May 6, 2021


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The passion fairy episode 1

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Mr Dickson sighed as he drove home. He had a stressful day at work. He was a *waiter who worked at a Starmeal restuarant, a job that didn’t earn me much money. But he had to provide for his family, especially now* that he has a child.
“I wish finding a job was easy, i wouldn’t be working as a waiter”. He said as he came down from his car.
He drove in *and packed his car. He climbed the stairs and immediately stopped as he stared at the baby before* him.
“What is this baby doing here? She is so beautiful” He said as he carried her in his arms.
He opened the door and entered. He dropped his suitcase and entered the room. He met his wife playing with their little daughter.
“Hello darling” Mr Dickson said as Mrs Dickson turned.
“How are you dear” Mrs Dickson asked as she looked at the baby in his arms.
“I’m fine dear”
“Where did you get that baby from? Mrs Dickson said as she dropped Priya on the bed.
“I saw her *on our doorstep, isn’t she the prettiest thing u ever saw?” Mr Dickson said as he gave* the baby to his wife.
“She is indeed beautiful, we should inform the police don’t you think?”
“Yes dear, i will inform the police but she could stay here for sometime. Should we give her a name?”
“Not now, we need to find out about her parents, who knows, they might be worried about her”
“Yes dear, that’s what we will do” Mr Dickson said as he pecked his wife.
They never *really found out about Keira’s parents so they took her as their own. They* raised her and gave her the name Lilian.
Lilian was *an epitome of beauty. She was kindhearted and very understandable. Everyone loved her and always *wanted* to be her friend except Priya who was the Dickson’s daughter. She grew jealous of her and always wanted* to set her up but her plans always never work.
Priya was *older than Lilian with two years so she was ahead of her in class. Time passed till it was time for Lilian to start high school* ……
To be continued

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