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The passion fairy episode 10

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CHAPTER TEN πŸ“–πŸ“–πŸ“–πŸ“–
“Daddy, we are ready” Tina shouted as she ran down the stairs.
“Ready for what? Are we going to see pinocchio in disneyland?” he asked.
“No dad, we are ready for school” Tina said as she giggled.
“This little piggy is giggling at *me and that little piggy is……..” Mr Callisto said as he held his waist* , waiting for Tina’s answer.
“coming downstairs” She completed as she saw Stephanie coming down the stairs.
“So can we go now?” she asked.
“Of course dear, but i just have to find my tie first. Now where did i put it?”
“Daddy, its on your neck, where it supposed to be” Tina said as Stephanie giggled.
“Oh right, lets get going then, cant keep two little piggies waiting” He said as they made their way for the car.
“Daddy! we are not piggies” Tina said.
“Yes, i must admit, I made a mistake in calling you two piggies”
“Yeah, you guys are piglets” he said as he smiled.
“Daddy!” she said as she wanted to hold him
“She wants to torture me. Somebody help” he shouted as he laughed, running towards his car.
“I will catch you daddy, come on *Stephy” she said as she held her hand and ran with* her, chasing her father (or should i say their father) to the car.
“I told you you couldn’t catch me” He said as he opened the car and sat on the driver’s seat.
” I agree, we are piglets dad, aren’t we Stephy?” Tina asked
“I dunno” Stephanie answered as she giggled.
“Now you are talking”.He said as he started the car
“But if we *are *piglets, then you are a certainly a pig because piglets don’t come from a human father,but from a piggie father” she said as she laughed.*
“Oh brother, ive had enough for one day” he said as he made a u-turn.
Meanwhile, Stephanie was lost in her own thoughts.
“I still dont know where or how to find Keira. I dunno *what she looks like or whether she is alive or not. I just hope i find her in time before Zodar becomes worse. Spirits of the light please help me, i cant do this without you* ” she said as she prayed.
Tina, noticing Stephanie’s quietness asked
“Is anything wrong Stephy?”
“No Tina, im just thinking about how school life will be”
“Oh! ok, dont worry, i got your back little sis” Tina said as she winked at her.
“Finally, we are here”. He said as he parked the car.
“Come on sis” Tina said as she helped Stephanie out of the car
“Stephanie” Mr Callisto called
“Yes dad” she answered.
“I know *adjusting to college could be so annoying but you just have to. You might make friends, but also enemies.* Dont partake in any form of vice or wicked act.
“And that also applies to you Tina. *You are my daughters and i love you both. Please dont enter into any form of trouble because i will be highly disappointed. Now promise me you two will be good* girls.
“Promise dad” Tina said
“Promise father” Stephanie promised.
“Now can i get a hug?” He asked.
“Sure thing dad” Tina said as they both hugged their father.
“Bye girls, take care” Mr Callisto waved his daughters
“This place is so strange. Why is the building so tall? It might fall any moment” Stephanie said as she looked at the building.
“No silly, it supposed to be tall *because lots of students school here, so lots of classrooms are needed for learning” Tina explained* as they climbed the stairs.
“But what if the building falls on top of us?”
“It wont sis, trust me” She said as they walked to the noticeboard
“We have to find our lockers, and since we have the same surname, yours supposed to be close to mine”
“What’s a locker?”
“Its a storage department for books and other stuffs. It has a lock” She said as they made their way to their lockers.
“Wow its lovely. I like it already” Stephanie said as she admired her locker.
“Who are those guys?” Stephanie asked as three boys came walking in the hallway.
“They are *the green devils. Weird name right? The one at the middle is Kelvin. His father owns this college and he’s rich as well. He’s the cutest and the most* handsome among the three
“The one at his right hand side is Leo. He’s also rich, but a flirt
“The last one is Derrick. He’s the most intelligent of the three but lives a carefree life” Tina said as Stephanie looked at them.
“They are handsome” she said as they watched girls trying to take selfie with the green devils
“Well, maybe, they aren’t that bad” Tina said as she turned to her locker
Lilian held *her books close to her chest as she climbed the stairs. She was excited, but nervous. She was lost in thoughts and in the process, collided with* someone.
“You again?” Kelvin asked as he stared at her.
“Im so..rry” Lilian answered as she bowed her head.
“Are you new here?” he asked.
“Yes, i am” Lilian answered, tightening her grip on her books.
“Ill let this pass because you are new here. Now get the fucking hell out of my sight” He said as Lilian ran, not looking back once.
She went to the noticeboard to check the direction of her locker.
She then went to find it. Coincidentally, it was adjacent to Stephanie’s and Tina’s locker.
“Why do i sense a magic? Its so strong. Ive never sensed so much magic before” Stephanie said as she turned and looked around.
“What’s wrong sis? Are you looking for someone?”
“No, i was just looking around. Its a really beautiful place”
“Glad you like it, now lets go to our class” she said as she held Stephanie’s hand to their class.

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