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High School With My Fiance Episode 26

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She is water💦 He is fire🔥
She is kind😊 He is Cold😟
Episode Twenty- Six💦
(He cares for you)
I stood outside my house waiting for Luke to get over here. He said he’ll drop me off to school today. I didn’t really want him to but he insisted. I didn’t tell my mom anything other than that my friend was coming to pick me up. And she didn’t have any problem. I don’t see why should she even. Except asking me to tell Xavier that he doesn’t have to pick me up which I was sure he won’t after what happened yesterday.
I glanced at my phone to check the time and sighed. I was way early than I was supposed to.
Why? I don’t know myself. I just wanted myself to prepare to face Luke. After the kiss on my forehead all I have been doing is thinking about his touch and playing his conversation in my head continuously.
I looked up at the sky and closed my eyes, trying to enjoy the peace around me. I wanted to enjoy this peaceful moment as much as possible before going in for a chaotic day ahead. The day everyone will see Luke as my boyfriend. The day Xavier will see Luke as my boyfriend.
“Well if it isn’t for my girlfriend way before time.” I heard a voice say.
I opened my eyes and lowered my head to look in the front. I found Luke standing there leaning against the door of the driver’s seat. He was wearing a plain black slim fit tshirt which showed off his fully toned body. I could almost see the outline of his abs. Below he was wearing a beige trouser.
And his long hair, they were shining as bright as ever while they curled around at the end.
And oh boy you could see a few of his locks falling over one of his eyes.
I averted my eyes away from him remembering his lips on my forehead. Dammit.
“You are early.” I said quietly.
I heard him chuckle lightly, “So are you.”
“Yeah, well I was just having some fresh air.” I told him honestly.
“Are you nervous?” He asked me now coming and standing in front of me.
I looked at the car which was behind him and shrugged my shoulders. Am I not supposed to?
He placed his hands on my shoulder making me look him in the eyes, “Everything’s going to be fine, okay?”
I stare at him for a while before nodding my head at him. I wanted to believe him.
“Do you want to go or would you like to stay a little longer? I can stay here with you. I have no problem.” He said looking at me with sincerity.
There was no point in staying if it wasn’t alone. I would much rather get over with it as soon as possible.
“I think we should keep going.” I said moving towards his car.
He was still standing in his place for a while before I saw him run past me and reaching the passenger door before me.
I could see him sigh in relief when he reached there before me.
“Allow me to open it for you.” He said bowing a little–a smile playing on his lips.
I smiled mischievously before doing a curtsy, “Thank you.”
He laughed before opening the door for me. Before I could step in I saw his hands appear in front of me. I looked at him confused,
“Would you like me to hold your bag?” He asked laughing.
I considered it for a while before smirking and holding my bag out for him to take. He stared at it for a while, not believing that I was actually holding it out for him. His eyes moved to look at me. I was on the verge of laughing.
He closed his eyes shaking his head before tickling me at the side of my torso. I let out a loud yelp before bending down to prevent him from tickling me. I laughed as I tried to push him away,
“LUKE! NO! STOOOOP!” I laughed uncontrollably as he continued to tickle me.
“Will you do that again?” He asked laughing himself. Still not stopping.
“Nooooo!” I said, tears forming around the corner of my eyes, “LUKE!” I heard myself scream when I heard another voice at the same time.
“What the f**k?” I heard a deep voice too familiar for my liking almost yell.
Luke stopped all of a sudden. But that wasn’t what I cared about right now.
Just behind Luke’s car was Xavier’s car. The car I recognize all to well. The owner I recognize all too well. I never even noticed him come and get out before hearing his voice. The thing that surprised me the most was that Xavier was here to pick me up.
I tried to look inside the car to find any traces of his new girlfriend. But there was none. There was no one. I looked at Xavier to find him looking at me and Luke with an expression I have never seen.
Did he really come to pick me up even after I refused him twice? But why?
Luke came and stood in front of me in a protective way, “Who are you?” He asked with a single nod.
Xavier glared holes into him when he saw Luke stepping in front of me,
“Shouldn’t I be the one asking that question?” He replied a little too harsh.
