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My Virgin Bride Episode 92

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My Virgin Bride.
Written by Feathers.
Chapter 92
Fred’s POV
Anita didn’t allow me go home that night, I had to sleep the night with her.
Even though, she tried to make love with me in the middle of the night, I stopped her cause I was not happy.
Very early the following morning, I got dressed and looked at Anita who was still sleeping.
I walked out and drove back home.
On getting home, I noticed someone seems to be preparing food at the kitchen so I went there.
I was stunned to see Sonia cooking, I do the cooking on a norms but seeing Sonia cook really stuns me.
“Sonia!” I called but she did not respond.
“Sonia!” I called again and she turned to me.
“What’s the problem?” She asked.
“I’m sorry I left you yesterday.”
“What are you sorry for, you went there yesterday and made love with her. Stay away from me.”She said but I walked close to her instead.
“I spoke with my doctor friend yesterday, he said I shouldn’t be the only one to be tested, he said you should be tested too.”Somia said.
” I already impregnated someone, the problem can not be from me.”Fred said.
“Maybe not.”Sonia said as she cooked.
After she was done, she walked away from the kitchen and I followed her
I knew she was angry and sad.
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” Fine, I’ll do the test.” I said.
“Now?” She asked and I furrowed my brow.
“You want me to conduct the test now? Well, if it is what you want, fine.” I said and she started walking out.
She had not bathed , neither have I.
We both got inside the car and she drove me to a mini hospital.
We entered and I got tested as she had wanted.
“The problem is with you Mr Fred, the female doctor said.
” What are you talking about?” I asked her.
“Well, you seem to be poisoned, your spë-rm currently can not produce a baby.” She said.
“Okay, what is the solution?” I asked even though I do not believe what the doctor said.
She took me to one the ward and told me to lã-Y, she administered some treatments to me and said; “Don’t make love with your wife this night so you can be healed permanently.” She said and I stood.
I walked home with Sonia.
I did not make love with her that night but I did the following night.
I hope she gets pregnant this time.

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