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High School With My Fiance Episode 27

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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Twenty- Seven💦
Let’s connect with the ground
“You think he doesn’t care?” Evie asked me as the three of us walked towards the cafeteria together.
We had lunch right now. I filled them in with the fact that Xavier knew about me and Luke.
I sighed shrugging my shoulders, “I really don’t know. Not anymore. Xavier seemed affected but he acted too different and Luke’s words told me otherwise.”
Brian cleared his throat from beside me, “If you ask me I would agree with Luke.”
Evie turned to look at Brian with surprise, “You would? Why?”
Brian threw his arms around her shoulders as he spoke, “I know Luke, the guy has like six sense.” He laughed.
Evie elbowed him in his stomach making him step away from her and bend down holding onto his stomach,
“I am being serious.” She rolled her eyes.
“Okay. Okay. Don’t be mad… To be frank I think Xavier cares because he didn’t say anything.”
“You are losing your mind.” Evie mumbled.
“I am not! A guy gets mad when he is jealous which we saw in Alec’s case… But if a guy is trying to control his emotions that only means two things.”
“And those are?” I asked getting interested.
“Either he is not into you at all. Or he is so into you that he just wants you to be happy.” He finished.
I wonder which one is it in my case. That he is so into me that he just wants me to be happy? I felt like laughing. No. Never. He proved me that a long time ago.
So did that mean he wasn’t into me at all? It is a possibility. The most probable possibility but I just don’t want to hold onto this option yet. I still want to believe. Believe that maybe he actually whispered something into Luke’s ears that will really make the difference.
“I don’t know.” I whispered.
Lately that is how I have felt. Confused. Not knowing what I am doing, why am I doing. If I am doing right or wrong.
Evie side hugged me warmly, “You will.”
I hugged her back before I felt another arms wrap around us–tightly.
“I love you guys so much.” Brian said in delight.
I couldn’t help but enjoy the moment. The moment the three of us were hugging. I can’t believe I made friends with them. They are always there for me. Even now supporting me through all of it.
Evie was the first one to break the hug. She snapped her fingers, “Let’s have this lunch with the XAN trio.”
“You are kidding, right?” Brian and I asked in unison. She looked at both of us innocently before shaking her head. We both looked at each other before saying together,
“No!””Why?!” She asked.
“Because….it is the XAN trio!” Brian exclaimed.
“Exactly why. We are actually sitting with Xavier to be precise. No Liya is sitting with Xavier to be precise.”
“I don’t want to sit with Xavier.” I said shaking my head finally, “Do you not want me to eat?”
“Just trust me, will you?” She said taking my hands into hers.
I looked at my hands which were in hers right now and sighed. Do I have any other choice than trusting her? No. Even if I keep saying no Evie will make me sit with Xavier no matter what. And rather than having to see her extreme measures I would love to accept it while it is not crazy. Besides she is doing so much for me the least I can do is trust her and do whatever she says.
“Okay.” I said
Brian’s head snapped to mine to look at me wide eyed, “Are you serious?”
I nodded my head at him letting him know that I was very much serious. He kept his stare on me for a minute before giving in.
Which brings us to the table which is famous for the guys sitting at it. The XAN trio. There were murmurs all around as the people saw us walking towards their table.
Look, isn’t that his fiancee? They broke up? He has a girlfriend. And still she is decinding onto clinging herself onto him.
So what if I am?
I looked around the table and found them chatting lazily as usual. The golden boys. The only thing, there were four people sitting their instead of three when we got there….Xavier, Alec, Nathaniel and OLIVIA.
Who am I kidding? It’s not like I didn’t expect her to be there with her ‘boyfriend’. I swear I am having a headache just thinking about it.
“We are joining you.” Evie smiled sitting with them without waiting for their reply.
“Sure.” Nathaniel said but it was too late. We were already in our seats with our lunch. Evie’s power. She is something else, I know.
Olivia was sitting beside Xavier looking as beautiful as ever. If possible she looked prettier. She smiled at me warmly just like she does,
“Liya. I am so glad that you are eating with us.”
“Don’t lie bitch.” Evie mumbled from beside me. I coughed as I tried to cover Evie’s mouth and thanked Olivia. It didn’t feel like she heard Evie because she went back to talking to Xavier whose eyes were on me. I felt a little conscious of myself as I tried to fix my hair.
I looked at Brian who suddenly got up from his seat and went and sat between Evie and Nathaniel. I couldn’t help but chuckle at his response. Evie looked at Brian like she wanted to kill him but earlier incident taught her it was better not to make Brian mad so she just went with him sitting between them.
“How are you?” I heard Alec ask me.
I looked at him and couldn’t help but be drawn to his eyes which were looking at me with concern.
“Good, I think.” I smiled letting him know.
“I would even say the best she has been in a while.” I heard a certain voice. I knew who it was. There was only one person who would cut into my conversations.
I didn’t even turn to look at Xavier as I continued to look at Alec, “Might be true. It’s a good feeling to be not bounded by someone.” I confessed.
“That is why she has a boyfriend.” I heard him say.
I looked at Brian who was already looking at me. He was the one who said he cared for me, right? My foot. Xavier can never care for me. He said so himself.
“Is it true?” Alec asked unbelievably. I don’t know why but his eyes were sad. Hurt.
Why the hell is everyone hurt? Can’t I date a guy? Is it so difficult to believe that.
But looking at Alec like this made me avert my eyes elsewhere.
Anywhere. His gaze were trying to tell so many things to me which I don’t think my heart was ready to listen.
I opened my mouth a little to reply, I was expecting someone to cut me off. And someone did. Just not the person I was expecting.
