May 6, 2021


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The passion fairy episode 12

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“My life had always been filled with twist and turns. It never was alright for me since i grew up in a home where parents always quarrel.
Maybe that’s what made me like this, Yeah, i may be Kelvin Enderson – the guy with taste, but my life was as tasteless as water, nothing close to sweet.
“My parents never seemed to love me.They always argued and made conditions for me, as long as i take their side.
“Now my mother has left home. Now I’m motherless. I always feel like committing suicide. I guess that’s the reason why.
“My only family now are Kelvin and Leo who always make up time to be there for me. I’ll always be grateful for their company.
“I dunno about my girlfriend. Though i love her alot, all she wants from me is money. So i cant possibly say she takes care of me.
“Hey man, how was class” Leo asked as he sat beside me.
“Twas rocky, couldn’t even understand a thing that maths teacher said”
“I know what will cheer you up Kev. See those beautiful damsels over there, which is the most beautiful?
“I looked in the direction he was *pointing at and her met her gaze. She was the same girl i bumped into some time ago. Didnt* know she was this beautiful* .
Nah, she’s not my type, and besides, i have Priya as my girlfriend, that’s enough for me.
I looked towards her direction but didn’t see her, or the girls she was with.
“That doesn’t concern me anyway” i thought as i made my way to my class. I have had enough of girls.
I couldn’t get over his image as i remembered that cute face i glared into at the canteen.
“Wasn’t he the guy i bumped into weeks ago? Why cant i get his face out of my mind?
Those eyes, so divine. What the hell is going on with me?” Lilian thought as she looked at the lecturer.
“Hey Kev, done with classes?” Derrick asked as he approached Kelvin who was in the stadium.
“Yeah bro, but i got stuck with assignments which i dont think i will be able to finish before tomorrow”
“Dun worry Kev, your buddy’s got your back. I am more than willing to help.
“Thanks Derrick. By the way, where’s Leo?”
“He must be out flirting with a girl. That’s what he always does” Derrick said
“Kelvin, ive not seen you all day. Where have you been?”
Priya asked as she sat close to Kelvin.
“The witch has arrived” Ill be right back Kev. Gotta take take care of some important stuffs” He said as he made his walked away.
“Ive been around. Guess you hardly noticed” Kelvin said.
“Nevermind dear. I need money for shopping. I’m taking some girls out”
Kelvin turned, making an eye contact with Priya.
“Do you love me?”
“Of course baby, i do”
“If you really love me, why cheat on me?”
“Me? cheat on you?, how will i?”
“Stop pretending, you understand very well what i’m talking about. Didnt it even *get through that skull of yours that i will surely hear of your affair with Charles? You fucking ditched me Priya and i hate* you for that.
“After i had shown you love, given everything u’ve asked for,yous till went ahead and did this to me”
“Fine! suit *yourself. Not that you take care of me anyway. Its over Kelvin Enderson. Go to hell” Priya said as she stormed out of the stadium.*
Kelvin sat on the bench,and a tear trickled down his face.
“Am i really *crying? I’m a big guy, i dont cry.Why am i even crying for a girl who doesn’t deserve me or my love?* I hate my life” Kelvin said as he got up and walked to an unknown destination.
“How am i going to get home? I don’t have any money on me and rain is about to fall. Priya left me and didn’t tell me ahe was going home. Ill have to walk all the way home.
She trekked and suddenly stopped. Why do i sense someone’s in trouble ? Lilian said as she followed where her heart led her to.
She got to a river and looked around. Someone seemed to be sinking in the middle of the river.
Lilian quickly dropped her bag and dived in. She rescued the person and brought him to shore.
He suddenly coughed and opened his eyes.
“You again? Why did you save me? You could have let me die” He said as he got up.
“You could have at least said a thank you” Lilian said as she folded her hands.
“Thanks any way”
To be continued …….

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