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High School With My Fiance Episode 30

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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Thirty💦
(Dinner night)
“You wanna talk about it?”
I glanced sideways and looked at Luke who was staring right in the front while his hands were resting on the steering wheel. He drummed his fingers on it waiting for my answer,
“About what?” I asked turning away from him and diverting my attention to the outside world.
It was such a nice weather. Why can’t I just enjoy it without any conversation with someone about someone.
“Whatever is bothering you.” He replied stopping his finger movement and looking at me.
“Nothing’s bothering me.” I sighed.
“It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it but don’t lie to me next time, okay?”
My eyes widened, “I-I”
“Don’t tell me otherwise.” He laughed.
I fell silent before nodding my head. It wasn’t Luke. I just didn’t want to talk about what happened back in the medical room. I don’t want to talk about Alec nor his confession.I don’t want to give much thought into Alec’s words.
But no matter what I am not able to get my mind off him. No matter how much I try I only end up thinking more about it.
I won’t hold back.
Ughhhh….What did he even mean by that? Oh my holy mother of Jesus, is everyone conspiring against me? Is everyone wanting me to go insane?
“Liya, I know I have said this many times but I’ll tell you again.” I heard Luke say. He looked at me with his grey eyes, “just think of me as your friend and lean on me. Trust me. I’ll help you out if you need any help, okay?”
I hummed in response, “but why are you telling me this?”
He shrugged his shoulders, “I just feel like you are not that comfortable with me. If it is about the kiss,”
I looked down with my cheeks red. I heard him chuckle,
“See. I can just promise you that they are all friendly, okay? So don’t be shy or uncomfortable the next time I kiss you. Take it as a friendly touch from a friend.”
“Do I look good?” Mom asked fixing her hair while dad closed the door of the car from his side.
“Of course you do honey.” He said going and wrapping his arms around her. She blushed down before they made their move towards the house standing in front of us.
I sighed as I went and joined the both of them. I stood behind them while looking down at my dress. I was wearing an emerald halter dress. The dress was lively as it had a movement whenever I moved.
My parents rang the bell before we heard noises from the other side. Hannah was screaming at everyone getting hyped, “Oh my god they are here. John you open up the door. I’ll put up the dinner while Xavier….XAVIER YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS DOWN RIGHT NOW!”
I couldn’t help but chuckle as we waited for the door to open. We were here at Xavier’s to have dinner as usual. But it was the first time after deciding onto be good terms. It will be the first time when Xavier won’t be cold, ignorant or snarky.
The door opened and John stood there smiling while greeting my parents. They hugged and laughed together as he invited us all in. I held my hands in front of me as I entered his house and looked around. It wasn’t my first time being here but no matter how many times I come here I cannot help but look around. Feel the warmth of the walls, people here. It was beautiful house afterall. There’s a single place I haven’t seen in this whole house….Xavier’s room. He hasn’t shown me. Not even once. And I never really pushed him to show me either. I respect his personal space. I know whenever he feels comfortable he’ll take me there on his own.
Hannah came running towards us. She forgot she had a plate in her hand. As soon as she realized she apologized before putting it aside and hugging my mom.
Next, she came to me as usual and complimented me before kissing me on my cheek. She invited us all in to the table where the dinner was laid out.
As they went inside, John talked to dad about their business making some profits while mom asked Hannah if she could help her in any way. As for me? I stood there looking at the staircase which ran upstairs. It was not long before I saw him descend the stairs with his hands in his pocket. He looked casual as he took one step at a time. His hazel eyes found mine and I swear I could see a small smile on his lips.
Somehow it felt like the roles were reversed. Usually the guy is standing down the stairs waiting for his girl while she walks down dressed beautifully. But here I was dressed up waiting down as I saw Xavier walking down the stairs.
I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought. He came and stood beside me,
“What is so funny?” He asked.
“Nothing.” I replied holding back my laugh.
He looked at me weirdly before moving his eyes down to my ankle. He raised his eyebrows a little surprised, “You are able to walk?”
I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, “I am. Didn’t you hear what he said? It wasn’t that serious.”
