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Melted Hearts Episode 27

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( Short Episode )
( Lost in your ♧ world )
β™‘ Episode 27 β™‘
Preet went upstairs after they left ,,she entered her room and sighed, she’s missing him already. She finally walked into the dressing room, she put off her clothes and went into the bathroom, she took her bath and walked back into the room. She rub her glowing skin with the lotion and then put on a trouser and a shirt ,,she packed her hair and then used a little lipstick. She smiled at herself in the mirror before carrying a bag ,,she went out of the dressing room and carried her laptop ,she also took her phone and then wore a Palm slippers .
She checked the time and immediately rushed out of the room ,,she went downstairs.
” Mam,,we made Breakfast,, your favorite, Kimchi ” A maid said
” Awwn,,,am sorry I can’t wait ,you all can have it. Bye ” She smiled and ran out
The maids on the other hand looked so happy as she said that.
” I love her so much”
” She’s so beautiful even when simple ”
She immediately entered the car and the driver drove out of the mansion,,she rejected the guards who wanted to go with her.
” Its just a school,,okay,,you all can rest ” She had said
” We are here mam ” The driver announced their arrival
” Oh,thank you,see you later ” She smiled and got down from the car.
Someone tapped her shoulder and she looked back,,
” Oh ,,Flora?? ”
” Yeah,I really missed you a lot ” She said and hugged her
” Well,,I also missed you,where have you being??” Preet asked
” I told you my parents are not here right?? So I went to spend some days with them, I missed them ” Flora pouted
” Wow,that’s great ” Preet smiled
A call came on her phone and she checked,, she smiled when she saw that it’s Elena
πŸ“² Hey Bess
Elena’s cute voice came up
πŸ“² I was about calling,, I missed you
πŸ“² I also missed you Bess
πŸ“² Where are you ?? Should I come over ??
Preet asked
πŸ“² Oh ,,I wanted to inform you that I just left for Italy
πŸ“² Italy??? But why?? Were you also invited??
πŸ“² Not really Bess,,I will explain better when am back
πŸ“² Well,, okay,,,,,,how can you all leave like that?? Am so sad
She hanged up ,
” Is everything okay??” Flora asked
” Elena traveled ” She replied
” Don’t worry, I can keep your company ” Flora said with a wink.
They finally entered the class,,, The whole class faced them and focused on Preet
πŸ‘₯ She’s really Ronnie’s girlfriend
πŸ‘₯ So beautiful
They whispered even though she could hear them
A message came on her phone,,
” Oh,Ronnie??” she said in excitement
” Did you just say Ronnie??” Flora asked and moved closer to Preet
She only smiled and opened the message
πŸ’Œ Sweetheart,, you don’t have to think too much about me okay?? I will be back in a twinkle of eye,, I am missing you already. I will call you when we get to Italy,,I love you .πŸ’–πŸ’–
She smiled and shook her head
πŸ’Œ I love you more ,morer and most
She replied
πŸ’Œ Morer ??
πŸ’Œ Ignore that,, I love you. Am in class already,, chat you later.
πŸ’Œ Okay ,Fine .
Ronnie keep on smiling as he watch Preet’s picture,,he can’t believe he’s missing her badly already .