“Yes, it’s true. And I am the lucky guy.”
My breathing hitched as I heard his voice. There were whispering all around us. Appraising his looks. Swooning over him.
I turned around and surely I found Luke standing there in his black slim fit, looking gorgeous as always.
“What is he doing here?” I hushed to Evie.
“He is your boyfriend.” She replied.
“But how is here? How did they even allow him?”
“Does it matter? You just enjoy the moment.” She patted my shoulder proudly.
I sighed in resignation looking down. I know who it was. It was all Evie’s plan. Damn this girl’s evil mind.
“Isn’t he a medical student? Doesn’t he need to study?” I asked again.
Evie gave me a look making me shut quiet. I looked back at Luke who started making his way towards us. His strides were long and the way he walked..gosh, even the way he walked made it seem like he was making a entry in some movie.
“Is it really him?” I heard Nathaniel say in awe.
Are you serious? Is it really that hard to believe that he can be my boyfriend?
I let out a deep breath rolling my eyes.
I got up from my seat as Luke came over me. He put his hands behind my back as he kissed my cheek lightly.
Wait. What. What? WHAT?
He just kissed my cheek. In front of everyone. In front of Xavier! I looked at Xavier panicked who sat there comfortably. No emotion on his face.
“It is.” I heard Alec reply to Nathaniel’s previous comment.
Luke introduced himself to everyone politely before sitting down with me.
“I missed you.” He said looking at me. I knew he was just doing this to make others believe. But the way his eyes looked at me. The way his pupils dilated made it feel like he actually meant that.
“I missed you too.” I replied smiling as lovingly as I could.
“Yeah whatever, let us have our lunch now.” I found Xavier looking at us with a pointed look.
I couldn’t help but smile before digging in my lunch. I looked at Luke who sat there without anything to eat and offered him my food. He thanked me before sharing it with me.
I don’t usually share my food. But seeing Luke sitting there like that made me feel sad. I leaned a little to look at Brian. Isn’t he his cousin? Shouldn’t he be concerned about him?
I found him trying to interfere between Evie and Nathaniel every time they would talk to each other. I shook my head to myself.
Suddenly, I felt Luke whisper into my ear, “I was good, wasn’t I?”
I leaned a little away from him to look at him fully. He was smirking at me. His usually grey eyes looked bluish as they glinted at me. I expected him to lean back but he didn’t. He continued to stay there.
“Y-yeah.” My voice came out quivering a little.
He laughed before shaking his head and going back into his seat. I gulped looking at him. Even though his kisses are tenderly and his touch is comforting but he still makes me nervous.
I looked around the table and couldn’t help but notice Xavier and Alec staring at me. The atmosphere was becoming more and more tensed as Luke felt more and more comfortable around us.
“I’ll be back in a minute.” I said trying to get away from this place as soon as possible. It was becoming hard to breath with two guys staring at me and the other eating my lunch.
I needed some fresh air!
I got up from my seat. Since there were so many people sitting it was a little difficult to get out but I managed it by putting my hands on Luke’s shoulder to gain some stability.
I was just finally about to get away when I accidentally twisted my ankle.
I screamed before I fell down on the floor.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. FUCK! IT CAN’T GET WORSE! who the hell gets there ankle twisted on the flat ground?!
My hair was all over my face as my hands were there sitting on the floor. The floor. I have a special relationship with this floor.
Deja vu to my first time in this cafeteria.
I snapped my head up to look at Nathaniel who raised his arms up in surrender looking scared, “I swear it wasn’t me. I don’t have camel legs.”
“Are you alright?” I saw Luke bend in front of me and inspecting my ankle. He looked concerned as he tried to move it in all directions. I screamed in pain when he bent in a certain direction.
I looked at everyone else as they looked at me with concern. Evie was on the edge of her seat looking as if she might just jump in any minute.
Luke sighed resting his hands on his legs, “It’s not that bad. Just some pain relief spray would work. Come on, let me help you up.” He said getting up and offering his hand for me.
I saw Alec and Xavier coming and standing beside Luke–looking down at me with concern.
Yes, even Xavier looking down at me with concern. You can imagine the shock I was sent into to find him looking at me like that. With that look.
“I’ll take her.” Alec said offering me his hand.
“No need. I am enough to take care for her.” Xavier grumbled before offering me his hand.
I stared up at the three arms stretched out to help me. One from my boyfriend, other from my ‘supposedly ‘ friend and from my fiance.
I stared at all the three of their hands contemplating before looking at Evie for help.
She motioned me to take Luke’s hand. But I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to take anyone’s hand.
“Actually I am just fine.” I said, “Luke can you pass me my lunch tray?”
Luke looked at me confused before passing me my lunch tray. Carefully I spread my legs in the front to not hurt my ankle anymore and then put the tray beside me.
“You know staying connected with the ground is so important. I think I’ll just enjoy my lunch here today. You all go have your lunch.” I smiled at the three of them.
“You are weird.” Xavier said and went to his table. I looked at Olivia to make sure she wasn’t upset.
I couldn’t quite decipher it if she was or not because she was speaking to Xavier–laughing.
I looked at Alec and Luke before shaking my head, “I said I am fine. I am not a baby. Now go have your lunch.”
Alec seemed unsure but seeing the look on my face he nodded his head going back to his own seat. As for Luke? The guy didn’t budge from his place. He kept his gaze on me, as if trying to figure me out.
I was about to tell him off when I saw another tray of lunch beside me. I looked sideways to find Xavier sitting there with his legs folded. I stared at him confused as he returned me a smile,
“Let’s connect with the ground. Together.”
___To be continued…
😂Okay Liya can’t even handle one and now she stuck with two.

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