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He's A Korean S3x God Episode 60

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πŸ˜‹ He’s A Korean S*x god πŸ˜‹
Hide your Wives!
Episode 60
18+ rated contents
Written by ✍️ Author Wizkiss πŸ’‹
Location: Lee’s Mansion
Same day ( Hours later ) Night
πŸ˜‹ Lee Chun’s POV πŸ˜‹
After taken Ji-a back to her room, I went back to My room – She didn’t say anything to me on the way to her room, but she did say a β€œ thank you ” when I eventually dropped her in her room.
I know she was angry with me, but she can’t be as angry with me, as I was angry at myself.
If I hadn’t been a diΓ§khead to my friend Byung-ho in the past, there would have been nothing stopping me now from having her right now, having the girl I love.
I brought this upon myself, and I really regret all my past dids and my reputation.
I hate the name SΓ«x god now, I don’t want to be known by that anymore, it’s pointless and nonsense to me. I wish I could change my past but sadly I can’t…
Getting to my room, I walked to my bed and just collapsed on it, arms and legs stretched out wide.
I remained in that position for hours in thoughts. Of course they were thoughts of Ji-a, what else can I think about? She is the only thing in my head of late.
I wondered what in her captivated me so, course most of my memories of her are memories where she was coursing me pains.
Either slapping my face or hitting my head. It was painful then but remembering about it now was bringing a sweet smile on my sad face.
β€œ Oh Ji-a ”
I muttered softly on the pillow, wishing she was here with me.
Of course not all memories I have of her was that of pain, not all memories were that of slaps and kicks.
We had sweet memories together even though they were brief, they are memories I will cherish for a long time. I don’t think I will ever forget them_ I don’t want to ever forget them.
The laughs, the times I carried her and the..The kiss
I have kissed a thousand lips and I mean that literally. I have kissed pretty women that I can never count but non of them, non of them did I feel that spark inside of me when I kissed them like I felt kissing Ji-a.
Ji-a’s lips made my heart sing, it was a great feeling, a feeling I want to feel again and again but I am not sure I would ever feel that again unless she has a twin sister somewhere.
Not even an identical twin sister can take her place in my heart, I don’t think I can feel for anyone the way I feel for her.
But I have to forget about her now, I can’t continue thinking about her when she would soon belong to another, not just anyone, my best friend Byung-ho…
So I tried formulating a solution in my head on how I would get over this feeling I feel for her and be able to move on with my life_ like if it was that easy to get over such feelings, feelings that even I don’t yet understand to what extent it has eaten me up.
This isn’t a maths problem one could just solve with an equation or formula.
This is matter of the heart and I think my heart has picked Ji-a and it would take a force really great to make it unpick her_ that is if such a force even exist…
I was still in my thoughts when the intercom landline phone rang
I picked it up and it was one of the servant that was calling, she was calling to inform me that dinner was ready.
I didn’t even realized it has gotten this late already
☎️ On call
β€œ ..No, don’t bring it upstairs. I will be coming down to the dinner hall ” I replied.
☎️ Call ended.
I wasn’t really hungry, or maybe I was but I just don’t have any appetite because my mind was troubled.
I don’t think I will be eating much_ even if I will eat at all, but I need to get downstairs, let me just leave the room and keep myself busy with something.
I can’t stay in my room all day feeling sorry for myself, I should try and be happy, if not for myself, for Byung-ho and Ji-a…
So getting up from the bed I walked out of the room heading down to the dinning hall.
[ Dinning hall ]
On getting to the dinner hall, I saw steal bowls of food already lined up on the table – All of them properly covered.
The younger of my elder sisters, Kia was also present at the table, she was already eating her meal when I came.
So I just quietly took my seat in one of the many chairs that circled round the table – a couple of chairs away from where Kia was seated.
Two female maids were standing close to the table waiting to dish out my meal.
β€œ Should I serve you now master Lee? ”
The taller of the maid asked, standing upright like a poll.
I simply nodded and she moved forward and started uncovering the bowls of food…
” Do you know if Ji-a have had her dinner yet? ”
I asked, while she was still busy with what she was doing.
