May 6, 2021


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My Virgin Husband Episode 102

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My Virgin Husband.
Written by Feathers.
Chapter 102
Ethan’s POV
I was still skeptical about Beandon, my wife had said he had changed but I do not expect him to change overnight so I will keep watching
He might have another gimmics off his sleeve, but if he has changed for real, it’s a good one for my wife and I.
Sonia and Brandon were with us at the livng room, that was after we lead them inside.
“Shouldn’t we have a dinner to celebrate the reunion?” Rose threw the question up in the air.
“Yeah…that’s a nice idea.” Sonia said.
“I’ll love that.” Brandon added but I kept mute. This was the same Brandon that could have killed me.
I do not know how people forgive easily but if I have not been extra clever, I will sure be dead by now and he would be enjoying my wife.
“Ethan, what did you say?” Rose asked me.
“It’s fine by me.” I said and she went to the dinning to start preparing what we would eat together.
I used a side of my eye to watch Brandon and Sonia as they display affection.
Has he really changed for real , thought he said he didn’t like Sonia, all these sudden change from this people is suspicious.
Anyways,I will always be a step ahead in case of any silly move.
“I’m done.” Rose said and Brandon and Sonia who were seated on a chair backing the dinning turned and saw the table set.
They stood and walked to the dinning.
I stood also and joined them.
We all sat around the table, Brandon was sitting before me but beside Sonia, Rose was sitting before Sonia but beside me
We tōasted happily and began to eat.
After we were done eating, Rose tried to start up a conversation to cheer up the atmosphere but I was not in the mood.
I was just being careful.
“Can you show me the bathroom?” Brandon asked with a pathetic look.
“Sure.” Rose said and stood.
I wanted to tell her not to lead the man to the bath room but I felt like, it could spoil the beautiful atmosphere that was created in the room.
Rose came back few seconds later and sat back.
“I’m glad both families are back together, we all should be expecting babies now.” Rose said and I giggled.
It was taking more than five minutes and Brandon hasn’t arrived yet.

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