I heard Luke fall silent for a while before turning his head slightly towards me and whisper so softly that only I could hear him,
“I have a feeling he is Xavier.”
“It is him.” I whispered back.
I saw Luke sigh before stepping a little aside and putting his hands behind the small of my waist he made me step next to him.
I looked at Xavier to find him looking at me expectantly. As if expecting me to step away from him. When I didn’t he clenched his jaw tight,
“Liya.” He said slowly, “Who is he? And why are you with him?”
I could see he was trying his best not to get mad. Did he really care that much? Or is this an act too?
I seemed at a loss of words. All the things I thought I would say when I met him disappeared from my memory looking at him this way.
Luke sensed it too because he took it in his hands when he said,
“She’s my girlfriend.”
As soon as the words left his mouth I heard myself take in a sharp intake of breath as I looked at Xavier for a reaction. Anything. I felt a sinking feeling when I didn’t find any expression on his face. It was neutral. As if he wasn’t surprised.
“Your what?!” He asked unbelievably mockingly laughing a little.
“My girlfriend.” Luke repeated.
“I heard you the first time.” He snapped. He looked around everywhere before making his eyes settle on me. The hazel eyes which make me fall deeper into them. He cleared his throat and looking at me he asked, “Is it true?”
He was serious this time.
I looked down. Was I ready? To act as a girlfriend? Of someone else other than Xavier? I thought it won’t be that difficult. But when it is the time…it is actually more difficult than I thought. Because no matter how good looking Luke is, my heart is with the guy standing in front of him.
Luke gave me a reassuring squeeze trying to make me feel comfortable.
I finally nodded my head slowly, “It’s true.”
It was now that I saw a hint of emotion on Xavier’s face. Hurt. But it was short because he covered up soon.
“You said you’d do anything to-” he started but I cut him off.
“I did. But then I thought I should get a fair chance too. Don’t you think Xavier?”
He bit his lip before nodding his head slowly. Then he motioned his head towards Luke, “So you are dating him?”
“I am.”
“And if you fall in love with him?” He asked making a sour face.
“You’ll be the one to break the contract.”
“W-what? Why?”
“That’s the deal.”
He closed his eyes trying to control his emotions. I could see he was affected. Affected by my choice of dating Luke. Or by my choice of dating at all.
Maybe he was jealous. Or that is what I wanted to believe.
When he opened his eyes back he ran his gaze at the both of us again. At Luke’s hand which was behind my waist. I saw him balling his hands into fist before making his move towards us.
He stopped in front of us still looking at Luke up and down. I thought he was gonna punch Luke. But I was surprised when he didn’t. He wasn’t reacting the same way he did when I was Alec. He was trying to control himself. It seemed as if something was stopping him.
I couldn’t help but be confused when I saw Xavier lean a little towards Luke and whisper something in his ear.
He took a step back and looked at me one more time and it was the first time that I saw him pass me a smile. A sad one.
I thought he was about to say something. I wanted him to say something. I was expecting him to get mad, furious, pissed off? But I wasn’t expecting him to give me sad smile. Like he knew this was gonna happen.
He went and sat in his car without even looking at me and Luke again. He revved the engine before driving past us.
I stared at his car leave.
“What did he say?” I found myself asking Luke.
“Nothing.” He answered.
I turned to give him a look which screamed that you are supposed to be on my side.
I wanted to know what Xavier had to say!
He shook his head, “The only thing I can tell you is that he isn’t what he shows.”
“Don’t you think I already know that! What is that even supposed to mean?” I asked a little frustrated. I wanted to know what Xavier said to him in his ear. But Luke won’t tell me.
He smiled in a way that made me feel like he didn’t mean it in the way I was thinking.
Luke ruffled my hair making me more mad at the fact that my hair was mess now. I fixed them before looking at him in a questioning way. He shook his head telling me he won’t tell me,
“But I can let you know that he cares for you.”
He does?
___To be continued…
Finally Xavier knows about Luke and Liya. He seemed kind of…off. don’t you think? Let me know.

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