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Melted Hearts Episode 25

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( Lost in your β™₯ world )
β™‘ Episode 25 β™‘
Elena and Ryan walked hand in hand into the cinema,,, Ryan seem to be uninterested in the idea.
” Why do you choose a cinema of all things?? ” He scoff
” Stop complaining,, am sure you will love the movie we’re gonna watch,,it’s the latest ” Elena smiled
” Title??”
” Melted Hearts ,,trust me it’s so romantic ” She winked
” Romantic?? ” Ryan looked down at her since she’s shorter
” Of course,, really romantic ” She repeated
” Shouldn’t we just practice our own romance instead?? ” Ryan whispered
” You’re right,,but we are watching this first ”
” Fine ” He sighed
πŸ‘₯ Is that not Ryan from Crystals and Elena of Golden Girls?? They look just the same
πŸ‘₯ Oh my God!!!! It’s them!!!
πŸ‘₯ Ryan Oopa!!!!!!! You’re so handsome!!!!
πŸ‘₯ Oh no,,Elena!!!
πŸ‘₯ Are they dating??
πŸ‘₯ They look like couples!!!
Soon everywhere became so rowdy ,,even the ones who never planned for movie came to pay for a seat just to see Ryan and Elena.
” Honey,,are you okay??’ Elena teased
” Thanks to you’ Ryan snapped causing Elena to laugh silently
Everywhere became calm when the movie started ,,,,
” Hey eat this ” Elena shove a popcorn into Ryan’s mouth
” Just one??” He asked
” You have yours ” Elena replied
” Then giving me only one?? I never asked in the first place ”
” You can spit it out ” Elena said and faced the movie
” Where are you from?? You deserve a punishment ” Ryan whispered
” What type of punishment do I deserve?? ” She asked
πŸ‘₯ Awwn,,, they are so cute together
” I will tell you later,,let’s just focus on the movie for now.
After 2hours
” Baby,,it’s okay,,it’s just a movie okay ??” Ryan said wiping Elena’s tears
” I am so heart broken,,, why did the story have to be sad???? How can that happen???” she said and bursted into more tears
” This is crazy ,,,okay babe,,,,I think the story doesn’t end there,,, let’s watch out for the second season okay??? It can’t end like that ” Ryan tried to calm her down
” You can’t understand how am feeling right now ” She continue crying
” You insisted we come here,, now why are you crying?? I never wanted us to come in the first place ” Ryan said yelling
” You’re yelling at me ” Elena said and bursted into another round of tears
” Am sorry, I didn’t mean to yell ,,I was just,,,,,gosh ” He roughed his hair
” Let’s go home ” He said and started the car
After driving for few minutes ,,they arrived at Ryan’s private mansion,,
” Wow,,,,you’ve never show me this ,,its amazing ” Elena said smiling widely
” It’s not too late right?? ” He asked withlightly
” Nope ” She said and came down of the car.
” Welcome sir,,it’s nice seeing you ” The guards greeted since he doesn’t come home often
” Thank you ” He smiled and grab Elena’s hand taking her in
” Ryan??” she called
” What ??” He faced her
” Nothing,,,,, it’s just so great ” She smiled
” Welcome sir and Mam” The few maids available greeted
” Hi ” Elena smiled
” Did you prepare everything I told you?? ” Ryan asked
” Yes sir ” They chorused
” You must be hungry ” Ryan said
” No am not ,,,,maybe later ,,I really wanna rest ” she replied
” Rest ?? How can you rest when am here ?” He winked
” Don’t you dare think about that or ,,,,,,” before she could finish her statement he already carried her heading upstairs
” Ryan put me down right now ” she shouted
” And if I don’t?? ” He asked
” Am gonna beat the hell out of you “.
” With which hand ??” Ryan asked as they get in the room,he dropped her
” Wow,,,this room is beautiful ” She said checking it out
” Not like you ” Ryan said and pecked her cheek lightly
” I love you ” She said
” I know ” Ryan replied
” You should say it back!!!”