“Still you shouldn’t be walking without any help. Come on.” He said and without letting me say anything further he bent down before making me wrap my arms around his neck.
The next thing I know he was standing to his full height…with me hanging at his side. He had his hand tightly secured around my waist so that I didn’t fall.
“It’s embarrassing.” I muttered.
“I am doing this for you.” He hushed at me before going towards the dining room.
As soon as we entered the room I couldn’t help but close my eyes a little and peek in a little. It was embarrassing to walk in hanging to Xavier like this! I felt like smacking him but I controlled myself.
“Liya? Are you fine?” I heard Hannah ask.
Xavier continued walking before pulling out a chair and helping me sit,
“She sprained her ankle in school today. That’s why I was helping her.” He answered from my side. Then taking his own seat, he sat there beside me.
I looked up from under my eyelashes and found Hannah looking at me with a worried expression, “Are you alright now?”
Ask your son! I was just walking fine a few minutes ago!
I tried to smile, “Yeah.”
“You were just walking fine a few minutes ago.” Dad said skeptically, “Beside, we asked you before coming if you were fine.”
I bit the insides of me cheek as I turned my head to the side to look at the devil. I glared at him as he looked at me innocently while drinking water.
“I was walking fine because I was fine!” I gritted my teeth. Then trying to put on a smile I said, “Xavier insisted that he didn’t want me to put any more pressure on my ankle so he helped me…you know how much he loves me.”
The next thing I know I heard sputtering sound. I turned sideways innocently and found Xavier sitting their wide eyed. I looked around at everyone and sighed disappointed when I didn’t find anyone with any trace of water on their face.
Dammit. Did he just sputter it out down on the floor?
“It’s a relief that you are fine.”
Hannah sighed in relief. And I could tell she was genuine.
I nodded my head at her smiling. I am glad too that I am fine. Or else I doubt his son would have let me walk on my own.
Even though I was a little annoyed I couldn’t help but smile softly. Is this how Xavier took care? Is this how it felt?
If it is. Then I don’t mind. Because I feel good.
I couldn’t help but glance at Xavier as he helped put food in my plate and then in his own. He set the plate in front of me motioning me to eat up before eating his own.
“I have to say though,” Hannah said setting her plate in front of her, “We did a great job, didn’t we?”
My mom smiled satisfied before looking at me and Xavier. She nodded her head, “We did.”
Are they really talking about our contracted marriage so casually in front of us? And that too…they did a great job?
Hannah’s hazel eyes turned to me, “I still don’t get it how you manage to land yourself in trouble?”
I was in between of chewing my food when I stopped. I land myself in trouble? I don’t! Or do I?
I laughed trying to wave her off, “What are you talking about?”
She looked around at everyone before she looked at my mom. My mom’s eyes settled down on Xavier beside me. Looking at him with motherly affection, “I am just glad Xavier is always there for you.”
What is going on? What are they talking about? Is there something I don’t know about?
“Xavier,” Hannah started,
“Mom. No.” Xavier said abruptly. Looking at his mom wide eyed.
Hannah looked confused but I urged her to go on. I wanted to know what was it that I didn’t know. That Xavier wanted to hide.
“Xavier was so freaked out that night.” Hannah finally said it out loud, “It was on that day that I was completely convinced that he loved you.”
Wait. What night? What happened? What did Xavier do to make people believe that he loved me?
“Which night?” I asked unsure.
This time my mom spoke up, “you know that library night. It rained that day.”
I remember that vaguely. The night when I called Xavier but he never picked up. The night Alec helped me.
“What about that day?” I asked.
“Nothing.” Xavier said suddenly. I knew he was trying to change the subject. But I was too clever for that. I kept my gaze stable on mom and Hannah waiting for further explanation.
“Xavier seemed so tensed that he went running for you.” Hannah said nonchalantly.
Only it wasn’t something nonchalant for me. It meant more to me.
Xavier came to see me that day? Did he? Here I thought for these many days that he didn’t even care to come…and now you tell me not only did he come for me, but he panicked too?
My eyes snapped up to look at Xavier to find him staring at his food. Not even once glancing up.
So it’s true.
__To be continued…
Liya now knows that Xavier went to see her! How do you think will she react?

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