May 6, 2021


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The passion fairy episode 14

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Lilian watched as he drove away. She smiled as she remembered all he had said to her.
She turned and entered the house.
“Lilian, oh i’m so glad to see you my dear. Ive been very worried about you. I went to your school to look for you but didn’t see you. Where have you been?” Mr Dickson asked.
“I’m fine dad,at least I’m home” She said as she smiled.
“Alright angel, go freshen up” Mr Dickson said as he patted her back.
She climbed the stairs and made way for her bedroom. She was about to enter when somebody suddenly dragged her into the room opposite hers.
” What were you doing with my boyfriend today bitch? Answer me or I’ll kill you” Priya said as she held Lilian’s neck
“Stop! you’re suffocating me please”
Priya let go and pushed Lilian to the wall
“You had the gods to flirt with my boyfriend huh? You low class witch”
She said as she slapped Lilian. She kicked her and she fell. Lilian got up and Priya tried to slap her, but Lilian held her hand.
“That’s it! Now listen to me Priya, i have had enough of your taunts. I have always loved you but all you do is taunt me every single chance you get.
“I keep quiet everytime you bully or oppress me because you are my sister. You spoil everything for me but i never challenged or raised my voice at you till now. All you ever do is hurt the people around you”
She said as she roughly dropped Priya’s hand
“Wow! she talked back at me. Incredible! now you’ve grown wings to look into my eyes and challenge me.
“Now listen and listen very good. Kelvin is mine and mine alone so dont be a fool and go take what is mine because i will make your life a living hell”
“You still have the courage to say that Kelvin is yours? After ditching him, you say he’s yours? He loved you sister, he wanted to always make you happy and give you everything you desired,but you never cared for him. All you wanted was money
“Kelvin is a nice guy and you dont deserve him. You never did. Because of you, he almost ended his life today. I wanna give you one advice sis, pushing people who love and care for you wont take you anywhere. Have a good night”. She said as she stormed out.
“Lilian spoke back at me. She fucking spoke back at me. This is just the beginning Lilian, i have better plans for you” She said as she left for her room.
“I cant believe i stood up to Priya. I’ve never done that. I just hope i didn’t do a bad thing”
She said as she entered the bathroom. She freshened up and came out.
She opened her windows and looked out. She suddenly remembered Kelvin and looked up at the stars.
“I dunno *what’s wrong with me. What’s this feeling i get when i think about you? Ive never felt this way before. When you held my* hand, a spark of electricity went through my veins. When i looked at your eyes, it felt i was in heaven
“When you cried, my heart went out to you. Your image lingers in my mind every minute and second. What is this im feeling for you?” She said as she looked up at the stars, relinquishing all the questions she had to them.
Kelvin made his way into his home. He met his dad in the sitting room and greeted him.
“How are you son?” Mr Enderson asked.
“I’m fine dad” Kelvin answered as he waited for his dad to ask about where he had been.
But to his surprise, his father got up and went upstairs, not once looking back.
Kelvin sighed as he climbed upstairs. He entered his room and dropped his bag. He sat on his bed as he remembered Lilian.
“Lilian” he said as he remembered that beautiful face he stared at. The feeling he had when he held her hand. The comfort he felt when he poured out all his emotions to her.
“I dunno if its love or not but i need you Lilian. Your presence comforted me and showed the light. I can never forget those eyes i stared at, they were so beautiful. Thanks for coming into my life” He said as he got up and made his way towards the bathroom.
“I wonder why Lilian didn’t show up at the cinema. I hope she is alright” She said as she entered the house.
“Good evening daddy” she said as she hugged Mr Callisto.
“How are you dear?” He asked
“I’m fine dad”
“So where’s ma popcorn?”
“Didn’t bring any”
“Youre lucky i was in a good mood today. Your sister has been quiet in her room.I dunno why, please cheer her up” He said.
“Really? ok dad, daz exactly what I’ll do” She said as she climbed up the stairs.
She went to Tina’s room and knocked.
“Can i come in?” Stephanie asked.
“If you wish” Tina answered.
She entered and sat close to Tina who sat on the bed hugging her legs.
“What’s wrong sis? You could tell me”
“Its nothing, i just dont feel so good”
“Tina, i know you enough to know you are not happy. Talk to me, i will be more than happy to listen.
“You don’t spend time with me. You are always with Lilian.Since you love her more than me” Tina said.
“No Tina, that’s not true. I just have her as a friend”.
“Friend? you guys are closer than sisters. You dont even know her that much. You only met her once and suddenly became friends. Everything is Lilian. You dont care about me anymore” she said as she sniffed.
“You wont understand Tina”
“Then make me understand. Why do you relate with her as if you are close to her? Why do you always wanna be with her? Tell me”
“I can’t” she said as she made an attempt to leave but Tina held her hand.
“Please tell me. If you take me as a sister then tell me. If its a secret then i am ready to keep. Please dont leave your sister in the dark. You’re hiding something from me. If you dont tell me, then i will hurt myself”
She said as she got out of bed and took a table knife and held it to her hand.
“No Tina please”
“Then if you have one ounce of love for me, then tell me”
“Ok, i will. Just dont hurt yourself” she said
“I won’t, now tell me” she said
“I kinda….. I’m a fairy”
To be continued………..

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