Obviously I was still thinking about Ji-a.
β€œ She hasn’t had dinner yet young master ”
She replied, dishing out my food.
” Why? why haven’t you served her, her meal yet? ” I asked already getting annoyed.
How can they be serving me dinner when Ji-a hasn’t eaten anything yet! Ji-a that loves food.
The maid sense the anger in my tone, so she suspended what she was doing.
β€œ I did call to inform her that dinner was ready just like I did you Master Lee, but she said she isn’t hungry and won’t be having dinner today ”
She said and that made me feel weak
Ji-a not feeling hungry? And won’t be having dinner??? Ji-a that loves food a lot. What’s wrong with her?
” Is that what she really said? ”
I asked, staring at her and she nodded.
β€œ Yes, that’s what she said master Lee ” she replied and I find myself getting worried.
I don’t want Ji-a falling sick, what’s this sudden lost of appetite? It’s understandable if someone like me lack appetite to eat once in awhile course I am not much of a foodie
But someone like Ji-a, who can eat a whole elephant not having appetite is really something of concern.
I wanted to march up to her room right away to check up on her…when the main door opened up and someone walked right in.
Not someone, two people actually.
Mia and a man, both of them holding hands as the walked in and the man looked quite familiar.
β€œ Oh my God!.. It’s Smith the actor! ” Both of the maid exclaimed, looking all excited.
Oh yes, now I remember. I have seen him a couple of times in the movies…but what is he doing here? And why are both of them holding hands?
β€œ Yes, He is Smith the actor ”
Mia announced, her face full of smiles.
β€œ Isn’t he just so cute ” she further said.
Huh? What’s up with her?
Is she dating the actor?
β€œ Good evening everyone ”
He greeted, with a friendly smilem
Well he is quite handsome – I will rate him a 7 out of 10
He also looked like a nice person.
β€œ Let me introduce you to my family ” Mia said to him. Kia had left the table and was already with them, standing close to the actor. I didn’t even know when she left the table.
β€œ This is my lovely, younger sister Kia ”
Mia introduced
β€œ Hello, I am a big fan ” Kia said, smiling blissfully
β€œ Nice meeting you Kia ” He said shaking her hand
β€œ Your sister Mia have told me a lot about you and I most say, you are much more prettier in real life ”
He flattered and that melted Kia.
β€œ Thank you ”
She said, her face all red up.
β€œ And that’s my cute little brother, Lee Chun ” Mia said, pointing to my direction.
Who is she calling little?
β€œ The famous Lee Chun ” He enthused and started walking to my direction.
I was still seated on the dinner chair, but I stood up when he got close to me.
He is quite tall, like 6ft2 but I am a little bit taller than him.
β€œ People do say actors are very famous but I don’t think there is anyone as famous as you young man, you are legendary ” He flattered, stretching out a hand for a hand shake
His face beaming with smile.
I took his hand and we shook firmly.
β€œ Thank you ”
I simply said, then sat back down on the chair.
I really don’t feel like talking even though I had some questions I wanted to ask him.
He smiled, then turned around walking back to meet Mia.
β€œ I know you all know him as Smith the actor but I want to introduce him to you all as Smith my boyfriend. Yes we are dating ”
Mia announced and they both kissed briefly..
β€œ Wow!..really?
You guys are dating! ” Kia exclaimed, rigging of excitement.
β€œ Yes, your beautiful sister Mia is my girlfriend. She is a very special lady and I love her so much ”
He said and Mia blushed all over.
It was weird seeing my sister Mia that way, I have always known her as the hard, serious and tough elder sister.
Well I am glad she has found someone she loves and I hope he treats her right.
Well he does look like he loves her.
I wanted to be happy for her but seeing them together is just reminded me of my situation with Ji-a and I know unlike them mine isn’t going to have a happy ending.
I just felt really sad…
What will happen next?
Watch out for the next episode
Written by ✍️ your favorite writer
Author Wizkiss πŸ’‹

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