand and the water followed suit. She made it look like a flower.
“Wow” Tina looked stunned as she stepped back.
Stephanie released her hand and the water returned to the bathtub.
“Do you believe me now?” she asked.
“I dont want you to be scared of me. I just wanted to tell you the truth. I’m from Zodar, a planet very far away from here.
“I lost ma family when i was six to the King who ruled unjustly. It was believed that the King before King Rexandro was his brother who reigned justly and with equity.
“King Rexandro killed him and the Queen, but wasn’t really able to kill Keira who was their child”
“I lost my *powers to the King who unjustly took any supernatural being he laid hand on and made them work as slaves*
“An old witch told me that Keira was here on earth and i made her a promise to *find her and bring her back to Zodar. I dunno if Lilian is Keira but anytime she is close to me, i feel* so much magic and power, more than i have ever felt before.
“That was why I wanted to be close to her, so as to find out who she really is
“Tina please dont tell anyone, for your own safety. Im sorry for everything i caused you. I never meant to snub or ignore you. Please forgive me”
She said as she moved closer to Tina, but Tina moved backwards.
“Dont be scared of me, i promise, i am not bad” She said as she took Tina’s hand.
“I cant believe *all this. I wish i could wake up from this dream. Why didn’t you tell me all these? I would have helped” She* said as she held Stephanie’s hand.
“I promise not to tell anyone and keep this a secret. And i will help you find Keira, trust me” She said as she hugged Stephanie.
“Thank you” Stephanie said as she hugged her back.
“Hey Lilian” Stephanie called as Tina followed her.
“Hello Stephanie and Tina, how are you doing?” Lilian asked
“We’re fine. You never showed up for the movie, what happened?” Stephanie asked as they walked to the canteen.
“I just didn’t get home early” She said as she sat down.
“That isnt the matter now. I really want the three of us to go out, wouldn’t that be nice?” Tina asked
“Yeah, that will be awesome, what do you say Lilian?” Stephanie asked as they both looked at Lilian”
“You both want me to say yes right” She asked as the two girls looked at her, eager to hear her response.
“Ok fine, we’ll go out” Lilian answered.
“That’s good, so we’ll come to your house and pick you. Could you give us your house address?”
Lilian wrote her house address and gave it to Tina.
They continued talking till Stephanie noticed Lilian was distracted. She traced her eyes and saw it was Kelvin.
“Lilian” Stephanie called
“Yes, what were you saying about the outing? Lilian asked as she fiddled with her food.
“What’s up with you and Kelvin?Ive noticed that you continuously stare at him. Is anything wrong?” Stephanie asked.
“No, its nothing” she said.
“You could trust us, we’re good at keeping secrets”Tina said as she held Lilian’s hand”
“I dunno what’s going on with me. I cant take my eyes off him.There’s this joy i feel when i see him, and when i dont, i tend to look for him till i find him.
“I think about him everytime and it drives me crazy, i dunno why” She said as she looked back at him.
“Hmm, are you sure it isn’t love?” Tina said as she looked at Lilian.
“I dunno, whatever that is, I’ll sure get over it” she said as she drank water.
“Where were you yesterday?, we looked everywhere for you?” Derrick asked.
” I just went to get some fresh air” Kelvin answered.
“We got worried bro, we thought something had happened to you” Leo said.
“I’m fine guys, nothing to worry about” He said as he looked around the room.
“So when are we going to host our next party?” Leo asked.
“All you ever lived for is party. Dont you talk about anything apart from girls and parties” Derrick asked.
“Well girls and parties matter to the Green devils doesn’t it Kelvin?” He asked Kelvin who seemed to be looking at someone.
Leo traced his eyes and smiled.
“Oh! i see what’s going on” Leo said
“What?” Kelvin said as he looked at him.
“I saw the way you looked at that girl, i hope its not what I’m thinking” Leo said as he smiled.
“I told you Leo’s head wasn’t screwed properly before being born. What is wrong with you? Don’t you know Kelvin has a girlfriend? He’s not a flirt like you” Derrick said as he smiled.
“Who’s a flirt?”
“You’re a flirt”
” If im a flirt, then you are a flirt”
“I dont flirt like you”
“You flirt with your books”
“At least im better than you who flirts with girls”
“You won’t dare challenge me”
“What am i doing now?”
“Guys, enough with the arguements” Kelvin said as they kept quiet.
“Are you gonna approach her?” Leo asked.
” I dunno, she is too beautiful for me” Kelvin said as he looked in Lilian’s direction
“It will be good for me, at least I’ll have a girl to take out today. Leo said as he smiled, showing his gaped teeth.
“Don’t you dare” Kelvin said as he looked at him
” You are in love man, no doubt. Go for your girl, you might get her if you try” Leo said
“What about the witch? will you dump her?” Derrick asked.
“How will i dump someone who dumped me? we broke up yesterday”
“What!” Leo and Derrick said in unison as they stared at Kelvin.
“It happened yesterday and i dun wanna talk about it” He said as he looked at his food.
“That’s a testimony! Finally you have come to your senses. Priya only loved your money, not you. When i tried telling you, you told me i was over-reacting. Finally, that girl has freed you” Derrick said as he clapped his hand.
“That’s not ma business anymore, i have many other stuffs to talk about other than that” Kelvin asked as he stood up and walked to where Lilian and the girls where sitting.
To be continued……………

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