May 7, 2021


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ONS With A V Episode 69

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Written by Feathers.
Chapter 69
Nancy’s POV
“What are you trying to do?” I finally let out but he placed his hand on my p@nt and tore it off aggressively
My days!
“What is this!” I screamed and started struggling my way up.
He pinned me with one hand and started pulling down his trœusers with the second hand, an idea came to my mind so I calmed like I would allow him.
He brought out his d—-!k and as he tried to take it to where my p—-Y was, I used my second hand to grab his bãlls and squeezed it.
He cried out in pain and slapped me heavily, my ahead ached badly but I didn’t leave the ball.
If it is crashable, I was ready to destroy it, I was able to grab it with my two hands and pressed it hard like I would break it.
He screamed and fell to the other side of the bed, he looked at me angrily again and threw another slap to my face.
I didn’t leave his scrotùm until I hear something like a crack in it, I do not know if something break in it or something.
I left him and ran out n@ked.
I went to the room he had originally given to me and quickly started getting dressed.
I ran out of the house, I remembered that my money was inside the room so I ran back inside, to my greatest surprise, I didn’t find all my money there again.
I searched and searched but couldn’t find it.
Did he take it?
I ran back to where Jason was aand I saw him rolling on the bed painfully, his hands were on his b-alls and he was groaning in pain.
“Did you take back my salary?” I asked but he didn’t act like he heard. He just kept grøaning painfully.
“Did you?” I shouted and he shot me an angry look.
I do not want to dare what may happen, I ran out to the street, I did not have any money with me, just the phone that can only connect to Mike.
Mum is in a different country, there is no way I would call her that I was in a situation like that plus I don’t even want to speak to her.
Mike had already sold me out, calling him is not an option.
I looked around and wondered where I could lodge for the night, how can I even go to my place of work after what I did to my bøss.
Well, I only defended myself, I can’t go through the trauma of being rÃped.
I went under a small shed and sat there, I was there until it was in the middle of the night where people were no longer out.
Just few cars were moving.
I was stranded and homeless, now I regret that Jason paid for my freedom, I should have remained with Mike.

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