” And if I don’t?? ”
” You’re so mean ” She yelled and kicked his leg
” Ouch! ” He screamed holding his legs
” What?? It was just a light kick,,how come it hurt so much?? ” Elena rushed to him and hold his leg
” Ouch that hurt,,” He screamed again and fell on the bed
” How ,,,this ??” She touched the leg again
” Oh no,,,I don’t think I will be able to walk for days ” Ryan cried
” Honey,, stop scaring me ” Elena said
” Am so serious,, it’s hurting so much ” Ryan screamed
” Tell me where,,, or am gonna call the doctor right now ” She said rushing her words
” How can you call the doctor?? How will I tell him that my girlfriend hit me ??” Ryan said
” Oh,,you’re right ,,so what do we do right now?? You have to walk ” Elena said almost in tears
” We have only one solution right now ” Ryan said
” What ?? Tell me the solution ” Elena said curiously
” You really wanna know the solution??” He asked
” Of course ” She replied
He smiled cutely and pulled her to himself making her stay on him
” What??? This is the solution?? ” She asked looking surprised
” Yeah ”
” Damn,I can’t believe you’ve been pretending ” She scoff
” Am not pretending,,, ” He said and kissed her softly,,, soon the kiss became more intense,, he pulled her to the bed while he came on top of her,,
” mam,,I think there’s a car following us ” The driver told Preet
” What?? Why??” she asked
” I don’t know,, but I don’t think the driver mean any harm,, it’s telling me to stop ”
” Okay ,,you can stop a little bit ” She replied
” Okay mam ”
The driver stopped the car and the one following also stopped,, Preet waited patiently to see the person ,,,,,a knock came on,,she turned to her side and was surprised to see Kim Nana,,what the f**k???
” Open up girl ” She smiled
Preet opened and got down from the car,,
” Wow,,you look more beautiful during daylight ” She smiled again
” Oh,,,thank you ” Preet said
” Can we just hang out?? I have something to tell you,,, you can tell your driver to leave ” Kim told her
She kept quiet for a while
” I don’t mean any harm ,,come on ”
” Okay,,,,,,,you can go ,,,I will find my way home” She told the driver
” Be careful mam” The driver said before driving off
” Let’s go ”
They both entered Kim’s car,,,,,,
The car stopped in front of a big mall and Preet wondered what they are doing here,,
” Come down” Kim said
She got down from the car,,,
” Come on ,,be free with me ,we can be friends ” Kim said and grab her Hand,, they both entered the mall
” I always come here with my friends,,,, they sell the best ” Kim told her
” Omg,,,its so amazing to see you here mam Kim ,,,,” One of the attendant said happily
” Thank you,, and meet my friend,,, oh I don’t know her name ” Kim said silently and bite her lips
” Am Preet ” Preet told the attendant
” You’re so beautiful mam,,,nice meeting you ” She said before walking off
” Your name is Preet?? ” Kim faced her and she nodded
” Okay,,,,I know you may be wondering what I am doing right now,,you may probably hate me now,,,,,but,,,,,I just want you to know that, I never knew Ronnie have a girlfriend,, and I am sorry. There’s nothing between Ronnie and I ,,he doesn’t even like me,, he once told me am not his type ” She smiled
” Ronnie said that?? “Preet asked
” Yeah ,,,it’s really hard to see a guy like him,,,,,I love him the moment I saw him,,,,,but he’s your boyfriend, and I want you to know that many girls out there want to have Ronnie,,,he’s too cute and lovely to ignore. So ,,don’t get jealous when you see them flirting with him,,he’s the face of Korea,,not even Korea alone,,,you should know what am saying ” she winked
” I understand,,, and don’t get me wrong,,, I don’t hate you. I’ve always wanted to meet you,,,I always wanted to be like you,, you’re beautiful,, everyone loves you, now I know that you’re also beautiful in heart ” Preet smiled
” I hope we can be friends ” Kim said
” Of course,, I will be glad ” She replied
” Thanks,,, trust me ,,this shopping is on me ,,come on ” She said happily while Preet only smiled and followed her.