Can I really live without her ?? He thought,,
” What the hell are you smiling at ??” Romeo asked and grab the phone from him
” Give me back right now”
” Oh,,its Preet ” Romeo smiled and winked
” Give me back before I loose my cool ” Ronnie tried taking the phone from him
Romeo immediately threw it for Ryan
” Wow,,she’s so beautiful. Am not interested in Elena anymore, let me have Preet ” Ryan teased and winked
” Ryan give me my phone” Ronnie tried taking it from him
He immediately threw it to Wyaat ,,
” Wow,,she’s so cute ” Wyaat said blinking his eyes playfully
” Guys!!! Okay,Wyaat,,please give me back my phone ”
” Wow!!!!” They all shouted
” Almighty Ronnie saying Sorry ?? This is the first time am hearing that from you” Wyaat said touching his chest
” It’s not funny ,,” Ronnie snapped and took the phone from him
” You can do anything for Preet,,I can see ,,,” Michael said with a smile
” You should go look for your black and stop disturbing my life ” Ronnie snapped
” That got me ” Ryan said pretending to have a heart attack
” I know it will get you,,block head ” Wyaat said and they all laughed
” That hurt like seriously,, Ronnie am I a block head??” He faced Ronnie
” Maybe ” Ronnie replied without looking up
” Are you even listening to us?? Stop starring at her picture !! You will see her in two days ” Wyaat said
” I don’t know why am doing this ” Ronnie sighed and dropped the phone
Molly immediately ran into the bathroom as soon as her home teacher walked out of the room ,,she washed her hand and then walked out again. She smiled and packed her books into her bag ,,she went out of her room and went downstairs.
” Hey Molly ,,be careful on the stairs ” Old Nana said
” Thank you,, can I have a glass of milk and chocolate?? ” She asked
” What else can I do ?? I will make it very delicious ” The nanny said and touched her cheek before walking into the kitchen.
Molly suddenly remembered Preet,,she can’t wait to finish her exams and top her class so Ronnie can take her to Preet .
” Here ,,,” The nanny handed her the cup and a straw
She took a sip from it ,,
” Its good ,,,but not like Preet Unnie’s own ” She said and walked away
” That spoilt brat ” The nanny said and went back into the kitchen
” You guys should make it snappy,, ” She yelled at the maids
” We are sorry head maid ” They chorused and continue working.
Mrs Silver entered and he immediately faced her like he’s waiting for her .
” You don’t have to worry ,,she’s getting better already ,,I told you it was a good idea getting her a home teacher ” Mrs Silver said and smiled
” Am more worried about Ronnie ,,,I have to see him immediately he get back from Italy ” He sighed
” Romeo told me they reconciled,,so why are you worried about him??” she asked
” Romeo confessed to me and I felt bad ,,,I really hurt my son without knowing ” Mr Silver said sadly
” It’s fine,,am sure Ronnie will understand ” She said and hugged him.
🌌 Italy 🌌
The Crystals all got down from the airport looking as hot as ever ,,,the people in the airport screamed out.
πŸ‘₯ Omg!!!! I can’t believe they arrived already!!!!!
They shouted running toward them,, thank God for the guards with them which immediately covered them up
πŸ‘₯ They look so handsome!!!!!!
πŸ‘₯ This is my first time seeing them in real !!! They are hot!!!!
πŸ‘₯ Omg,,I don’t really know them,, who is the guy with blonde hair??
πŸ‘₯ That’s Ronnie ,he’s so handsome!!!
πŸ‘₯ Crystals!!!!!! We love you!!!!!
The Italian and the foreigners keep on shouting their names until they entered the car waiting for them.
” That was crazy,,,a lady almost kissed me ,,,I was so scared until the bodyguard covered me up ” Wyaat said.
” that’s hilarious,,, ” They all laughed
” I can’t get my first kiss like that ” Wyaat said and they all fainted except Ronnie
” What did you say?? First kiss???” Ronnie asked
” Yes ,,you wanna argue?? Then tell me who I kissed ” Wyaat replied
” I can’t believe this,,,,this is crazy,,, ” Ronnie said
” It’s better you wake up before you pass away ” Wyaat said and they all wake up
” You are savage Wyaat ,,,,,I almost died ” Ryan said still laughing
” Then die ,,,I will take Elena as my girlfriend ” Wyaat looked away
” I can’t die this way,,,” Ryan said and they laughed again
They finally got to the private hotel where they will lodge.
” Not bad ” Ronnie said as he got down from the car
” Oh,,,I have to call Preet ” He said bringing out his phone
” Guy,,you’ve hardly arrived !!” They yelled at him
” What’s your business with mine???” he asked and walked out to call Preet.
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