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The passion fairy episode 13

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“Why do you want to kill yourself? You would have drowned if i wasn’t there to save you” Lilian asked as she looked at Kelvin.
He frowned as he turned away from her.
“I dont trust strangers” He said
“Alright then, i understand” She said as she turned, about to walk away.
” My life is a total mess. I’ve never been happy.
“My father never cares about me. Even if i was kidnapped or tortured, he wont ever be bordered.
“I supposed to be close to my mother, but she snubs me *and pushes me away, just because she had me with my father.Arent children supposed to* be closer to their mother?” Kelvin said as a tear trickled down his face.
“They always want me to support them, but i never wanted to support anyone. No one cares if i was dead or not, its best you describe me as dead.
“I may be Kelvin Enderson – a rich dude and every woman’s dreams, but in between, i am more described as a jerk who fell i love with a girl that never understood me.
“All my life, i have lived in loneliness. No one to love me, no one to care”
“Im sorry” Lilian, moved by how he spoke came closer and consoled him.
” At times i wish i wasn’t given such a stupid father and a useless mother”
“No Kelvin, dont say that, they are your parents”
“You call those people parents? they are my worst nightmare”
“I understand what you are going through Kelvin but they are your parents, your own *flesh and blood. They might be in the wrong, they might have been wicked to you and might have said some things* that might have hurt you bad, but they are still your parents
“You dont have to insult them, you just *have to try to change them.Try to reach out to your parents and make them feel the pains you are going through.* Committing suicide wont solve any problem Kelvin” Lilian said as she smiled at him.
“I guess that is a thanks. Im sorry for saying all that to you. I was just emotional. I dont know why but i felt comfortable telling you all that”
“Im glad i could help”.
“What’s your name?”
“Lilian, Lilian Dickson”
“Dickson? You bear the same surname as my girlfriend, i mean to say my ex”
“Who’s that?”
“Oh! Priya is my older sister”
“Wow, i didn’t know Priya had a sister, and a beautiful one at that”
“And i didn’t know you were her boyfriend”
“Yeah, i was. We broke up today. She *was cheating on me. I dont even think she ever cared much about me* . She just loved my money, nothing else, and to think i have loved her” He said as he wept.
“Im sorry, please dont cry ” she said as she tried to calm him down.
“Thanks” he said after he had gotten a grip on himself
“I must be on my way now. My parents and sister must be worried about me”
“You cant go alone, its late. My car is nearby, mind if i dropped you home?” He asked
“I will be more than grateful. Thanks”
“Don’t mention” He said as they made their way to his car.
“If you dont tell me the reason why you left Lilian at college then i will skin you alive” Mr Dickson said as he made his way towards Priya.
“Dont *touch her, she is your daughter for crying out loud. The person that ought to be punished is that girl and not my daughter” Mrs Dickson said as he stood between her husband and daughter* .
“Why dont you ask her why? dont think i haven’t noticed *your unruly behaviour towards your sister. She is your sister Priya and your younger at that, how could you be treating* her like a commoner?” Mr Dickson asked as he appeared confused.
“My sister, that bitch isnt my sister *dad. I treat her the way she supposed to be treated so I’m not the one in the wrong.Dont think i dont know about how you found that she-devil* on our doorstep, how you made her my sister”
“You made a wrong decision by *bringing her here because i will make her suffer dad” She took everything from me but i will take everything back in ten folds no matter the cost” Priya* said as she fumed with anger
“But who *told you all this? I didnt tell you anything. All i wanted was for you to have a sister to *call your own. Her comIng* into this house made me prosperous and wealthy. Lilian hasn’t done anything to deserve your hate Priya, why do you hate her this much?”
“Hate? if there is a word that can br more than hate then i *would have used that word. She always takes everything from me. Everyone always notices her and never notices me, why wont i hatr that daughter of an unkown* bitch?” Priya asked
“Look, you keep that crazy talk and don’t tell Lilian about any of this. Goodness knows how she will take it”
“All you ever *cared about is Lilian. Lilian Lilian, Lilian. Cant a day pass without hearing that foolish girl’s name? You love her more *than you love your own daughter. For goodness sake, she isnt our daughter* , why take her* as one? She supposed to work for us as a maid but instead, you made her your daughter” Mrs Dickson said.
“So it has come to this now? what *has come over you two? Whatever that is, its your business but let me warn you guys, if Lilian hears one word about this,then* i will make sure i disown or separate from that person” Mr Dickson said as he walked out.
“You see what i told you? Lilian has possessed your father that he doesn’t even know the difference between a commoner and his daughter” Mrs Dickson said as she angrily walked out.
Priya stormed into her room and locked the door.
“Lilian, your days here are numbered” she said as she opened her curtains.
“Kelvin? what is he doing here? I knew he cant stay a day without me”
She was about to call out when she noticed someone in the car with him. She saw him come out of the car and went to the other side of the car to open the door.
“Lilian? with my Kelvin? That bastard! wait till i get you” she said as she watched Lilian laugh.
Seeing this, she locked her window and dropped her curtain.
“I hope we can hang out some other time. He said and held her hand.
“Thanks for everything. Ill see you tomorrow?” Kelvin said
“Ok, thanks for the ride” she thanked him.
“You’re welcome” He said as he left her hand.
He entered his car and started the engine. He drove away, waving her till she was out of sight.
To be continued……………

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