” Wow ,,that was so awesome ” Kim sighed out as they finally walked out of the mall
” Not bad ” Preet replied
Kim is really the crazy type,,, she remember when they were picking clothes,,
” you should take all these,, Ronnie loves things like this ” She said giving her some exposed dress
” What?? How did you know?? ” Preet asked
” You don’t know anything,,,, we all know when He was dating Jennie,,,she was every girl’s dream then,, others see her as a lucky girl ,,,,,she always use the best things,, never wear a cloth twice,,,but she messed up. I don’t like her anymore ” Kim said and hissed
” Oh ” was all Preset said
” So you should look nice for him ”
” I can’t possibly wear these type of clothes out ” Preet pouted.
” Then wear them when you’re alone ,,,you don’t know anything,, you have to learn, you can’t be beautiful for nothing ”
” That sound like an insult you know right??” Preet laughed
” Sorry about that but am f**king serious ”
πŸ‘₯ It’s Kim Nana!!
The shouts from the fans made Preet came back to reality,,
” Hi everyone,, I love you!! ” Kim said giving them a flying kiss
🀳 Tell us,,who is the lady with you?? We’ve being seeing her on Internets
🀳,please tell us who she is,,is she also a model??
🀳 Is she really Ronnie’s girlfriend??
Kim turned to Preet,,,
” Don’t say anything,, let’s go ,,,” Preet said pulling Kim’s hand
” Yes ,,she’s my girlfriend ” A voice came up and they all looked back to see the person
πŸ‘₯ its Ronnie Oopa!!!!!!!
πŸ‘₯ He just said she’s his girlfriend!!
πŸ‘₯ Am so sad!!
πŸ‘₯ Oh no,,,he have a girlfriend now!!
🀳 She’s your girlfriend??
🀳 Is she also a celebrity??
🀳 Is she rich??
🀳 She looks like a model ,,is she one??
🀳 Please we need answers
” She’s my model ” Ronnie replied and moved closer to her
” Awwwn ,,,he’s so lovely ” Kim said inwardly
Ronnie immediately planted a short kiss on Preet’s lips
πŸ‘₯ This is just so lovely!!!!!
πŸ‘₯ I can’t watch them!!,
πŸ‘₯ Oopa ,,,I love you!!
πŸ‘₯ Your happiness is my happiness,, so we love your girlfriend too
πŸ‘₯ You look great together
” Thanks Kim ,,I will take her from here ” Ronnie smiled
” It’s fine,,we are good now,,,I will see you soon Preet ” Kim waved and entered her car ,,,Ronnie and Preet also went into Ronnie’s car.
” You came alone??” Preet asked
” Yeah ” He replied and faced her
She turned red and smiled
” Why did you do that?? I was not complaining about our relationship being private right ??” Preet asked
” I want them to know that you’re mine alone ” He replied
” I don’t think so ,,,maybe they should know that you’re mine alone ” Preet said
” Anyhow ,,I love you so much ” Ronnie said .
” I love you more ” Preet replied
” Where are we going ,we’ve been driving for the past 30 minutes?” Preet asked
” You don’t have to worry,,we are getting there soon ” Ronnie replied with a smile
” Why do I have the feelings that you wanna kidnap me?” Preet asked
” You’re right,, am kidnapping you ” Ronnie said
” What a cute kidnapper ” Preet laughed
” Finally we are here ” Ronnie announced and Preet looked out
It’s a mansion right in front of them,,it’s very beautiful,,, wait,,Ronnie is not planning to leave that one right??
The gate opened and he drove into the house showing more of how beautiful and large it is .
” Sweet, come out ” Ronnie said and she came back to reality
” Where is this place?? ” She asked as she got down
” You’re so impatient “Ronnie replied walking in
” Welcome sir ” The guards bowed ,he smiled and waved at them
Preet on the other hand keep on checking the house
She finally ran after Ronnie ,,,
” Wow,,this is amazing!! ” She shouted as they got to the large living room
” You like it ??” Ronnie asked
” Like?? I love it ” She replied
” Am glad ” Ronnie smiled
” But,,, what is this place?? ” She asked and just then a woman started coming downstairs
She looked up and gasped at what she saw
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