May 7, 2021


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ONS With A V Episode 67

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Written by Feathers.
Chapter 67
Nancy’s POV
I was still sitted beside Jason.
The smile on his face was broad. He was obviously happy that I now stay with him.
“I don’t know sir.” I answered his question.
He nodded and looked away.
“It will really hurt me if I find out that you fall in love with someone else, I find myself falling in love with you always.”He said and I lowered my head shyly.
I raised it up all of a sudden and said; ” Do you realize that Love can not be forced?”
“I know, but the other party can encourage the other party to fall in love. I’m capable as a man, cool , nice, lovely and maybe handsome.” He said.
“Actually, you are handsome, but being handsome is not always a reason why people fall in love with each other, I think it’s a state of the heart. I can’t really guarantee that I will later fall in love with you.” I said.
“Hum! As long as I did not see any other man with you, I’ll always be hopeful…” He said and we both went quiet.
“Erm…have you ever thought about me when you are alone? like wondering why I love you and if you may probably fall in love with me in the future?” He asked.
“No….no, I’ve not. ” I answered sharply.
“What exactly do you think about?”He asked.
I chuckled. ” Well, I think about what food I will eat in the after noon onthe one I will eat in the morning, I think about how I can become skilled in the job I do, I also think about my future, if I will ever become one of the greatest woman in the world.” I answered.
“Really? I hope you find time to think about me sometimes.” He said and I nodded.
“I’ll try.” I said and his face moved from my eye to my b—–ST.
“I love your br—-ST.” He said to my surprise.
“Excuse me?”I asked feeling embarrassed that he compliment something so private about me.
” Are you offended?” He looked at me and asked.
“I do not feel comfortable with you talking about my b—-ST.” I said and he looked intently at me without saying a word.
“Nancy, does that mean Mike doesn’t touch you in any part of your body?” He asked.
“He does, I told you he even makes love with me anytime he likes and that’s because he owns me, I really do not have a choice.” I answered.
“Have you ever rejected him?”He asked.
” I have.”
“And…did he force you since he own you?”He asked.
” No, he has never forced me.”
“Which means you actually allowed him, so why can’t you allow me, especially knowing how much I love you. I’m not even talking about making love with you, I was only conplimenting your br—-ST and you are taking it personal.” He said and I did not even know what to say.

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